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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Neako - Sanctus Neco Lyrics

Only The Really Shit Take Path In This
Give You My Soul Give You 

My Lab Give You My Heart In This
But Steal
The Whole Plan Was To Murder Me Than
Look What I Blame

Just For You To Witness
F**k These Niggas And 
F**k These Bitches
I’m About My Buisness

Scars So That’s On The Mission
That The Spirit Listen
..Is To Pay Attention
When The Fear Is In You

There’s No Way You Can Get In This
From A..
Got Up So Quick Aah

Follow The Scripit Now 
These Models Are On My Dick And ..
Only Makes Me Go Harder
I Read It That To My Father

Like My .. Nigga
From The Predicts To The Happends
Act Like You Know Me Nigga
To These Children We Only Figures And I

Promise To Stay True
Always Remain Who
Nico Remain Cure
Uuuh Uuuh

Drolling Up Cause Money In
Rollin Up Cause Money Go
I Don’t Know What Funny Is
Cause Funny .. Just Save My Frow

Rather F**k My Brother’s Aah
Rather F**k That Funny Go
I Don’t Know But I Forgive
I Hope They Know Where Money Is

I Hope They Are The Sunny Years
Palm Trees And Palm Weed
I Wish You Were A Honey.. 

And Good Life In ..
I Mean
Seing Things As I See
Remember Yo What I See

Makes You All Believe
Guess I’m Like A Teacher
I Guess I’m Like A Saint
I Gave You All The Life

But These Mean Who .. The Plan
Is Me Who Took This Sword
No Improve..
And I’m Feeling To Exhaust

Just The Wrong And Relate
So I Let My People Run
To The Village With No Trap

But When The World Turns His Back
Hit’s Me That’s Gone ..
To The Darkness I Will Need Them

But They Walked Out To The Kingdom
I Guess They Search For Freedom
And The Levels They Don’t Need Them

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