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Sunday, January 19, 2014

VIZIO Unveils Full Line of Ultra HD TVs, Starting at $999 for 50-inch Model (P502ui-B1)

VIZIO is the latest to announce new Ultra HD TVs for 2014 and they've actually included prices -- affordable ones! The company is getting competitve, with the newly announced P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV collection.

All five of the new TVs promise eye-popping Ultra HD images at unprecedented prices. The line will start at $999.99 for the 50-inch P502ui-B1 and go up to $2599.99 for the 70-inch P702ui-B3.

Each set in the P-Series has advanced local dimming technology, with a backlight that consists of 64 Active LED Zones. This promises better light uniformity and a better image overall. That's because all of those zones allow for discrete control of the backlight, which boasts better backlighting than edge-lit LED sets.

Other features include the HEVC codec for Ultra HD streaming, Advanced Color Management, Active Pixel Tuning, and VIZIO's V6 six-core processor. The latter combines a quad-core GPU and a dual-core CPU for a speedy performance. Each set also has Clear Action Rate 960 for smooth action images, the VM50 Ultra HD motion and picture-processing engine, and the Pure Pixel Processing Engine, which helps to eliminate artifacts caused by scaling, compression and video devices.

Of course, each P-Series TV is also a Smart TV, with built-in 802.11ac dual-band MIMO wireless and VIZIO's new VIZIO Internet Apps Plus platform. Besides the typical streaming music and video, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus has a new split-screen feature and the ability to push content to the TV from mobile devices through apps supporting second-screen interactivity. Intially, YouTube and Netflix will offer that second-screen experience, when used in conjunction with iOS and Android devices on the same network. For instance, users can search for content on a smartphone and click to play those findings on the big screen, as well as control the TV from a mobile device.

VIZIO's P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV collection includes the 50-inch P502ui-B1 ($999.99), the 55-inch P552ui-B2 ($1,399.99), the 60-inch P602ui-B3 ($1,799.99), the 65-inch P652ui-B2 ($2,199.99), and the 70-inch P702ui-B3 ($2,599.99). Each one also comes with the new Wi-Fi Direct Universal Smart Remote, which doesn't need line of sight to control the TV.

"As more content becomes available, we took a step back and designed our Ultra HD platform with the features and performance to last as the space expands," said Matt McRae, VIZIO's chief technology officer. "VIZIO's new P-Series collection contains a carefully developed assortment of new VIZIO innovations that dramatically improve picture quality and Smart TV features, culminating in a beautifully simple Ultra HD option for discerning viewers."

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