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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Video: A Bugatti Veyron vs. a custom 700hp Nissan Juke-R, who do you think will win in the standing mile?

Who do you think will win? A bone-stock Bugatti Veyron, which is one of the world’s fastest production cars to date complete with a 16-cylinder 1,001hp engine? Or a Nissan Juke-R modified to put out around 700hp?

It is a tough call to guesstimate since the Juke-R does weigh quite a bit less than the Veyron. But at the same time, the Veyron’s power reserves are quite vast.

Comparatively speaking, a stock Nissan Juke-R puts out an already impressive 545hp from its GT-R sourced engine. Though it must be noted that this is not an official Nissan Juke-R, but rather one custom made by Shpilli Villi Engineering, who offers four-stages of tuning for the engine.

Ok, enough of me rambling, time to place your bets! Check out the result after the jump.

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