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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bangladesh ft. Tom Foolery, 2 Chainz, Pusha T & Fast Life - Buy Lyrics

And I Move It And Keep You Straight
If It Wasn’t Selling Weight, 
I Break That Whole Bitch Down An Eighth
If It’s Really That Imported Shit, 

You Purchase Up The State
If I Drop It, It Don’t Take 
That Bitch The Next Time We Gon’
2 Chainz, I Tell ‘Em Hurry Up And Buy

Nigga Try To Rob Me, 
He Gon’ Hurry Up And Die
I Buy A Chopper Every Year, 
Like It’s A Summer Line

I Spend A Quarter On My Dime
When We Leave The Mall The Car 
Turn To Optimus Prime
And I’m Buying Irons For Her Little Dog

But She Hop On The Dick Like A Bullfrog
And I Move This Shit Like A U-Haul
Got A Room Full Of Hard, No Rupaul
007 Missions, I’m A Street Marine

My Chopper From The Navy, 
All My Drugs Be Ocean Clean
I Call The Molly Salt, Bath Salt Machine
I Drove Up In From Colorado 

With That Powder Spring
Orange County, Flip 
Pounds From Spartanburg
And We From Country Nigga,
We Move Slow From Sippin Syrup
First I Sip And Surf, 
Then I Sip And Swerve
Take A Nigga Face Off If 
He Interrupt My Pitching Curve

All I Think Is Money, I Spend More 
Cash Than Your Family Earn
My Money Make Money So Beef 
Is What My Shooters Earn

One Brick, Two Brick, Three Bricks, Four
80k To Play Every Time I Go To Score
He Gotta Charge Me Extra 
If He Bring It To My Door

I’m In My House Slippers, 
Here Take That 40 More
I Recompress It, Powder Stretches
Double Jeopardy, Alex Trebek It

Turn One To Two, From Two To Coups
Spend A Day In Dior To F**k A Betty Boop
Razors At My Fingertips, On My Freddie Krueg’
Ain’t No Safeties On The 

Choppas We Gon’ Let ‘Em Loose
I Don’t Sell Dope, But I Move Keys
And You Can Get The Whole Piano For 300 Gs
Straight Drop, You Know I’m Talking 808

Whip It In A Pyrex Jar, 
Move Production Out Of State
The Federalis Looking ’Cause 
The Whip Cost Me A Half A Mil’

And They Pussy, I’mma 
Send That Ass A Massive Yield
The Roof Butterfly, 
I Push The Button It Caterpillar

I Say I Worked With Eminem, 
They Think I’m Passing Pills
Look, A Hundred Geeks, 

Keep The Dope On The Hard Drive
Cut The Cheque, Split Up 
The Money Like Apartheid

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