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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Story So Far - Right Here Lyrics

Do You See Good Intent?
When You Read Me
You’re Trying To Test Me
You Don’t Get My Mindset

You Only See The Where And The When
Is That How Your Time’s Spent?
Anticipate Then It’s Gone Again
Its Appeal Is The Lust For The Things You Conceal

Roll On Like The Spoke In Your Wheel
Until It Breaks And You Feel How I Feel
All I Really Want Is To Stay Right Here Right Now

There’s So Much More To Talk About
The Mind You Broke
And The Price That It Costs Me Now (Me Now)
When I Was Gone I Slept By Myself And Woke Up Alone

It Feels Like A Fracture
A Split In The Bone
No More Safe Time
For Us To Be Home

Leaving This Again And When
You’re In Their Backyards,
You’re Not Here You Can’t Tie My Seams
So Pick Out Those Glass Shards

They Don’t Belong In Your Feet
Head On The Wall Tell Me Why I Feel So Small
When I Don’t Even Care At All

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