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Friday, June 7, 2013

Report: Is TVR on the verge of returning to the automobile scene?

Hey, remember TVR? The small British sports car maker that is responsible for making some of the most outrageous coupes the automobile world has ever seen? Well, it appears that a new teaser has surfaced from the brand after the company stopped making automobiles last year.

Owned by Russian business tycoon, Nikolai Smolensky, TVR ceased automobile production after Smolensky said that demand was too low and costs were too high to continue producing automobiles. After that, Smolensky apparently denied any future word of any new cars.

TVR’s current ventures include alternative drivetrains and research and development of wind turbines and generators.

Could this be a fancy teaser for a new line of wind power generators, or could it be the start of a new beginning with automobiles? There’s a distinct possibility that it could be the latter, in which case I hope it is. TVR has a long history of being a phoenix from the flames. To this day, I eventually would love to own a TVR Sagaris, so it would be great to see TVR bring on awesome.

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