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Friday, April 5, 2013

Action Bronson ft. Lauriana Mae - Compliments to the Chef Lyrics

Compliments To The Chef, 
The Baby Lamb Was Perfect
Now I Smoke The Drugs That 
Got Me Feeling Like I’m Surfing

Dusk On The North Shore, 
Hash On My Person
Roll It To A Snake Then 
I Wrap It Like A Turban

We In The Jungle With The Shaman
Tryna Find These Answers 
To These Problems I’ve Been Pondering
Now These Motherf**kers Hollering

With Their Lips Puckered Like Colagen
Sell Me The World, And My Kids, 
Put Them In Colleges
But Daddy Get It By 
Himself On The Reg

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, 
Mix Ricotta With The Egg
Chopped Parsley, 
Soft Flakes, Himalayan Minds

Meditation Time Helps
 Me Penetrate The Mind
December 2nd, 
’83 I Was Created

My Vision’s Wider, 
The Human Being’s Jaded
It’s Just Reality, 
Dealt With On A Daily Basis

Big Body Put The Burner 
In These Bitches Faces
Oh, They’re Selling Dreams Out Here
In Every Corner Store

Pawn ‘Em On The Streets, I Feel
They’re Selling Me The World
But If It All Goes Up, 
It Could All Come Down The Same

So When I Go Where I Go 
I Remember Where I Came…
Remember Where I Came From
Yo, Yo Can Lead A Horse To Water, 

But You Can’t Make Him Drink It
Two In The Pink, Two In The Stink
Leather-Coloured Goulash, 
Talks With Lou Dobbs, 

Create Some New Jobs
In ’87 I Saw My Father In A Blue Saab
Right Seat Sitting, Left Hand Shifting
You Know That Every Team 
Needs A Paxton And A Pippen

Bronson Rapping Like 
He On An Acid Tab Tripping
You Changing With The Moon 
With A Maxi Pad Dripping

High-Five Love – 5’5, Plump
Sell The Pussy ’Til The Shit 
Look Like A Ty Cobb Glove
Bring Me Back The Money 

Then I Dip To Arizona
Put My Balls In Your Mouth, 
Bubble Tea, Tapioca
Smoke Shark, Speaking

In A Nordic Slang
Baby Blue Eyes, 
Important Like An August Rain
Clear Water From 

The Creek Keep Me Nourished
Keep My Head Up, 
Never Discouraged, Pussy Bitch
Yeah… Remember Where I Came From…

Remember Where I Came From…
Yeah… Remember Where I Came From…
Remember Where I Came From…

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