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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Father's Day Gift Idea: Arcade Style Video Game Console with All the Classic Games

This year, you should really try to come up with something for your dad besides a new tie. He has enough ties to last a lifetime. If you really want to see him smile this Father's Day, consider giving him a little taste of his youth.

Of course, we're not talking about building a time machine (although that would be pretty cool!). We're talking about giving him a custom gaming machine from Dream Arcades. Dream Arcades makes arcade machines for the home. The company includes the actual games that you remember from your childhood, not fake reproductions.

One of these machines is better than your Xbox, PS3, and the Wii combined. Just one Dream Arcades machine packs in over 145 classic games.

And dad's money is no good here. In fact, no quarters are needed to play one of these custom machines.

Arcade units can be ordered directly from the Dream Arcades website or by calling the company. For a limited time, Dream Arcades is also running a special promotion, which will add multiple add-ons at no additional cost. This includes a DVD-ROM upgrade and multiple gaming packs with dozens of extra games.

The 4-Player Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail Arcade is a classic sit-down tabletop gaming machine with a 19-inch monitor and 145 games inside.

Currently, Dream Arcades makes a variety of gaming machines. The 4-Player Dreamcade 2.0 Cocktail Arcade is a classic sit-down tabletop gaming machine, with tinted safety glass, a built-in trackball, and integrated music. It comes with over 145 games, a 19-inch arcade monitor, and a 0.75-inch computer-routed melamine cabinet. This model currently retails for $1999.

If you like to do all your gaming standing up, the Cabaret Dreamcade 2.0 is the same type of stand-up machine that you remember from those many hours spent at the mall arcade. It also has a 19-inch monitor with tempered glass and over 145 games, as well as pinball flippers on the side for video pinball games. This model is also available now, with an MSRP of $1899.

Dream Arcades also offers a variety of game packs with classics from Atari, Digital Leisure, Midway, and Namco Museum. Depending on the package, these options allow you to add in games such as Asteroids, Centipede, Dragon's Lair, Joust, Paperboy, and Pac-Man. Dream Arcades also makes 60 Atari 2600 games available at no additional charge.

 The CabaretDreamcade 2.0 is a stand-up machine with over 145 games and pinball flippers on the side.

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