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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4th Pyramid - Stay Up High Lyrics

Conundrums My Minds Out In London
I'm Blunted Thoughts Like The Indy 500
Who Want It
Flights Almost Leaving

To Nights Over Egypt
Charge Twice For The Leeches
You's A Hater I'm On Tour In Decatur
Bad Bitch From Grenada And 

She Think I'm The Mayor
The Timbs Is Black
If Liquor Is The Devil 
Why Everytime I Drink Do 

The Wings Come Back
Got Me In Front Of This Mic 
While I'm Slinging Rap
Went From Tim Up In

My Kitchen Pitching Crack
To Sold Out In Manhattan 
Lets Bring Him Back
Middle Eastern With 

The Dreads On The Brink Of Black
Fly Prince In The Tints With 
The Frames Thats German
4th Pyramid's The Name

I Remain For Certain
I Came Out To Critics Acclaim
Smoked Out In Amsterdam 
Under Drizzling Rain

Hey We Just Stay Up High
Sky's Falling Grab A Piece Of The Pie
Fly Vixens In Cars
Chasing The Light But 

It Belongs To The Stars
I Already Made My Mind
All I Wanna Do Is Just Stay Up High
These Late Nights Wild

All I Wanna Do Is 
Just Stay Up High
Stay High
Slow Motion Driving 

The Boat Coasting
The Ropes On Long While 
The Goats Roasting
Whats The Name On A Khartoosh

Left My Chain In A Bar Booth
Give A Fuck I'm Just 
Drugging Out The Misery
Skullduggery Got Me 

Bugging Out In Italy
Bitches Missing Me Sweet 
Thrill Of Victory
My Enemies Pissed Still Wish
They Could Get Rid Of Me
30 Thou In The Clouds With Epiphanies
Meet Me Tribeca Wall St By The Tiffany's
Crazed...Fast Life Affinity 

Catch Flights From Kennedy
Last Night Is Hitting Me
I'm A Dreamer Money Making Schemer
On A Prowl Fucked 

The Girl From Ipanema
In Every Country 
Don't Even Need A Visa
But I'm In Need Of Reefer

Really Pleased To Meet Ya
Life's A Beach On 
The Promenade In Nice
Drunk In The French 

Quarters I Bend Borders
Perrier Sipping Smoke In My Lungs
The Paintings On The 
Wall From The Coast 

That I'm From
Burgundy English Clark's
Stupendous On A Song
What I Been Thus Far

Swiss Bank Accounts Daddy
What You In This For
Split The Bill Go Dutch
Cause The Business Raw

Back In The Dot You Know
I Got It Locked
The Pineapple Twisted With 
The Spritzer And Ciroc

Hollywood Dreaming 
Funny I'm Leaving
To The Land Of Milk 
& Honey Where 

The Money's The Demon
I Found My Niche
Sip Aged Old Distilled
That I Down With Quiche

So High Think'll I Fly Off 
A Mountain Peak
Jetting To The Next Check 
While They Counting Sheep

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