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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

De La Soul ft. the Spirit of the Wu - Get Away Lyrics

And Like The Wu We Bring 
It To You In The Purest Form
We Reside Far Away From The Norms
Small From The Big Catch, 

The Big Bang, Big Break
Fetch Patch And Pins Even With The Pencil
Rap Labels Study Us, 
Flooded Us With Stencil

That’s Tense In Town, 
Murder Your Display
And We Stay Flying Even 
With The Terrorist Flying

This To That Time, 
Monitor The Pat Down
Searching For Control 
Substance With Sustenance

We Administer The Drug 
Ever Since Day Broke
Covers Grow, 
Pots Green, Balloons

The Black Shirt Saying 
Stakes Elevate At Noon
AOR Grind, You Hear It, 
Understand, We Steer It

Some Chose To Veer It Off The Course, 
The Main Source Missing
You Pay No Dues, 
You Earn No Pension

Learn The Rules, 
You Can Either Be The Pimp 
Or The Pimped Out Tools
Whack Niggas Do Not Forget

Like Me, I Bake Work For Art
While Label Worry About Artwork 
At The Top Of The Chart
Plus You Need To Insert A Lot More,
That Original Tear
That You Can’t Manage 
You Just Causing Damage
Just Go, Get Away From Here

You F**king The Game Up
Too Low To Aim Up
So Just Go, Get Away From Here
And Some Believe That They’re Leaders

Young Fellow, 
You A Tool Leader
Sipping Water, 
Why You Drowning Out The Source

This Lesson Is Aligned 
With The Undergrad Course
For Shopping You Paper Made
My Number Twos Make 

The Beacon Shining
The Fine Line In This Detail,
All The Garment Is Retail
But I Don’t Buy Rap Or Excuses

The Code Used To Be 
An Unspoken Device
But Since That’s Gone 
You See What Rap Produces

The One On One, Two On Two, 
Assembled In The Center
Of Squares Like Statues
Understand, I Just Do This, 

I Don’t Have To
But You Wouldn’t Know 
That Feeling If It Slapped You
Like New Cred, 

The Blood Works In Debit
Microphone Don, 
Two Pints To Get Right
I Got My Cardio Up, My Nigga,

I Don’t Give A Damn About The Party, 
I Do It For The Body
I’ll Chuck Your Man 
To Bolt And Scramble His Back

Since The Two Inch Tape, 
How Ample Is That?
Like Furry Dice Hanging Off The Mirror
Your Position Is Concerning My Vision

These Objects Seem To Be 
Closer Than They Appear
And They Can Never Catch Us, 
Their Directions Don’t Match Up

Just Go, Get Away From Here
You Jamming The Lane Up,
Messing The Game Up
Just Go, Get Away From Here

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