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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sony President Phil Molyneux Wants Your Help in Naming his Pink (Audio) Balls

Normally, the above headline would have us thinking about filing a restraining order. However, we're talking about the newly announced Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers and the president of Sony Electronics needs your help.

Phil Molyneux, the president of Sony, is hoping that consumers can help rename the company's Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers right before the product's official launch. Molyneux posted the request to the Sony blog, announcing the "Help us with a Name Contest."

All you have to do to enter is come up with a catchy product name and put it in the comments section underneath Molyneux's blog post. (It's probably a good idea to read the official contest rules, too.) He's promising to read each entry -- and will even send Sony Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers to those who submit his top five favorites.

Sony's Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers promise up to five hours of wireless music on the go. The unit has Bluetooth and NFC one-touch connectivity, so you can pair it with a smartphone or tablet. Other features include built-in speakerphone functions and an auxiliary cable for pairing non-compatible devices. Also, because it's circular, it boasts 360 degrees of sound.

It also has a really cool name -- or it could. Frankly, the contest thing is a really good idea. It certainly helps to get the word out about Sony's "pink audio balls." However, the name "Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers" is downright boring, right?

"In my 25 years with Sony, we've tended to drift away from some of the more clever and catchy product names like Walkman, for example, and for two primary reasons," says Molyneux in his blog post. "First, naming products decades ago was much easier than it is today. You have bundles of trademarks, international laws, focus group testing and even packaging to take into consideration. It's quite the complex process, often starting with more than 600 options before narrowing the list down to one.

"Second, our model selection has increased greatly over the years, growing to tens of hundreds of products, which makes finding that one ideal name for each individual product much more difficult. We can't apply the same rigor in pinpointing great names for great products like our Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers."

Consumers can expect to hear a lot more out of Molyneux, since he just joined Twitter. He plans to use the social media platform to share Sony news, teasers, random musings and more. Don't start following him to Tweet those contest entries; keep those on the Sony blog, please.

Of course, if you're not that creative, you can also buy Sony's Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers. Sony is currently taking pre-orders for the product for $69.99 each. Available in black, white and pink, the company plans to start shipping the speakers on March 5, 2013.

Sony's Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Speakers will be available in pink, white and black.

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