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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mann - Hooked On Phonics Lyrics

Fresh Off This High, 
Hopped Off This Flight
And I Caught The Red Eye, 
Took Off At Midnight

Buckle Up Sit Tight, Cali Kush
Rep The West Side Burn 
The Bush Head Rush
Full Of Wisdom And Insight

Want To Know Whats In My Mind? Thats Fine
Beware Before Stepping Inside
Im Not An Average Human
Try Not To Be A Bad Influence

I Love My Life, And The Path Its Going
Got My Money Tall Like Patrick Ewing
Swear These Niggas Need Swag Improvement
Tell A Bad Bitch To Put Her Back Into It

Said She Want To Be Fly 
Like The Clothing Line
I Told Her Be A Witch, 
Hop On My Magic Broomstick

You Know Who It Is, 
Been Doing It
Ain’t New To This, 
She Give Me Good Brain Shes Intuitive

Never Been A Cool Kid
Just Speak The Truth In The Booth, 
The Booth My Pulpit
X-Ray Vision, See Through The Bullshit

The Spot At The Top , I Took It
Niggas Got The Game All Crooked
F**k The Fame And These Folks Still Looking
Shows Keep Booking, F**k Yo Function

Was Going For Gusto But The Gusto Coming
Cut Throat Conscious
God Keeps Me Blessed Because I Keep It Oh So Honest
I Keep It G Like I Was Banging The Chronic

F**k With Me, My Nigga They Don’t Want It
90′S Baby Grew Up Playing Sonic
Had A Way With Words Since 
I Was Hooked On Phonics

Lets Keep It Rocking, 
You See The Options
F**k With Mann, 
Receive This Knowledge

Me And Them Are 
Like Peace And Violence
Peace Of Mind, 
Please Keep It Quiet

I’m A Frequent Flier Girl Peep The Mileage
I Can Take You To A Secret Island
That’s When You Give Me Punanni
And We Go Back And Not Speak About It

Bring The Freak Up Out You, That’s What I Do
Dannon Baby You Know My Crew
Artist Like Us Are Overdue
Back To Back In Matte Black Convertibles

Don’t Know The Rules, We Break Em
Dreads Swing Like Jamaicans
Keep It Cracking Like Ronald Reagan
Outspoken And My Thoughts Are Pagan

Not Stopping My Operation
Mix Me In Everyday Conversation
Negativity Not In My Language
I’m Not Complacent 

I’m Constantly Changing
Sometimes I Do
Then Sometimes 
I Don’t Want To Be Famous

I Just Want To Be Chain Less
I’m Not Complaining Bruh I’m Just Saying
No More Swaying, 
Don’t Go Changing

None Of My Channels, 
Bitch I’m Yump Daniels
You Know The Code Name, 
You See The Gold Chain

Keep It West Coast Like
 A Mother F-Cking Flannel
I Keep It G Like 

I Was Banging The Chronic
F**k With Me, My Nigga 
They Don’t Want It

90′S Baby Grew Up Playing Sonic
Had A Way With Words Since 
I Was Hooked On Phonics

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