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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Have TVs Reached the Tipping Point? New HDTV Designs May Be More Prone to Deadly Tip-Overs

HD Guru cites Samsung's F9000 series as a possible hazard, due to a less sturdy style of pedestal.

Here at Big Picture Big Sound, we're used to seeing a lot of wall-mounted HDTVs. However, there are plenty of people who prefer to put that TV on top of a shelf or cabinet. There's nothing wrong with that option, but you need to make sure that TV is placed safely. Of course, we're not just talking about putting it out of the reach of greasy fingertrips. Placing a TV on top of a shelf or cabinet may create the potential for "tip-over" injuries.

While most people think tip-over injuries went out with the CRT, they still happen -- a lot. Just recently, an 8-year-old boy was killed in the Boston area when a large television and cart fell on him. We're not exactly sure what kind of TV was involved in that sad situation, but apparently, this type of incident isn't limited to older models.

According to our friends at HD Guru, newer TVs are adopting what the website refers to as a "form over function" pedestal design. So while it does look pretty, it may not be all that sturdy. Writer Gary Merson specifically calls out Samsung's F8000 and F9000 from 2013, which has "a boomerang-style design" that the site found to be less stable than the company's previous releases. According to HD Guru's findings:

"If the outer edge of the pedestal exceeded the width of the TV stand (the furniture that you place the TV on), the set would easily tip over. In fact, three professional TV reviewers that we know of ended up accidentally tipping their review units."

Fortunately, Samsung corrected the issue this year. However, Merson says that newer sets from Sony and LG are plagued with similar problems. A total of 12 Sony sets will dump the previous center pedestal design in favor of "feet extending out front and back located at or near the screen's edge." LG's entire 2014 line is being released with something similar.

However, Merson says that stand manufacturers should share some of the blame. Apparently, the specs aren't up to snuff, causing a lot of confusion amongst retailers and consumers.

While we share HD Guru's hope for revisions and increased dealer/installer awareness, know that there is something that YOU can do. If you're planning to put your new TV on a shelf or stand (or currently have that type of setup), check out some of HD Guru's safety tips.

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