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Amazon's Black Friday Sale Begins: See What's On Offer

Amazon's Black Friday Sale is finally here. Here are some of the best deals on now.
We've had our fingers poised over our keyboards long enough in anticipation of Amazon's Black Friday Sale, which went live at midnight and will last until 25 November.

Adrian Lau - In The City Lyrics

I Used To Get High On The Cheese Bus
Game On The Double D Cups
With The Main Drugs
Pocket Full Of Blue Dream 

Crushed In A Green Dutch
Clean Cut With A Flow Tighter 
Than Police Cuffs
I Used To Write Graffiti On The Sidewalk

Hannah Montana Hand Styles 
With The Krylon
Night Bomb War Four Was The Icon
Writing On Any Rooftop That I Could Climb On

Hit The Trees Like George Of The Jungle
Spitting That Raw By The Bundle
Till The Money Tall Like Mutombo
And Long Like The China Wall

Spit Game Sick, Think You Need A Tylenol
Old School, Smoking Splits With The Vinyl Mob
Get Cake Then I Dictate Who I’m Styling On
Flowing Like Beside A Widowed Leviathan

Let Me See Your Vice, Baby, 
Go And Get Your Biting On
And I Let The Money Buy A Lawn
And You Are Not On That Game On

We Smoke Till Our Vision Impaired
Everybody Put Your Lighters In The Air
You Light My World With A Billion Suns
Make My Dreams Come True

As I Sit On Cloud Nine
Thinking Of A Way To Outline
A Plan To Outshine Cause This About Time
I Wanna Know What Heaven Is Like Without Dying

I Wish I Could’ve Told You More Without Lying
But Like A Lost Watch I Just Never Found Time
Blow It Up And Hit The Hash Like A Pound Sign
Smoking Shit Ain’t Enough To Make The Ground Fly

To The Skyfall, I’m 007, 
Call Me Young Brooklyn
But I Am Not Beckham
I Just Wanna Kick It With You, 

Sip A Little Liquor With You
No Hit And Misses Going Down Like You Hit A Missile
Haters Gotta Hear The Whistle Cause They Dumb Balling
Took A Leap Of Fate, I’ll Call You When I’m Done Falling

You Got Cold Feet While I’m On The Sun, Walking
I Give You Two Cents When Our Money Done Talking
We Smoke Till Our Vision Impaired

Everybody Put Your Lighters In The Air
You Light My World With A Billion Suns
Make My Dreams Come True


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