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Sunday, July 27, 2014

MartinLogan Unveils Beefed Up Motion XT Speaker Series, Featuring Folded Motion Tweeters

MartinLogan's Motion 60XT has a 1.25-by-2.4-inch Folder Motion XT transducer with a 4.5-by-2.75-inch diaphragm.

MartinLogan is going to the extreme to put the company's Folded Motion tweeters into a new lineup of speakers -- well, sort of. The manufacturer just announced three new additions to the Motion Series: the Motion 60XT floor-standing speaker, the Motion 50XT center channel, and the Motion 35XT bookshelf speaker.

The company calls this new lineup "extreme" -- hence, the XT. By extreme, MartinLogan means that each one should play louder, lower, and with complete accuracy. Each speaker does all of that by using larger cabinets and bigger woofers, both of which are paired with MartinLogan's Folded Motion XT driver.

These new Folder Motion XT tweeters boast a radiating surface that's 40 percent larger than anything inside any of MartinLogan's other Motion speakers. Also worth mentioning is that Motion 60XT packs a dedicated mid-woofer into its lengthy (48-by-11.4-by-14.4 inches), slick enclosure.

Besides a sharp finish, each Motion XT speaker has subtle angled-top cabinets with soft radius corners and the perforated grilles that show it's a MartinLogan. Other features include high-excursion, black aluminum cone woofers with low-turbulence, rear-firing bass ports, as well as five-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts.

With these new additions, the Motion Series now comprises a total of seven speakers. That lineup includes the Motion 20, Motion 40 and Motion 60XT floor-standing speakers, the Motion 15 and Motion 35XT bookshelf speakers, and the Motion 30 and Motion 50XT center channels.

 The Motion 50XT has a frequency response of 50–25,000Hz (±3dB) and a sensitivity rating of 94dB.

MartinLogan has listed the Motion 60XT with a starting price of $2,999.95 per pair, with the Motion 50XT listed at $899.95 each, and the Motion 35XT selling for $1,199.95 per pair. Those prices are for the glossy piano black finish, with a black cherrywood option also available. MartinLogan plans to start shipping each of the new Motion XT models by the end of this month.

 Sold in pairs, the Motion 60XT has a frequency response of 50–25,000Hz (±3dB) and a sensitivity rating of 92dB.

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