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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chief Keef - Jet Li Lyrics

Bang Toys…
Bank Rolls…
Bang Bang…

I Be On Some Shit, Gang Shit, Sadly
I Come Through In My ‘Rari, 
Kicking Shit Like Jet Li
Heat By My Belly, 

Please Do Not Tempt Me
I Come Through In My Audi, 
Chopping Shit Like Jet Li
She Seen My Neck Piece, 

Now She Wanna Molest Me
Nothing Left To Do But Break 
A Bitch Like Jet Li
Jet Li, Yeah Bitch, Jet Li

If Thirsty Don’t Respect Me, 
I’ll Kick That Bitch Like Jet Li
My Life A Movie, Car Full, Moving

Bitch Don’t Wanna Do Me, 
I Kick That Bitch Like Bruce Lee
I’m With Chelsea, Smoking On This QP
And If She Don’t Do Me, I Kick That Bitch Like Bruce Lee

She Gon’ Grant Me With Grits, She Ain’t Let Me
Kick The Bitch To The Curb, To The Curb Like Jet Li
She Seen My Earpiece, My Wrist Piece, My Neckpiece
Johnny Dang Ice And My Rocks Just Like Jet Li

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