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Sunday, February 3, 2013

RedRay Player Offers 4K Ultra HD Movie Playback for Homes and Businesses

While the Blu-ray Disc Association may have formed a task force to investigate the possibility of putting 4K (Ultra HD) movies on Blu-ray Disc, Red has already shown off a 4K video player that you can buy (or at least pre-order) today. With a wink toward the "competition," Red's new player is called RedRay and it was in use at CES, showing off native 4K content on some of the hot new Ultra HD TVs.

RedRay is a video player that can bring UHD content into the home via the web. It doesn't just do 4K, either. It can stream HD and 3D media as well, claiming to do the latter at 48 to 60fps. For video goodies you want to keep, RedRay has an expandable 1TB internal hard drive. Other features include one HDMI output, four HDMI 1.3 outputs, and another HDMI output for 7.1-channel audio.

The player works in conjunction with a 4K TV. There's really no point in having the player without one. That's because both display content at four times the resolution (4096 by 2160) we've been seeing on 1080p HDTVs.

According to Electronic House, RedRay combines the hardware with Red's proprietary .RED file format and a cloud-based delivery system from Odemax. While there's no word on what exactly Odemax will be streaming in 4K, we do know that the service is expected to launch alongside the RedRay player's release in March.

Red says that the player's "advanced networking and low data rates" are designed so that users can distribute content via FTP transfer or solid-state media. Supposedly, Red's codec technology can actually crank out content that's small enough to fit on a USB flash drive. It boasts a compressed data rate under 2.5MB/s and secure encyrption as well.

Sony is currently offering a 4K video player to shoppers buying the XBR-84X900 4K LED TV. However, the RedRay is the first player that's being marketed to the masses. It's available for pre-order now, with an MSRP of $1499.

A peek at the back of the RedRay 4K video player.

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