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Friday, April 5, 2013

Trademark Da Skydiver - Get & Go Lyrics

Yeah Bitch I’m Head It To The Top, 
Who Gonna Stop Me,
Nobody 90 But ..Could Block Me,
Stay High Like A Marley,

 Every Day I’m Airy
Keep Us Zip On Me, 
I’m A Loud Pack Party,
I’m Real Nigga Mingle 

Palms Beach That’s What They Call Me,
Way About O1-60 But I’m OG,
Close Fresh, Cricks Crispy,
Yeah You Know Me, 

What Else Could 
You Expect From Me,
I’m Just A OG, 
I Ain’t Trippin Off Them Niggas

Who Man ’Cause They Below Me,
Homie Out Niggas Phone It, Really Want It,
Talking Spot It, Get One 
Of My Goon As To Leave You..

But We Trippin Weed, 
Just Trying To Get My Pocket Swalling
I’ll Stay Upon My Grind Man, 
You Already Know,

The Money Call In 24-7 Bitch I Got To Go,
Pack My Crows Going
Shows On The Bro Stacking Dough
F**king Hoes, Smoke And 

Kill Hard This The Life I Live
Now I Stay Upon My 
Grind Man You Already Know
The Money Calling

24-7 Bitch I Got To Go,
Pack My Crows Going 
Shows On The Bro Stacking Dough
F**king Hoes, Smoke 

And Kill Hard This The Life I Live.
Ain’t Nothing To It, 
But To Do It Watch And Learn From Me

Up Early In The Moment, 
On The Time To Burn Something
Getting High, Laughing At 
These Lame, Baby So Funny

Stunting Like They Real In 
The Fear But They Ain’t One Hundred
I Keep The Trill You Already
 Know This ’Cause I Show It

No ..As Claims In My Lanes, 
No Lying, That’s Foe Shit,
I’m Focused On The Coma, 
Keep The Heat On Me, Don’t Run Up,

Tryin To Get The Want Up, 
Nigga Want The
He Get Laid Down, 
I Don’t Pay A Round,

You Already Know 
Just How I’m Coming
Niggas Crazy If They 
Think Getting This Money

I Ain’t Stunting, 
I Am Gonna Shit For Nothing,
I Can’t Just Get What Mines 
And I’m Leaving Now With Something

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