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Monday, September 2, 2013

Apple iPhone 5S Could be Release as soon as September 2013

Though Apple‘s policy of absolute silence on unreleased iPhone builds remains unchanged, presumably to prevent lending credibility to the deluge of iPhone release date rumors that accompany each launch, one analyst believes Apple’s latest investor guidance offers proof that the iPhone 5S release date is just around the corner.

Being a publicly traded company, Apple must submit earnings reports to the company’s investors every three months, with various other collections of information arriving intermittently throughout the year as well. Few (if anyone) was expect major iPhone 5S release date news to emerge from Wednesday’s earnings update but, as it turns out, Apple executives had quite a surprise for those listening to the investor call on Wednesday.

Shortly after Apple announced their latest earnings predictions, the internet was flooded with reports that a new iPhone is coming soon, with the common consensus being that Apple’s revised sales estimates left little doubt that the iPhone 5S release date is coming before the end of September. Apple execs said the company is expecting roughly three billion dollars in revenue more than originally anticipated, and cited “moving parts” in September as the cause for the higher-than-average earnings estimates. Most agree that those “moving parts” have to be a new product(s) of some kind.

Of course, this is hardly the first time that reports have suggested the iPhone 5S release date was coming this September, with various sources from the Apple supply chain allegedly revealing information on the company’s manufacturing and distribution plans at various points since the iPhone 5 debuted last year. Additionally, as many other outlets have also noted, Apple could be planning on an influx in revenue that would coincide with the launch of the rumored low-cost iPhone that’s expected to ditch the iPhone 5's aluminum shell for a much more cost-effective plastic frame.

With all of the evidence already pointing to a September launch, it’s certainly hard to ignore Apple’s higher than average revenue expectations, and we suspect more than a few of those who’ve remained doubtful will now be convinced that the iPhone 5S release date is coming soon. So now the only question is, how much longer will we have to wait for Apple to unveil the next iPhone?

Thankfully, September is only five weeks away, which suggests Apple’s official iPhone 5S release date announcement should be just around the corner, finally putting an end to the iPhone 5S release date rumor mill that churned to life shortly after the iPhone 5 debuted last September.

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