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Thursday, May 30, 2013

DISH Network Debuts Social Features for Hopper DVR Users

There are times when you want to yell and possibly even throw something at the TV. Thanks to social media, you can make all sorts of comments and actually have an audience (and even save your TV from a flying remote). However, why scramble for your smartphone, PC or other second screen, when you have a big screen right in front of you?

That's the idea behind the new Social app from DISH Network. Available exclusively to Hopper users, this perk allows viewers to interact with Facebook and Twitter, on-screen in real-time. 

To access the Social features on any program, just hit the blue button on your remote and click on the Social icon. According to DISH, users can link up to four Twitter and four Facebook accounts. While using the Social app, whatever you're watching is reduced to about 75 percent of its normal size, so that the screen has room for social networking comments in a separate right-hand column. At the bottom, you'll find scrolling data, which may include info about the current show, stats about the top areas that are Tweeting, and more.

With Social, you can post to Twitter and Facebook from the Hopper or just kick back and watch the conversation on-screen.

To tap into Facebook through Social, you will need a Facebook account. You'll also need to grant DISH "access your public profile, friend list, News Feed, status updates, photos, videos and your friends' status updates, photos and videos." If you want to get into the conversation on Twitter, you'll need an account as well. However, if you haven't submitted to the Twitter hype yet, you can still peek in to see what other Twits are saying about any given show at one time through the On Now option.

Another interesting perk is that Social works with both live and recorded programming. While watching the day's installment of Days of Our Lives, it was easy to follow along. However, while viewing last week's Hell's Kitchen in PrimeTime Anytime, the app still showed the most recent comments made about the show. It also worked with Showtime's The Big C, which was on my DVR. Just don't be surprised if you don't get any info or get alternate info, just like you'd find in a common Twitter search. For instance, The Big C yielded plenty of non-programming cancer comments and a Judas Priest concert on Palladia came back with nothing. (Say it ain't so, Priest fans!)

"Last year, Twitter saw 32 million Americans tweet about TV programming, an incredible display of consumer interest in wanting a more social experience from TV," said Jimshade Chaudhari, director of product marketing and management at DISH. "Through our Social app, we've made it easier for consumers to follow social conversations and post in real-time without leaving their TV screen."

The Social app is now available to all DISH Network subscribers with a Hopper DVR.

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