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Monday, June 10, 2013

Energy In-Ceiling Speakers: $99-$149 (50 to 67 percent off)

Some people love showing off their sound system. They proudly display it in the room, like a piece of art. Then, when you come over, they make sure to point it out -- and demo it, of course.

Some people really don't like that. Everyone can appreciate having some type of good sound setup, but putting it out on display isn't always a necessity. Whether you don't have the matching decor, the space or the patience, there are plenty of products that allow you to stash good sound. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers can tuck those speakers away nicely, without muffling the sound.

Before you start marking speaker spots on the ceiling, you may want to take a peek at the trio of speakers currently on sale at Amazon. From now through the end of the month, Amazon is discounting three different in-ceiling speakers made by Energy Speakers.

First up is a pair of the Energy EAS-6C In-Ceiling Speakers. These typically sell for $299.99 per pair, but Amazon is slashing $200 off the price for a limited time. At that price, you can pick up more than one pair to outfit a room or your entire house. This set features a pair of in-ceiling surround sound speakers. Each one has a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and a 6.5-inch injection molded woofer. Designed to handle up to 100 watts of sound, this option also has a frequency response curve of 66-20,000Hz, a sensitivity rating of 89dB, and a depth of about 3 inches. Find out more about this option on Amazon's product page:

 Amazon is currently discounting Energy's EAS-8C In-Ceiling Speakers.

If you want big sound from a single speaker, Amazon is also selling the Energy EAS-6Cst In-Ceiling Single Stereo Speaker for the same sale price. The current $99.99 price is 50 percent off the list and includes free shipping. Instead of having a pair of speakers, this one cabinet can do the work with a 6.5-inch injection molded woofer, two 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeters, a frequency response of 55Hz-20Khz (+/-3dB), and 100 watts of power handling. Find out more on Amazon's product page:

The last in our discounted lineup is Energy's EAS-8C In-Ceiling Speakers. Amazon is selling this model in pairs for $149.99, which is $250 off the list price. The difference between this model and what you're seeing above is that this works nicely in a slightly larger of a room, with a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and an 8-inch injection molded woofer. With up with 125 watts of power handling, this model also has a 45Hz-20Khz (+/-3dB) frequency response, a 90dB sensitivity rating, and 8 ohms impedance. Find out more about the EAS-8C on Amazon:

As far as we know, these discounted prices will be good through the month of June -- but not if Amazon runs out of stock! Just remember that when you buy any of these speakers, you'll want to order through Amazon and not one of the retailer's third-party merchants. Amazon has the discounted prices and the free Super Saver Shipping option. Enjoy!

 A peek at a room filled with EAS-8C speakers.

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