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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mysonne - Lyrical Excellence Lyrics

This Lil' Niggas Ask Who You Be, I Laughs, They Google Me
Bad Boy Nigga That Shine With No Jewelry
Usually Be Too Deaf, Don't Be With The Foolery
Too Unruly, They Don't Know What To Do With Me
I Do A Little Gucci, Don't Really Do The Louis V

Pierced Niggas, Belts, Shirts, Like Two Or Three
I Love True Religion, But Between You And Me
That Name Grand Shit Don't Matter When You A G
Musically I'm Marvin Gaye Mixed With Some Rick James
Got The Glow Bitch, Last Dragon, Spit Flames
I've Been Made Since 6th Grade On The 6 Train
Lyrically Sick, Problem Was My Nickname
This Lane Is All Mine, They All Lie
Lame Play With Me, I Knock Them Off, On Line
Like Them New Jordans Came Out
Ask 'Em Who The Rawest, I Promise They Call My Name Out
Promise Mama If I Was Heavy In Some Drama
I'd Say Forgive Me, Father, Before I Blow His Brain Out
Nostradamus Predicted Me, This Is Victory
So If I Shoot You Then Your Future Is History
It's Official, I Am Officially The Dopest Nigga Breathing
If You Can Get A Brick In Me You Double On The Whole Cell
You Flip On That Breakdown It's Like Selling H Down In H Town

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