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Monday, April 8, 2013

Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up Lyrics

Cause The Party Will Never End To Us 
Here’s To Never Growing Up, Up, Up 
We Will Never Ever Ever Feel Down Down 
Live It Up, Drink It Up, 

We Celebrate Life Tonight 
Here’s To Never Growing Up 
There I Said It, It`S Out Of My Mouth 
I Hope You Heard It Cause 

It`S Too Late Now 
Do You Get It, That I Come Unglued 
When I Pick Up The Phone And 
I See That It`S You 

Don`T Wanna Rush It But 
I’m Letting You Know 
Just What I’m Feeling From 
My Head To My Toes 

And I Can`T Help It If 
I Don`T Make Sense 
But I`Ve Made Up My Mind, 
Jumping Off Of The Fence 

We Can`T Deny, 
Boy You And I 
Fit Together Like A Hand In A Glove 
Like A Kiss And A Hug, Boy You`Re The One 

The Stars Have Got An Endless Sky 
And The Melodies Got Words That Rhyme 
And Baby I Got You 
I Got You, I Got You 

Like Sonny And Cher On The TV Screen 
My Heart Has Found The Missing Piece 
Cause Baby I Got You, 

I Got You 
I Got You, I Got You
Yea, I Got You Baby

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