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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mysonne - Real Bomb Lyrics

Bout To Go In Right Now, Baby
You Know How We Do
Ah, This One Of Those, Ny Stand Up, Stand Up Ny
I Said Ny Stand Up!
Yo Flex, I Heard You Play This Last Week

I Say Yeah That's One Of Those
Shout Out To LL, Shout Out To Big Cap
But Flex I'm Bout To Go In On This, It's Mysonne
Flex, I Told These Niggas From The Giddy Up
Gimme 16 I Tear This Whole City Up
We Harass Your Ass, Somebody Call Diddy Up
Tell Em For The M's, They'll Think They Dug Biggy Up
I'm Ready To Die, These Niggas Playin With It
They Flash They Guns, We Sprayin With It
I Ain't With It, The Games That It
I Don't Associate With Em, Lames That Is
I Spit Straight Fire, Flames That Is
I Go To Work With Big Daddy, Cane That Is
I'm Dangerous, So Proceed With Caution
We Gonn Need Semi Y'all Proceeds, Extorsion
Floss Is A Privilege, And You Gotta Earn That
Predators Feed On Prey, Y'all Ain't Learn That?
I Turn That O Into A P
I Turn That Plan Into A Tree
I Turn The Gram Into A Key
Money Won't Turn That Man Into A G
I'm An Animal, I'm The Man For You To See
This Real Talk, These Cats Rambling To Me
They Amateurs, The Advantages With Me
We Savages, With Hammers And The V
Rip To V, You See Me, In Vip
Celebrating, Welcome Home To Charlie
You Niggas Better Eat While You Can
Cause This About To Be A Surround
Drop A Bomb On Them

Smooth Calm On Em, Name Ring Bells
Like He Got Alarm On Him
Hit Spots, Bad Hoes Swarm On Him
Bad Chicks, Fine That They Moms Want Them
Straight Gangster Shit, No Competition
Now Back From Intermission
Now, The Wait's Over, Case Over,
Realest Nigga In Ny, I Ain't Over
But I'll Show You How To Do This Son
How To Transform Real Life In Music Son
Put Joy On The 'Pain One The Base Line
Watch G's Rewind It, 8 Times
Don't Talk To Me About Real, If You Ain't Shine
Y'all Can Earn Respect, I Take Mine

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