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Thursday, April 4, 2013

USB Sock-IT Adds Two Smart-Charging USB Ports to Any Power Outlet

When you think of adding new gadgets into your arsenal, the wall plate probably never crosses your mind. It's ok. Most wall plates are boring. However, most wall plates are not the USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet.

The USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet is the new, flagship product by 8G Electronics, LLC. For $24.99 (MSRP), this option can convert any outlet into an outlet with USB charging ports. Of course, there are plenty of options like this already on the market. However, what makes the USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet unique is that it adds two USB ports into your wall outlet, but doesn't ask for one of your existing two electrical outlets in return.

The end result is a solution that supplies two USB ports and two AC outlets in one location, for all of your charging needs. And these days, those can be some hefty needs!

Of course, you shouldn't expect to stuff that outlet. According to 8G Electronics, LLC, the USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet has 3 amps of shared power, which is equivalent to the power needed to charge two Apple iPads at once. Once everything is plugged in, the device actually measures how much power is needed and can accommodate that.

Another nifty perk: Once that device is fully charged, the USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet will shut off automatically. There's no "phantom electricity" and no waste.

No electrician is needed, either. The outlet has a 2-plug design and quarter-inch lip, so you can secure it over any standard outlet. It can be moved from room to room or you can install it as a permanent fixture.

"The world relies on staying connected, and more and more people consume data than ever," said David Novak, 8G's VP of M,rketing. "The Plugin Outlet stands to be our flagship product, and is designed to help the consumer convert their everyday electrical outlets into a USB charging solution -- with Smart Technology added to boot."

If you're interested in the USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet, 8G is currently funding the product through Indiegogo. If all goes well, the company plans to start shipping the product to investors by June 2013.

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