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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lucky Them Movie Review

Ellie Klug (Toni Colette) is a Seattle music critic who has been going through the motions for quite some time. She made her bones years earlier when she helped launch the music career of local musical icon, Matthew Smith, who was also her lover. When he committed suicide, her life slowly crumbled. It became random sex with random lovers and not much interest in her writing gig. She still worked, but mostly through the grace of her boss, Giles (Oliver Platt).

"Lucky Them" takes place ten years after the death of Matthew. Giles gives Ellie an assignment she doesn't want to take on, but it is not an offer, it's an ultimatum. Take the assignment or take a hike. There is a rumor that Matthew is actually alive and he wants her to follow up on it, even though she knows it to be untrue. Sales at the publication are flagging and Giles believes that it might make for a great piece. Ellie sets off on what she knows is a waste of time.

Charlie (Thomas Haden Church) is a bored millionaire who wants to be a documentary film maker. He is pretty clueless about it and equally clueless about most everything, but he convinces Ellie that he should accompany her on her trek to hunt down Matthew. Church is his usual off-center self, and it is his character that most often holds the audience's attention by adding a bit of humor to an otherwise serious film.

The search for Matthew is filled with odd situations and the feeling that it is all a tremendous waste of time, especially for Ellie. Yet, after a couple of twists,  the endearing relationship that develops between Charlie and Ellie is fun to watch.

Director Megan Griffiths holds it all together and despite it feeling contrived and unbelievable at points, I somehow was able to look past its shortcomings and enjoyed it a great deal. It is far from memorable but while you are there, you will feel lucky enough.

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