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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

JVC Introduces Ultra HD TVs in Sizes from 55 to 85 Inches

JVC is getting in on the Ultra HD-enhanced festivities in Las Vegas. The company is out at CES 2014, showing off three new Ultra HDTVs, in sizes ranging from 55 to 85 inches.

That lineup includes the 55-inch DM55UXA ($1899.99), the 65-inch DM65UXA ($2499.99), and the 85-inch DM85UXA ($9999.99). That 85-incher is actually JVC's largest set to date.

All three models have direct LED backlight and 10-bit color capabilities, as well as the 3840 x 2160 resolution. Each one of the sets also has two HDMI 1.4 ports and two HDMI 2.0 ports with HDCP 2.2 content protection.

Other perks include ClearMotion 240Hz processing, Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), and the XinemaSound 3D suite of acoustic and digital signal processing to give the TV's audio a little boost.

JVC is also packing each set with plenty of smart TV features. Although the lineup of those services hasn't been formally announced, the company has previously included Netflix, Pandora and VUDU out of the box. It should be easy to navigate through all of those choices, since all of JVC's Ultra HD TVs come with a new remote, which has its own a QWERTY keyboard.

 The 85-inch DM85UXA Ultra HD TV will be JVC's largest TV to date.

If you're not quite ready to make the leap to Ultra HD, JVC will also offer its JVC Emerald Series of LEDs in sizes ranging from 28 to 65 inches.

Each of the TVs in this series has a slim profile and ultra-thin bezel. The four TVs from 42 to 65 inches will be bundled with a nice bonus: the Roku Streaming Stick. That should add almost a thousand additional entertainment sources into your home theater mix.

At the top of the heap is the 65-inch EM65FTR ($1699.99), which has an array of direct LED backlight to boost black levels, as well as 10-bit color reproduction, JVC's CrystalColor Enhancement, and 120Hz CrystalMotion video processing.

The other three models to get the Roku Streaming Stick will include the 42-inch EM42FTR ($599.99), the 48-inch EM48FTR ($729.99), and the 55-inch EM55FTR ($899.99). These TVs have LED backlight functionality, CrystalMotion and CrystalColor processing.

If you're looking for something a little smaller, the 39-inch EM39FT ($469.99) and the 55-inch EM55FT ($829.99) Emerald Series models have a 1080p resolution and direct LED backlighting. Each one also has several HDMI inputs; two for the EM39FT, with the others getting an extra input, which also has Auto Return Channel. The sets with the Roku Streaming Stick also have MHL support to accommodate that add-on, as well as compatible portable devices.

"With MHL support, our new Emerald Series displays provide customers with a nearly limitless selection of connected streaming content, not only from stand-alone media boxes and dongles, but also from an expanding list of smartphones and tablets," said Drew Pragliola, senior VO of sales and marketing for AmTRAN Video Corp. "And with our new Emerald Series with Roku models, we're providing consumers with access to not only the most robust and expansive streaming video, music, and casual gaming platform on the market, but with a solution that can be easily upgraded by consumers as technologies evolve."

 Five of the new Emerald Series HDTVs will come with the Roku Streaming Stick, which adds in thousands of entertainment options.

Other Emerald Series perks include MTS stereo decoding, Dolby Digital processing with 5.1-channel pass-through, and the XinemaSound 3D support. These models also include XinemaSound Level to enhance low range output, as well as Clear Dialog processing to adjust the volume on voices to match the rest of the audio signal.

The company will also introduce the 28-inch EM28T ($269.99) and the 32-inch EM32TS ($329.99). Each one of these HDTVs has HDMI and USB connections, as well as the option to hook up an antenna. There's also an "Audio Only" mode to help conserve a little energy while you're just listening to music.

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