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Monday, May 26, 2014

Kaleidescape Now Allows Access to All of Your Ultraviolet Movies

The Kaleidescape Store allows users to download movies from an UltraViolet library to a Kaleidescape server in SD or HD.

A lot of people are starting to ditch the disc in favor of digital copies of all of their favorite movies. Now it's looking like you can ditch the disc, even if you have one of Kaleidescape's movie servers.

Kaleidescape typically relies on discs, as well as its own download store. However, the company just announced plans to link the Kaleidescape Store with users' UltraViolet accounts. That way, you'll be able to access an UltraViolet version of a movie, without having to have the physical disc inside the server. That also means that you'll be able to enjoy even more movies in your home theater, via Kaleidescape.

Kaleidescape also plans to host different offers for those UltraViolet users. One of those options will allow uers to download previously purchased movies from other UltraViolet retailers, such as VUDU, Flixster or Target Ticket -- at no additional cost. This means that if you own a Kaleidescape server, you can finally consolidate your movie library and access everything from one device, one menu and one comfy seat.

Kaleidescape allows users to download UltraViolet movies to any Kaleidescape system in DVD or Blu-ray quality for free. The company also has a deal where users can convert DVDs to DVD-quality digital versions with a separate UltraViolet copy for $1.99 per title. Users can also convert Blu-rays to Blu-ray-quality digital versions, which includes that UltraViolet copy, for $1.99 each. And finally, you can trade up those DVDs to Blu-ray-quality digital and an UltraViolet copy for $5.99 per title.

 Kaleidescape's Limited Edition Cinema One comes preloaded with 50 movie titles.

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