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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Waka Flocka ft. French Montana & Frenchie - Anything But Broke Lyrics

Trippin Off Molly With Your Fuck Niggas
Tony Got Rules In New York, California And Robbin
Too Turn Bad Bitches All In To Party

Playing With They Nose, Yeah They High Off That Bobby
Sorry You Broke And I Got Money
Flex Hard On Em With The Blunt Wrapped Rari
Young Boss Shit Cant Run A Masarati

Everyday Call Fly Spirt In An Audi
Free Throw, And One, Two Hands Nigga Lots A Timing Nigga
Run That Shit The Fuck Back

Hit That Block Like Twelve Bundles
Now A Nigga G-5 Tell Number
Reduce A Fade Shades Twelve Hundred
You Know A Nigga Hot Bitch Twelve Summer

Ghost Boy, Thirty-Four Motherfuckin Show Boy
Yeah On The Motherfuckin Road Boy
Chef On The Motherfuckin Stove Boy
Coke Boy,

Started From The Lockout Now By The Block Out
Started From A Drop Out
Now I Bring That Drop Out
Hundred Clip Small Car Bad Bitch Porn Star
Get Money Like An Athlete, F**k You Thought?

Man Them Fuck Boys Know
Aint No Wins Over Here
We Gon’ Fight And Fuckin Shoot Til Our Soul Dissappear
Fuck .. Is Bout Now Nigga

Disrespect Comin Knock You Down Nigga
He Blood Like Me Scared Of No Nigga
Call Me Anything But A Broke Nigga

I’m From Where The Boys Get Rowdy
Disrespect Me Get Your Head On A Bounty
No Pussy Nigga Just Real Niggas Around Me

Keep Your Head Above Water Befor A Nigga Drown Me
Doubt Me, That’s A No No Nigga
Love My Boys No Homo Nigga
Pulled Up No Mask Thr.. No Nigga

Bank Account With Me Never Solo Nigga
Led A Couple Shots Now He Holdin’ His Nigga
Waka Flocka Flame Show Rappin More Realer
Run Down Grove Feelin’ Like Godzilla

808 Blunts Inhalin’ That Killer
You Trippin,
Cant Stand Up On Xan’s
Cookin’ Up Dope With No Fryin’ Pans

Yeah It Taste Good No Auntie Anne’s
You See That Flag Hangin’ Our My Pants

Flocka, That Blunt Nigga You Need To Pass It
BSM For Ever Mackin’
Throw It Up Nigga What’s Crackin’?
What’s Happenin’?

I’m Walkin’ Inside Of That Club And I’m Gettin’ That Strappin’
Speed Action
So If I Said That I’m Gon’ No Need For You Askin’
BSM All About ..

You Might Hate Us But You Gon’ Show Us Some Respect
Nigga Wanna Act Like Hoes
I’ma Show You How That Pussy Get Wet
You Aint Bout That Life

But You Stay Talkin’ You Think You Is
I Got All This Ice
It’s A Frozen Day When I Throw My Wrists
Niggas Fuckin Your Chick

It’s More It Gets
Fight Me Over Some Money
Nigga Don’t Shoot Me Over No Bitch
Frenchie All Over His Shit

You Ice’d Up, You A Lick
Bands A Make Her Dance
But This Forty Will Make You Strip

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