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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Liztic Partners with HDTracks for High-Res Audio Across Different Platforms

Digital music is easy and plentiful. Unfortunately, it just doesn't pack a big punch when it comes to sound quality. Two companies are working on that -- and they're doing it together.

Liztic LLC just announced a new partnership with HDTracks. The two are joining forces, in an effort to bring high-resolution audio to every music lover out there.

That's going to be possible via Liztic's cross-platform music technology. This service basically manages and synchronizes all of your music, across several libraries and operating systems. So you can have your music on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices, all at a moment's notice.

Besides being able to play all of that music on any device, the Liztic app allows users to play uncompressed and high-resolution music files up to 192kHz / 24bit (FLAC/AIFF/WAV) through external digital-analog-converters (DAC). This is where HDTracks comes in. They are the suppliers of all of those high-res downloads.

Also worth nothing: Once you download those tracks, you can have them on the go as well. Liztic can tap into music from cloud-based storage, including whatever you've got stashed in Google Drive or Dropbox.

The free basic Liztic version will get you up to 250 songs on three devices. However, there are also three upgrade options: Pro, Premium and Studio. Each version offers increased synchronization capacity for more devices for a one-time fee ranging from $2.99 to $24.99.

"I was really impressed when I saw that Liztic could play back high-resolution audio through a smartphone connected to a digital-analog-converter," says David Chesky, CEO of HDTracks.

Another perk of the partnership? Both Liztic and HDTracks will offer discounts to each other's customers. Those benefits are available immediately. Check each service's website for more details on those discounts.

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