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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lil Bibby - Play They Role

Park The Audi On The Side Block
Hop Out Hit The Corner Everybody Tryina Swag
Dont Hurt Me Bitch, Im The Man Out Here
Bitches Stand Out Here, Got The Bands Out Here
If You Cause A Scene On The Land Out Here
I Just Make A Call And You Stand Out Here
Now This Boss Shit, And I Talk Shit
Cause My Neck And Wrist Got Me Frost Bit
Take This Nigga Bitch And I Aint Stalking
He Could Buy Back At The Auction
I Be Counting Stacks, Steady Counting Stacks
Add More Towards, Then I Count It Back
I Never Change Nigga Count On That
You Aint Gotta Hack, Cause Im Balling
They Get 2 Streets Till That Heater Go
Like They Knees Have Strolled And They Falling
But Im Trained To Go When My Heater Strong
Man They Need A Ball, Bitch Im Spalding
George Swish, They Like Shawty Sick,
Im In Sax 5th Floor 46
When They Hear My Age, They Go Super Sick
Im A Young Nigga With A Cougar Bitch
I Forever Trap Till Im Super Rich
I Dont Gotta Flex, I Be Cooling It
If You Disrespect, Let That Ruger Spit
Head Shot, Its Medulla Split
Aint No Leg Shots, When Im Shooting Shit
I Got Step ... On The Shooting Shit
Thats A Head And Ran, Drop A Nigga Dead, Hit Again
Later Catch Me Counting Dividends

Big Topper, No Harley, Call Me No Ali
Or Mj, Ive Been Great
Bow Down At Your Sensei
Ive Been Real, They Been Fake
Dope Boy, Ive Been Getting Cake
Im In The Field, With The Biggest Ill
That Tough Talking That Will Get Him Killed
This Shit Is Real, Look Baby I Go Nuts
I Mean So Nuts, Board Cars And I Roll Up
Might Hop Out And Just Post Stuff
Grab Some Blunts, Roll Those Up
Tell ... Call Some Hoes Up
Niggas Say They Fin To Take Off
But Tell These Niggas Whats The Hold Up
Cause I Aint Seen None, Feel Shit
You Aint Seen None, Know Its Riches Get
Big Guns For The Witnesses, No Talking, Im Killing Shit
And I Walk Around With Like ...
Nigga Rob Me, You Was Probably Dreaming
Blow His Brains Out, What The Fuck Is You Thinking
I Stay Strapped You Must Have Been Drinking
Its No Lackin, My Bro Packing
See If I Have Broke Clap Him
Going Hard Its A Fucking Classic
Kobe With The Blunt, Go Pass It
I Know The Game Like Im At It
I Got Work But Im Taxing
Im A Tough When Im In Traffic
Call The ... Dip Pen Whackin, Uh!

Me And Baby Steady Killing Tracks
Spending Stacks And Steady Get Em Back
Sneak Dissing We A Ghetto Whack
Keep Visions, Get Them Niggas Back
I Aint With All It To The Top
I Aint Lying, Im Spittin Facts
Cocaine Flow, Im Spitting Crack
30 Shots Clip I Give Them That
30 Shots Hit Head He Aint Coming Back
No Sympathy When A Nigga Whack
Street Shitting Me, I Aint Feeling That
G Shittin Me, Bitch Im Feeling Racks
Saving Hoes, I Aint Into That
Training Hoes Then Send Em Back
You Bitch On Me Cause Im Getting That
I Aint Saving Money, Im Spending That
Range Rover, Take A Spin In That
Forgiatos Bitches Digging That
20 Models On A Nigga Act
40 Hallows Send Him Into Mat
Switching Cars Like Im Switching Broads
No Limit Gang On My Niggas ...
My Niggas Aint Fin To Starve
My Niggas Broke You Getting Robbed
Im In The Booth, Steady Spitting Bars
Im A Real Deal, These Niggas Frauds
And Im Pulling These Niggas Cards
Lot Of Niggas Tryina Act Hard
Let The Gang Spark,
Find His Ass In The Back Yard

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