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Monday, January 27, 2014

Survey Says Super Bowl Drives More TV Sales than Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Samsung was named as the most popular TV brand in FatWallet's "2014 TV Buyer Survey."

Just because you didn't find a new HDTV under the tree this year, all hope is not lost. Believe it or not, most people don't count on Santa to deliver a big screen. Instead, they wait for a different season: football season.

The shopping website FatWallet recently announced results from its 2014 TV Buyer Survey. Of those surveyed online, 30 percent of respondents said that they were absolutely planning to buy a new TV sometime this year. However, even more interesting is that one third of those respondents said they'd be buying during sales revolving around the Super Bowl versus Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other prime shopping time.

When you break down the survey numbers, 32 percent of participants said they would be most likely to buy a TV before the Super Bowl. That was one third of the respondents, with 25 percent looking at Black Friday sales, 8 percent shopping during the holiday season, and 6 percent waiting to see what could be found on Cyber Monday. Another 18 percent said they would look at other sales throughout the year.

What's not so surprising is that 45 percent of shoppers said they are influenced by price, with 35 percent looking at the TV's features, and another 20 percent interested in the brand of the TV. Speaking of which, Samsung was the most popular brand, especially with higher annual income shoppers. Sony came in second place with 18 percent of the vote, with LG (16 percent) and VIZIO (14 percent) rounding out the top four.

Despite price being the number one consideration, only 4 percent of respondents said they'd be willing to buy a budget TV brand in 2014.

Of course, features are pretty important, with 80 percent of survey respondents looking for a 1080p resolution and 35 percent seeking out Smart TV perks. Size is also a deciding factor, with 45 percent planning to buy a mid-size TV ranging from 40 to 54 inches. About 31 percent of shoppers hope to go bigger this year, by buying a new TV 55 inches or larger.

More than half of the people involved in the survey were hoping to spend less than $500 on that new purchase, with 14 percent looking to spend less than $300. A lot of people don't mind making more of an investment. Some respondents said they'd be willing to spend between $500 and $699 (34 percent), while others were planning to put down $700 or more (32 percent).

With those kinds of numbers, it shouldn't be too shocking to hear that only 6 percent of the people involved in this survey said they were planning to buy an Ultra HD TV this year.

"The Super Bowl offers the perfect storm for shoppers to improve their game watching experience, while saving money on a high-quality, big-ticket item," states Brent Shelton, a FatWallet spokesperson. "The FatWallet site offers online shoppers a variety of resources to help them make a smarter TV purchasing decision."

FatWallet is a shopping website, with links to all sorts of current coupons and discounts from a variety of retailers. In addition to helping shoppers find good deals, the site also offers cash back on select electronics, home theater and TV purchases.

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