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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DTS Play-Fi Wireless Audio Systems Now Stream Web Radio

Radio used to be the main source of music. However, there were always a lot of factors involved. You needed a good radio and just the right positioning. Also, if you didn't tune that dial just right, you'd be rocking out to an awful lot of static.

Well now the web offers an endless amount of radio stations -- and Phorus is giving them to you, without the need for all of those tweaks. The subsidiary of DTS just announced that its Play-Fi home audio system now offers web radio, all without wires. This is in addition to the FM and AM options, as well as Pandora.

Play-Fi delivers access to thousands of web radio stations from all around the world. This means that you can tap into NPR, ESPN Radio, Radio Disney, Voice of America, Fox News Radio and much more, right from any Android smartphone or tablet. From there, you can stream the content to the Phorus PS1 Speaker and PR1 Receiver.

Existing users can get the new goodies via an automatic update on on the company's free Play-Fi app. Naturally, new customers will experience the new features right away.

Back in October, Phorus debuted the DTS Play-Fi-enabled PS1 Speaker, PR1 Receiver, and compatible app as the first wireless home audio system built from the ground up for Android devices. Our own Ian White took a peek at the PS1 and said, "If affordable wireless multi-room audio appeals to you, the Phorus PS1 is a must listen." [For more information, read his entire Phorus PS1 Speaker Review.

Phorus also just announced plans to launch support for Windows PCs and iOS devices. That option should be available sometime later this year.

In the meantime, the Phorus PS1 Speaker and Phorus PR1 Receiver are both available now for $199 and $149, respectively. The Phorus Play-Fi is available for free in the Google Play store and in the Amazon App Marketplace.

The Phorus PS1 plays music from the web or your music library, using an Android phone or tablet.

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