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Thursday, May 9, 2013

CinemaNow Gets DTS-HD for Streaming Surround Sound

These days, more people are turning to streaming services to get that entertainment fix. There are so many different movies, TV shows and musical selections available through the web and that instant gratification is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, the audio quality is a whole other thing. After all, most streaming services don't have the same audio quality that you'd get from a Blu-ray. However, DTS is planning to change that.

DTS just announced plans to start streaming DTS-HD surround sound. The company is currently working with Rovi, to deliver the audio format to movies and TV shows via Best Buy's CinemaNow app. DTS-HD will start streaming on that service, but it's even more exclusive than that. To start, it will only be available through CinemaNow streaming out of brand-new connected Samsung HDTVs and Blu-ray players, manufactured in 2013. A firmware update for Samsung's existing 2013 products is expected to follow soon.

CinemaNow will be the very first service to offer access to DTS-HD encoded content, which delivers immersive 5.1 surround sound.

"Streaming has a very bright future and we are excited about collaborating with Samsung, Rovi and the services it powers -- such as Best Buy's CinemaNow -- to deliver an unrivaled audio experience to consumers," said Brian Towne, chief operating officer and executive vice president at DTS. "We are committed to delivering the industry's most immersive streaming audio solutions, and believe that consumers will appreciate the engaging entertainment experience that DTS-HD surround sound brings to their living rooms."

DTS plans to offer DTS-HD surround sound to other Rovi-enabled streaming video services in the near future.

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