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Friday, April 5, 2013

Young Roddy ft. Smoke DZA & Styles P - 3 The Hardway Lyrics

Good Sense, Good Sense
Nigga You Looking The 
Cause Is So Sens E
Sips On Deck, 

Ricks On Deck And Rose
The Young Jet, 
The OG Spend On Smooth,
These Niggas Pay For The Whole Key,

Lil Key A High Key, 
Drop PN On Your Head, If You Try Me
A Young Ruddy Flying The Maserati,
Or The Fleed With Grow 

Hand For The Best Look
The World Move Faster Than Russel West
Kevin Duran On The Dub Stand,
My Niggas Pied Hands, But We The Most End

I Ain’t The Swag Champ I’m The Little Chimp,
Come And Light It Up With The Smoke Chap,
The Block Jet, Like We Know Both Camps,
I Get It In Then I Get It Out,

Pitching Money To Me 
I Ain’t Hit It Out.
I Started Smoking Heavy 
Cause Time Was Getting Harder

Stop Brother Josen, 
Left Me A Revolver,
Welcome To My City Land, 
None The Less Fortune,

Green What Apartments, 
AK The Carter,
Uh, When They Don’t Throw Spot 
They Throw Crosses,

Last Thing Bolding, AKA I’m Balling
Us Against The World F**k 
Them Nigga With Your Problem,
SO S*Ck A Free, 

S*Ck A Niggas Pics Stortion,
Hold I Don’t Fit It 
I Held Packs In My Pocket,
Linked Up With Diesel 

Got A Plug In That Sower,
Hooked Up With Styles Now 
I’m Good Than Them Junkers,
Good In Any Hood I Don’t 

Need No Co-Sign Em,
My Girl On That Molly Me, 
I’m On That Chronic,
Tray First In Deep Block,
Real Niggas Mobin,
Best Sound By The 
Hammer In This Bitch, Got A Body
Went From Nobody It’s Been A Roll Model, Au.

Hit My Nigga Roll With The Dower
I Been That Nigga Since 
Niggas The Eddy Bower
A Couple Days I Ran 

Through A Quarter Pound
And Now I’m Rolling Up 
Some Harlem Shake No Power
Smelling Stinch It Away 

The Whole Crowd Up,
Smoke Us Club Climbing Found Up,
Run Around Hallum On Some May Up, Shit,
Nigga Problem With The EA Spit,

On The Block He Do The Grave Your Shift,
Stay On It Like Clock Work, 
We Don’t Prologue, We Pop First,
Put Em On Like He Pop Purps,

Shout Out To My Dogs, 
Three Way Cause From Behind The Wall,
My Long Home Strap Like 
They Go On The Wall,

Like F*Cking Mystery Go 
Going And Let Me Out On The Gone,
Coming Out With Packs 
Like Crack The Dawn,

Say You Profit Nigga Save 
The Stone, Keep Hustling.
Good Sense, Good Sense

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