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Friday, May 17, 2013

DISH Offers Free iPad to New Customers Who Get Hopper DVR

Back in January, DISH Network announced the brand-new Hopper with Sling Whole-Home HD DVR to much fanfare. Yes, the service provider was actually able to improve upon last year's innovative Hopper box. 

Besides your standard DVR features, the Hopper with Sling can put live and recorded DVR content on any device with a web connection. However, sometimes a web connection isn't even needed. One of the most interesting new features on the new DVR box is Hopper Transfers, which allows Hopper users to transfer content to the iPad for offline viewing.

Don't have an iPad? DISH Network wants to give you one.

The company just announced a new promotion that will allow new subscribers to choose between a year's worth of programming discounts or a free iPad 2. All you have to do is sign up for the Hopper with Sling DVR and a qualified programming package.

With that new iPad 2, subscribers can check out the new Hopper Transfers feature.

The Hopper DVR allows users to prep recordings for mobile use, which can then be transferred to the iPad using your home's WiFi connection. From there, you can take that content just about anywhere, without the need for the web. Watch last night's game on the train, a movie on a plane, or Dancing with the Stars on the road (in the passenger seat, of course). If the web is available, you could even use that new iPad to access DISH Anywhere, which delivers live TV, DVR recordings, and on-demand programs to any device with a web connection. It can also access DISH Explorer, a second-screen app with program-discovery tools, social media interaction, and remote control features.

Other perks on the Hopper with Sling DVR include PrimeTime Anytime recording and AutoHop commercial-skipping features, as well as a Broadcom 7425 processor and a 2TB hard drive.

To score that free iPad, you have to sign up for new qualifying DISH service, with a 24-month agreement and credit qualification. Monthly DVR and receiver fees do apply, as well as any other fees. In other words, you may want to read some of the fine print.

And consider doing that pretty soon. The Hopper with Sling and iPad offer begins May 22 and will run through September 18, 2013.

The new Hopper with Sling HD DVR and the Joey.

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