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Friday, April 5, 2013

Audio Push ft. Kent M$NEY - Red Wine Remedies Lyrics

Feeling The Winning Is 
The Only Option Right About Now
Is Real Wine Got Me Pissy Though,
Low Key

So I’m Left No Choice, 
But To Get Out No Real
Red Wine Remedies, 
Real Nigga Tendencies,

Niggas Out Here Balling 
Room So They Getting Penuries,
My Mama Always Told Me 
I Should Pray For My Enemies,

But My Niggas They Gonna 
Get That Kay For My Enemies,
Who Should I Listen To 
When Niggas Wanna See You Lose,

Don’t Wanna Beat You, 
But They ..See You Prove,
What’s Real Without Fiction,
Jordan Without Pimpin,

Nigga Is Pimpin I’m Like 
Magic With This Rapping
Far From Average Went From Scrapping, 
Until The Trap Until The Clapping

For This Green It, For This
I Will Gun It, I Will Stab It,
Niggas Can’t Relate Because 
They Never Been A Savage

You Manage Your Money 
To Me Your Man Frontin
I Had The Cop Teen Change, 
I Never Had Nothing

I Just Pace And Let You 
Stress To Get Ahead Of Me,
While Me And My Dog, 
See All This Pedigree,

Let It Breathe, Let It Breathe
Another Day, Another 
Blues.. Thing, To A Star,
Things Change, 

What To Do With Mama Was Working
Daddy Wasn’t There In The Mirror I Stare
See Daddy Right There, Get Up, If I Fall
Taking Every Charge Ball, Life Is Off Aside

For The Lames, But 
The Dreams, For The True
I’m Fitting Through My Memories, 
Red Wine Remedies

Red Wine Remedy With Money On The Table,
You Charge It To The Game Man, 
We Charge It To The Label,
Haha, It’s The Play I Just Call It Baby,

Don’t Be Scared It’s Just Balling Baby
And Keep Your Nose Out Of My Wallet Baby
The Price Been Causing All This Problems 
We’ve Been Talking Crazy
He Never Care What My Enemies Do,

I’ma Trip, I’ma Fall, I’m An Injury Too
I Learned That When People 
Leave They Never Grab A Rack,
And When They See You In The 

They Rather Grab A Plate,
Forgiving People Don’t Make 
You Weak, It Don’t Make You Fake,

And Make You Strong Enough 
To Know That People Make Mistakes,
I Wish My Pops Any Left, Any Giving Night,

Since He Did Me ..Remind Me Who I’m Just Like,
I Still Dead, No Matter Where The Weather Gets,
Now Look Me In My Eyes, My Man, My Better

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