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Friday, April 19, 2013

Kid Ink - Victorious Lyrics

If I'm Winning, The Whole 
Team Winning, See?
If I'm Winning, 
The Whole Team Winning

If I'm Hitting, 
The Whole Teaming, See?
If I'm Hitting, 
The Whole Teaming

Oh Shit, My Whole Click Victorious
Oh Shit, My Whole Click Victorious
Oh Shit, My Whole Click Victorious
Okay - No Shit, 

Whole Click Gone Like A Light Switch
Off That Loud, I Know You Can Hear The Mic Clip
Up Real Late With Your Girl On The Night Shift
Show Her How To Ride That Dick, No License

I Don't Know Rules, Bitch, 
You're F**king With An Outlaw
Ten Deep, Looks Like I Pulled Up In A Clown Car
Ride For My Dogs, Couldn't Do It Without Y'all

High As A Kite, 
People Tell Me It's A Downfall
If I'm Winning, 
The Whole Team Winning, See?

If I Hit 'Em Both, 
The Whole Team Understand
Girl Chocolate, 
Her Best Friend Lemon Head

No Interviews, 
I'm Talking In The Bed
Finesse And Funk Master Flex
In Autumn See Me Taking 

Shots Like A Western
Up In The Penthouse, 
You Still In The Best Western
Six Feet Deep, 

Going Down Ain't An Option
Kickin' Down The Door Of Your Cockpit
Bottom Of The Map But Money Is The Topic
Top Of The World, You're Looking Microscopic

Straight Up - I Don't Need No Juice
Lil' Sticky In The Swisher Got 
Em Stuck Like Glue
No V-Neck, Nigga, Just Me And My Crew

Drop A Bomb On Your Head, 
Got A Pocket Full Of Nukes
I Lost My Mind, Shorty, 
Let It All Loose

Whole Team Gettin' In, 
She Ain't Even Gotta Choose
Tryna Hang Over Here? 
Better Off With A Noose

Ol' Hating-Ass Nigga, 
Hit His Mouth With A Deuce
For Really, I'm Feeling Like A Milli'

Alumini, Bat Gang, LA Is The City
That I'm Reppin' The Most, 
But On The East Coast
Sup? I'm Good..

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