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Cashmere Cat - Princess Catgirl Music Album Reviews

The Norwegian producer invents a Vocaloid-inspired feline character and retreats from the spotlit pop of his last album, returning to the introspective hush of his earlier work.
After all these years, Cashmere Cat is still shy. The musician born Magnus August Høiberg has nearly a decade of prismatic productions under his belt, which has led to appearances on the big stages at EDM festivals, collaborations with childhood heroes, and studio time with the biggest pop stars in the world. On some level, Høiberg has had to adjust to the practicalities that this success requires. He once wouldn’t even do in-person interviews, but a few years ago he finally decided to open up about his life story in a music video. One would imagine he’s no longer hiding in a bathroom, as a friend of his once described, when DJ Khaled unexpectedly turns up at the studio.

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Land Ho! Movie Review

Buddy-comedies have been around forever. Every year, a bunch of them are released. "Land Ho" features Colin (Paul Eenhorn) and Mitch (Earl Lynn Nelson), as the two older buddies on a road trip to Iceland. The premise is promising. The execution is disappointing.

Lucy Movie Review

With 1990's "La Femme Nikita", writer/director Luc Besson re-invented the badass female revenge movie, as well as making it somewhat respectable for the French to make Hollywood-style action movies. Despite an aggressive ad campaign to suggest otherwise, Besson's new film, "Lucy" is not an upgraded "Nikita". It's much, much weirder. A 89-minute mishmash of everything from "The Matrix" to "The Tree of Life" to a PBS nature special, "Lucy" is a loony, existential fever dream.

Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Streaming Music Speaker Review

In Frank Oz's criminally underrated comedy What About Bob?, Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) reminds us:
There are two types of people in this world: those who like Neil Diamond and those who don't.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review

The "Planet of the Apes" franchise is not just rolling along. It is picking up steam. With "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", we arguably have the new champion of the entire franchise. This industry is based upon a French novel, originally published in 1963. In 1968, the first "Planet of the Apes film hit the screens and the American consciousness. Charlton Heston was featured in the first three films. Now, the apes are the stars and the humans have been reduced to supporting roles.

Bad Robot is Shooting Star Wars Episode VII in IMAX

Yesterday, Bad Robot confirmed the IMAX news on Twitter.
The wait for a new Star Wars has been a long one -- and we're not even close to the film's 2015 release date. However, it looks like your patience is going to be rewarded, with some very cool IMAX imagery.

Onkyo Unveils Dolby Atmos Home Theater in a Box System for $899

The HT-S7700 is Onkyo's 5.1.2-channel speaker package, which includes support for Dolby Atmos.

High Res Audio Fans Have a Whole Lotta Love for Led Zeppelin with Most Popular Downloads on HDTracks

Just last month, we mentioned that HDtracks had added reissued deluxe editions of the first three Led Zeppelin albums to its growing lineup of high-resolution audio options. Well, it looks like a lot of you still have a "whole lotta love" for this classic rock band.

Snowpiercer Movie Review

In a classic bit of sci-firony, it seems the human race, in an effort to stop global warming, has brought about a new ice age rendering every living thing on Earth extinct, except a train load of survivors hurtling continuously around the planet. If that sentence turns you off, you're not likely the intended audience for "Snowpiercer", Bong Joon-ho's ("Mother", "The Host") ambitious multi-national adaptation of the French graphic novel "Le Transperceneige". If, on the other hand, you hear that gonzo premise and think, "finally some sci-fi I can sink my teeth into!", then this is the movie for you.

Nymphomaniac Volume I and Volume II Blu-ray Review

The films of writer/director Lars von Trier are typically not the type of films you'd see in every local Cineplex. After all, not every theater is comfortable putting a title like Nymphomaniac up on its marquee.

Bad Words Blu-ray Review

Jason Bateman has been a fixture in Hollywood since the early '80s. With such a lengthy resume, it's amazing that it has taken him so long to slip into the director's chair. His first directorial effort, Bad Words, is a black comedy with a familiar tone and a lot of familiar faces.

MartinLogan Unveils Beefed Up Motion XT Speaker Series, Featuring Folded Motion Tweeters

MartinLogan's Motion 60XT has a 1.25-by-2.4-inch Folder Motion XT transducer with a 4.5-by-2.75-inch diaphragm.

Sonos Adds Support for SoundCloud Streaming

It looks like Sonos really has no plans to stop adding streaming services to its growing list of partners. The company just announced global support for SoundCloud.

Mushroom and cheese crostini

Preparation time: 5 minutes  Cooking time: 8 minutes 

HTC One mini 2 review: An attractively smaller and cheaper version of the flagship M8

It's now a tradition to launch a smaller and cheaper version of flagship smartphones and that's exactly what HTC has done with the One M8. So here's our full in-depth HTC One mini 2 review.

Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 review: The smart glasses which will cost you £1000

Google has a good claim to the world's first fully-functioning wearable computer with Glass. Google Glass was made available to selected developers last year as part of a Google Glass Explorer Program. Google has recently released Glass 2.0  and opened up sales to the UK. Google is charging a heady £1,000 for Glass in the UK, a price which would make even the most ardent tech fanatic think twice.

Leapfrog LeapBand review – hands on with the fun kids activity tracker

The Leapfrog LeapBand is a wristband activity tracker and watch for kids that aims to get them fitter and healthier while having a load of fun at the same time. It’s like the gym meets the circus.

Dell XPS 15 review: thin and light Ultrabook with amazing Quad HD display takes on (and beats) the MacBook Pro

It might not have the eye-catching convertible design of its stablemate, the flipping-screen Dell XPS 12, but the 3200 x 1800 display of the latest version of the Dell XPS 15 ensures that it provides plenty of visual appeal of its own. With a weight of just 2.01 kg, it's also one of the lightest 15-inch laptops currently available.

Mini microwave appetizer pizzas

Preparation time: 10 minutes  Cooking time: 45–50 seconds 

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs Galaxy S4 mini comparison review: New smartphone adds waterproof design, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor

It's now a habit for smartphone makers to launch a mini version of flagship devices and Samsung has announced a Galaxy S5 mini smartphone which is smaller and cheaper than the flagship Galaxy S5. But how does it compare to its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 mini? Read our Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs Galaxy S4 mini comparison review to find out what the difference is.

Martian Notifier review: The smartwatch which doesn't look like one

If you're looking for a smartwach but don't want a huge screen sitting on your wrist then the Martian Notifier might be the one for you. Read our Marian Notifier review to find out why.

OnePlus One review: bargain flagship Android is best deal smartphone of 2014

The One from OnePlus is a high-end smartphone at a mid-range price. It's an Android smartphone running an OS based on 4.4.2 KitKat, with high-quality specifications, but in the UK it retails for form just £229. That's around a third of the price of the most expensive smartphones with which it shares key specifications. The catch? Well there really isn't much of one.

Lexmark CS410dn review: colour laser printer is a sturdy page churner that can slip to high quality colour for the odd big splash

We see plenty of colour printers retailing for under £100, and a good many costing some £400 or £500. However, we haven't seen many recent models hitting the £250-£300 bracket. That, conveniently, is where this rather fine colour laser machine the CS410dn from Lexmark snuggly nestles.

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S5 mini comparison review: Price, specs and more

Following tradition, Samsung has announced a Galaxy S5 mini smartphone which is smaller and cheaper than the flagship Galaxy S5. Read our Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S5 mini comparison review to find out what the difference is.

GMC announces some updates to the 2015 Sierra 1500 Denali

DETROIT – Magnetic ride control is an all-new, exclusive feature on the 2015 GMC Sierra Denali, advancing its position as the most refined and technologically advanced truck on the market. It’s the first time the advanced, electronically controlled damping system has been offered on a full-size truck.

Slingshot vs Snapchat comparison: Facebook takes on Snapchat with a new ephemeral messaging app

Facebook has launched a new messaging app for iOS and Android that aims to take on Snapchat, after the social networking giant's failed attempt at buying the company last year.

Krazy pasta kabobs

Preparation time: 15 minutes  Cooking time: 6–8 minutes 

Ford reveals all-new second generation 2015 Edge crossover

Ford held a press revealing recently for the all-new second generation Edge crossover, which is due for launch as a 2015 model very shortly. Built on the same CD4 global architecture underpinning the current Fusion and Lincoln MKZ, the Edge is the first Ford model to come standard with an EcoBoost motor.

Spotify vs Google Music comparison review: What's the best music streaming service?

So you're a big music lover but all these streaming services are confusing. Here we take Spotify and Google Music and compare the differences between them including quality, what's on offer, features and apps.

Google Glass banned in UK cinemas

Gadget enthusiasts in the UK were elated after the launch of the much awaited Google Glass last week. However, a few cinemas in the country have banned the device with the fear that it might illegally record movies. The Cinema Exhibitors Association which is responsible for about 90% of the cinemas in the UK said that it will request customers not to use the device in auditoriums.

Ford prepares its presence at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed w/ video

Ford is also making sure that they have something to wow the crowd at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. And recently, the brand released a teaser for the 2015 updated Ford Focus ST, which will debut at the festival.

Microsoft to launch new smartband

Recent reports have claimed that Software giant Microsoft is preparing to launch a new smartband. The device will reportedly be cross platform compatible, which means that it will be compatible with Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Fiat announces product updates for 2015 500 Abarth, comes with opt. auto

Fiat announced some minor product changes for its 2015 500 Abarth, which receives the option of a six-speed automatic for the 1.4L MultiAir Turbo four-banger good for 157hp and 183 lb-ft of torque. Before, only a six-speed manual was available.

