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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Future ATL - Hands On You Lyrics

When I Put My Hands On You
I'mma Hold You Close And I'll Make You Feel Like You're Safe, I'm Hold You Close Girl.
When I Put My Hands On You,

I'mma Caress You From Your Legs, 
Your Waist Then Go To Your Face, 
Go To Your Face
When I Put My Hands On You,

I'mma Touch You And Make You Come Close So You Come By My Way, 
You Come By My Way
When I Put My Hands On You, 

And When I Put My Hands On You,
I'm Gonna Take Everything 
You Got To Give Me Girl, Okay?
I'm A Real Nigga, With Real Feelings

I'm A Rock Star, Future Hendrex
And-And I Just Wanna Show You Affection, 
And I Just Wanna Show You Affection
It's Party Time When The Party Over, 

We Can Wine And Dine
We Can Expand Your Mind 
We Can Talk About It,
We Can Talk It Over

I Wanna Listen To Everything You Have To Say
You Make Me Feel Sometimes
I'mma Touch Ya When 
You Take Off All Your Shoes

I'mma Show You Just How Cool I Really Am
You're Not My Homie, 
You're My Friend You're Really Like My Fam
You Have A Way To Bring

Out That Compassion In Me
And Girl I'm In Love With Your Personality
When I Look At You, 

I Stare At A Masterpiece
And I Know What To Do With Her
If You Was Layin' Next To Me

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