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2020 Subaru Outback Review

Outstanding capabilityGenerous 11.6-inch touchscreenSpacious interior29 mpg combined with base engineComfortable rideDISLIKES
Styling isn’t a huge leapBase engine isn’t overwhelmingSmall-item storage lackingBUYING TIP
The Outback Premium offers the best value with creature comforts and outstanding ability off-road.





The Best Powerline Adapters For 2018

What are Powerline adaptors? Powerline is a simple-to-install digital home technology that can provide faster speeds than Wi-Fi for connecting devices to your network, regardless of whether or not they're in the same room as your router.

The Best Mid-Range Phones For 2018

The Best Mid-Range Phones For 2018 What's the best mid-range phone you can buy? Not everyone can afford a flagship phone like the Galaxy S9 or iPhone X, but the good news is that plenty of cheaper devices offer an excellent experience. Some are half the price or even less so don't panic if you're on a bit of budget. We review and rank all the best mid-range phones you can buy.

Best Chinese Laptops 2018: Cheap Laptop & 2-in-1 Tablet Reviews

Best Chinese Laptops 2018: Cheap Laptop & 2-in-1 Tablet Reviews With a £500 budget you can get a perfectly decent Windows laptop if your needs aren't great, but what if you want to go even cheaper still?

The Best Laptop Chargers With USB-C PD

The Best Laptop Chargers With USB-C PD If your USB-C laptop won't charge it's likely because you're trying to use a USB charger incapable of delivering the required amount of power. A standard USB charger, such as that for your phone or tablet, won't do the job; instead you need a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) charger, which can deliver up to 100W.

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review Infinite Cast
"Avengers: Infinity War" - Marvel's $300 million company picnic - brings all the characters we have become acquainted with over the last 10 years and 18 movies together for one epic battle. This, not unlike most Marvel properties, is nothing but fan service done well - for the most part.

The Concessionaires Must Die! Movie Review

The Concessionaires Must Die! Movie Review Snack to the Future
"The Concessionaires Must Die!" is a loving homage to the world of film from writers John Keating and Sam McCoy. Our protagonists are part of the staff of the Monarch, an old-school movie theater. It's a fitting backdrop for this style of movie, as the Monarch specializes in showing classic films of the staff's choosing. Our hero is Scott Frakes (David Blue), a comic book and film aficionado who at age 30 is still working at the Monarch as a concessionaire, where he started as a teenager. His world is thrown into chaos by a new multiplex theater opening across the street, threatening to close down the Monarch.

Disobedience Movie Review

Disobedience Movie Review The Power of the Rachels Carries 'Disobedience' There are moments throughout "Disobedience" that you might be tempted to look at your watch or sigh heavily with impatience. Clocking in just under two hours, the movie takes its time, risking the chance of wearing you down with its languid pacing. Don't let it. Stay with it and let the film reward you.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Review: Hands-on

Samsung Galaxy A8 Review: Hands-on There aren’t many interesting new smartphones at CES 2018 but Samsung has got a pocket rocket in the form of the Galaxy A8. We’ve taken a look at what can be described as a better late than never Galaxy S8 mini.

Moto E5 Review: Hands-on

Moto E5 Review: Hands-on Motorola's new Moto G6 range might be affordable phones, but the firm has also unveiled new budget Moto E5 devices that are even cheaper. Starting at just £119, here's our initial thoughts on the Moto E5 after some hands-on time at the Sao Paulo launch event.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Review

Xiaomi Redmi 4A Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED
$115.74 We're late to the game on this Redmi 4A review. Xiaomi has already announced and is currently selling its successor, the Redmi 5A, and yet we've decided to go ahead with it anyway. Why? Because the Xiaomi 4A is STILL one of the most popular budget phones around.

Chuwi SurBook Mini Review

Chuwi SurBook Mini ReviewPRICE WHEN REVIEWED
$281.99 A smaller version of the Chuwi SurBook, the SurBook Mini has a smaller, lower-resolution screen but is otherwise very much like its bigger brother. Available from just £200, it's an affordable option if you need a budget Windows tablet.

Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $79.99We've reviewed several of Misfit's activity trackers over the past few years, and have found them to be a very worthy Fitbit rival. The Misfit Ray is our favourite yet, with a stylish design, solid feature set and a really reasonable price tag to boot. Read on for our Misfit Ray review.

Nintendo Labo Review

Nintendo Labo Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $69.99Nintendo Labo is not a game in the traditional sense. There are games in it, but it’s also a construction kit, an excuse for self-expression, an education tool, and a sandbox for engineering, designing, plus building entirely new creations. All that from a bit of cardboard and a tiny cartridge. Here's our Nintendo Labo review.

Misfit Shine 2 Review

Misfit Shine 2 Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $99.95The Misfit Shine 2 is an activity tracker that follows on from Misfit's original Shine, adding sleep tracking and haptic feedback for notifications and calls into the mix.

Avast Premier 2018 Review

Avast Premier 2018 Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $79.99 per yearAvast Premier 2018 is certainly user friendly, but we found that the additional cost for extra features and the ads on the mobile version prevented this from being a five star product. Here, find out more about Avast Premier 2018 and how it compares with the best antivirus for PC.

Chuwi Hi13 Review

Chuwi Hi13 Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $369.99 from Amazon, $374.30 from GearBest EU warehouseAt a first glance the Chuwi Hi13 looks to be a tremendous deal for not a lot of money. It's a 13.5in large-screen Windows 10 tablet with a high resolution and some useful ports and connections, including the ability to attach a magnetically docking keyboard and pair it with an active stylus. But is it too good to be true?


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