SCiO will now help analyze a product’s contents

Israeli investor Dror Sharon has spearheaded the creation of a new device that will change the way consumers shop. The device is a scanner machine which compiles a massive collection of data and in turn, allows users to analyze the physical matter which exists around them.

Hot bean and corn salsa

Preparation time: 30 minutes  Chilling time: At least 1 hour 

Ferrari reveals one-off F12 TRS at annual Cavalcade gathering in Europe

Ferrari revealed a unique one-off version of the F12 Berlinetta called the F12 TRS, which was revealed after being teased not too long ago.

Upcoming iPhone 6 likely to have 128 GB of storage

Speculations about the next generation iPhone features are creating a major buzz amongst technology circles. Though nothing can be confirmed without a official statement form Apple, gadget enthusiasts are happy playing the guessing game and reveling in the hype.

Facts and Figures: BMW blows $1B into Mexico car plant

BMWs have been oozing out of non-German locations for years (South Africa, the US, and Brazil, for example), the latest incarnation of this new found manufacturing turf does not come as a shock. VW and Audi have found success with this country in the past as has GM and, well, quite a few other automakers. Here are the vital details of today’s exchange:

BMW announces new special edition M4 for Goodwood later this week

BMW officially announced to be bringing a special edition M4 Coupe to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year in the UK.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War review

"Adventure game set during World War 1 and styled like a French animation" is the kind of description one might expect from an experimental indie game, but not so much from Assassin's Creed and Far Cry publisher Ubisoft. Here's Valiant Hearts though, the prettiest thing you ever did see.
It's very easy to expect it to be a subdued, tragic affair, covering as it does one of humanity's bloodiest conflicts. However, the beautiful 2D, comic-like graphics are the only way in which Valiant Hearts is genuinely unusual. At its heart it's a fairly routine point-and-click puzzle game, with a propensity for the wacky and outlandish rather than dwelling too much on the reality and darkness of war.

WD My Passport Pro 4TB review: price per capacity makes this the cheapest Thunderbolt drive in its class

WD has been making various portable drives aimed at Mac users for many years now, but the My Passport Pro is the first to feature Thunderbolt. See all storage device reviews.

Acura prices 2015 TLX starting at $30,995

The 2015 Acura TLX performance luxury sedan will arrive at Acura dealers nationwide beginning this August with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) starting at $30,995* for the 2.4-liter TLX. To celebrate the upcoming arrival of the all-new model, Acura will launch the TLX Acura Advantage1 program starting July 7, which offers prospective TLX customers the opportunity to reserve an all-new TLX at special introductory prices, along with special lease and APR financing rates and a $500 allowance toward the purchase of Acura Genuine Accessories.

Hot and spicy nuts

Preparation time: 15–20 minutes

Ferrari readying a new entry-level model with 500hp

Automobile Magazine reports that Ferrari is readying a new entry-level model that will sit at the bottom of the lineup, if that really means much. According to the report, the new model is destined to revive the original 456 nameplate, but it wouldn’t exactly fit Ferrari’s current nomenclature.

Solar Powered benches to charge mobile phones in Boston

Parks in Boston will soon have solar powered benches which will be called the ‘Soofa’ . Starting this week, the new high tech benches will provide solar powered charging stations. The new bench technology has been developed by the MIT Media Lab along with the Rose Kennedy Greenway and the Mayor’s office of New Urban Mechanics. The incoming units will be subsidized by Cisco Systems.

Acronis True Image 2014 Premium review: still the best file- and system backup software

Probably the best known of all the system and file backup software tools, Acronis True Image 2014 Premium is now also called Acronis PC Backup & Recovery. For consistency, though, we'll use the more recognisable name. It seems odd to sideline a brand name you've worked hard to establish, but look at Snickers. See also best backup software.

New Volvo S80 due within two or three years

AutoCar reports that a new Volvo S80 is due within the next two to three years following the debut of the XC90 later this year.

Check out Fiat’s new TV ad campaign…no it’s not from 4chan

Fiat is embarking on an entirely new TV ad campaign for its latest 500 models and after watching them, they may appear to have been lifted from the depths of the Internet, like 4chan or Reddit.

Granola bars

Preparation time: 15 minutes  Baking time: 20 minutes

Asus Memo Pad 7 (ME176CX) review: A competitive new entry into the budget tablet market

Asus has launched a new generation of Android tablet, taking another stab at the 7in market with the new Memo Pad 7, which joins the Memo Pad 8 and new 10in Transformer Pad in the latest Asus tablet line-up. At just £120, this budget 7in tablet takes on the likes of the Tesco Hudl, and challenges the £199 Nexus 7. Here's our full review of the Asus Memo Pad 7.

Watch a Jaguar XJ220 light its rear tires for a flaming burnout

The problem with supercars is that majority of the time, they’re just weekend toys that happen to be driven by the extremely frivolous lot. As a result, they end up being a bunch of garage queens that barely get to be driven the way they’re supposed to.




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