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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mesh Elite Gamer PCA review: gaming PC that oozes quality

This imposing PC from Mesh comes in a rather expensive-looking, yet minimalist system case. Like the entry to an exclusive private club, its plain black door conceals well the coloured lights and mayhem within. As its name suggests, it’s the PC for Elite gamers with great taste in magazines. See all gaming PCs.

Just inside the door we find a Blu-ray player and a handy multi-format memory-card reader, but we need to delve deeper inside the case to find the real action. Here’s it’s all posh slide-out drive caddies, neat cable management and modular power supply connections. See also: What's the best gaming PC?

Taking pride of place atop the MSI Z870GD65 GAMING motherboard sits a factory overclocked nVidia GeForce GTX 770 graphics card – all of which is bathed in a soft blue glow when the PC is running. Which it does with the minimum of noise, thanks to the use of quiet fans throughout.

This PC is made from considerably higher-quality components than budget models and does therefore cost a little more. However, if you’re into upgrading and modifying your own PC, you will find this system much more to your liking, with plenty of room to work inside. The spec is already high though, featuring 16 GB of installed memory, a 2 TB hard drive and a large 250 GB Samsung 840 SSD.

Also adding to the cost is the only Core i7 processor to feature in this group test. The Intel Core i7-4770K offers a slightly higher clock speed than the Core i5-4760K, and also doubles the number of available processing threads from four to eight, improving its multitasking capability.

Furthermore, the chip has been overclocked to an impressive-sounding 4.6 GHz giving the system a noticeable boost in overall computing power. Although this is measurable in several subtests within the PCMark 7 suite, the overall score remains low due to an unexpectedly low Entertainment score, which we feel is probably anomalous.

However, do note that when it comes to gaming results, all that extra computing power offers no real advantage. Framerates were not significantly boosted in our tests.

The Elite Gamer PCA comes with a 24-inch monitor with plenty of inputs for multiple devices. Its TN panel is suited to fast-paced gaming, but lacks the colour fidelity and wide viewing angles of IPS displays, such as the one supplied by Chillblast.

Also supplied is a Microsoft Wireless Bluetrack Desktop 3000 keyboard and Mouse. Sadly, not a particularly gaming-friendly selection, but more than adequate for general use with a built-in wrist rest and a mouse which works on almost any surface.

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