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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Curren$y – Kingpin Lyrics

La La La La

Jet, Jet, Jet La La La La
Yo, I Make Cocaine
Bitches Getting High From My Music

I Just Left The Studio
I Swear I Treat That Bitch 
Just Like A Crack House
I Put That Work In Pull Them Stacks Out

Now I'm Riding Round In That Ferrari
Fifty Racks In The Jaridge Back Pack
I Turn Any Situation Into A Party
But Wait, I Be Making Cocaine

Dealing Money From 
This Motherf**king Rap Thing
Yo, I Get Back To The Studio
I Tell My Bitch Bring An Ounce 

And A Pack Of Cones Hoe Long
I Be Writing Cocaine
Raps Every Dope Bitch Wanna Dope Man
I Just Left The Studio

Bitch Want A G Neck I Come Ride Through
She Put It On Her Life She In Love With Me
Baby Girl Just In Love What That Dick Do
Her Home Girl Said I Was Official

So Now She Coming For Herself To See If Its True
Wait, I Be Writing Cocaine
Raps At The Crib Chillen Watching Scarface Yeah
Got A Bitch Rolling Up

Now I'm Smoking While 
That Bitch Be Making Pizza Rolls
OG Kush Put You In The Sleeper Hold
If You A Rookie Then My Doobies 

You Don’t Need To Smoke
Around Here We Was Raised By The G-Code
Around Here It Ain't Said You Already Know
That I Can Make

Audio Dope Man
Of This Audio Dope Game Mayne
I Can Make

La La La La La
I Can Make
La La La La La
Audio Dope Mayne

I Can Make
Your Wife Out My Mother F**king Oh
Let Me Hear It

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