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2020 Subaru Outback Review

Outstanding capabilityGenerous 11.6-inch touchscreenSpacious interior29 mpg combined with base engineComfortable rideDISLIKES
Styling isn’t a huge leapBase engine isn’t overwhelmingSmall-item storage lackingBUYING TIP
The Outback Premium offers the best value with creature comforts and outstanding ability off-road.





2018 Cadillac XT5 Review

2018 Cadillac XT5 Review
The 2018 Cadillac XT5 is a solid luxury crossover, but so are its rivals. Shop carefully.
The 2018 Cadillac XT5 is a five-seat, entry-level luxury crossover entering its sophomore year. It’s Cadillac’s entry into one of the most competitive segments of the new-car market, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to stand out.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Release Date, Cast, Trailers, & News

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Release Date, Cast, Trailers, & News When Marvel rebooted Spider-Man a couple of years ago, some fans were quick to complain that there had simply been too many Spider-Man films in recent years, and that it was time to give the franchise a break. To those fans we say: tough luck, because this year we're getting not just one but two new Spider-Men, and they're both in the same film.
Yup, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will feature two (at least!) heroes donning the Spidey suit, and neither of them will be played by Tom Holland, who's played the character in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Avengers: Infinity War. That's because this new film is an entirely animated release, set in its own universe (well, spider-verse, we suppose).

2018 BMW 6-Series Review

2018 BMW 6-Series Review
One of the ultimate grand-tourers, the BMW 6-Series stands ready to eat up miles, buyers' budgets, and premium unleaded.
The 2018 BMW 6-Series is the German automaker's luxury cruiser; it's more at home whittling away miles on an open stretch of freeway than on a race track and it's available as either a seductive two-door convertible with a power-folding fabric roof, a shapely four-door called the Gran Coupe, and a wagon-esque Gran Turismo that's a bit of an outlier in the range—but more on that soon. 

Apple Watch 4 Release Date, UK Price, New Features & Spec Rumours

Apple Watch 4 Release Date, UK Price, New Features & Spec Rumours According to Apple, the Watch has been a huge success however you measure it. Millions sold, impossibly high customer satisfaction. So there's no reason to think it isn't already well into the design phase for the next generation.
KGI Securites analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple will focus on design for the first time since the original Apple Watch was announced, and that we could see a 15 percent larger display and a more "trendy" form factor. Kuo also says it will incorporate new health-tracking sensors, and benefit from a boost to battery life.

Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! Music Album Reviews

Parquet Courts - Wide Awake! Music Album Reviews On their fourth album, Parquet Courts enlist Danger Mouse to produce an album of joyfully absurd, danceable rock music. It is straightforward but alien, simple but endlessly referential.

Wand - Perfume EP Music Album Reviews

Wand - Perfume EP Music Album Reviews Cory Hanson and his SoCal cohorts continue their transformation from manic garage rockers to shape-shifting innovators on an EP as eclectic as White Light/White Heat.
Last year, Wand pulled off a magic trick. For their fourth album, Plum, founder Cory Hanson disappeared the manic band responsible for three raucous LPs in two years—a creative clip familiar to some of their SoCal garage-rock associates—and summoned in its place apparitions of several different bands. Adding two permanent members, guitarist Robbie Cody and Sofia Arreguin, on keyboards and vocals, provided them with new sonic bulk and flexibility. But Plum was more remarkable for demonstrating that Wand could shape-shift in a snap of their fingers.

MC Paul Barman - (((echo chamber))) Music Album Reviews

MC Paul Barman - (((echo chamber))) Music Album Reviews
On his first album in nearly a decade, the absurdist rapper uses his enormous vocabulary to riff on race, class, and becoming a parent—but he still hasn’t outgrown fart jokes.

2018 BMW 4-Series Review

2018 BMW 4-Series Review The 2018 BMW 4-Series is an above-average coupe or convertible with sharp road manners and confident powertrains. The bad news? The 4-Series has personality like business casual.
Take the long way in the 2018 BMW 4-Series.
The coupe, convertible, or four-door “coupe” from the automaker is BMW’s best expression of a boulevardier for now.

Apple macOS 10.14 Release Date & Feature Rumours

Apple macOS 10.14 Release Date & Feature Rumours Apple’s release schedule tends to work on an annual cycle so it doesn’t take much of a leap to predict that it will talk to developers about the next version of macOS at WWDC in June this year, with the software becoming available later on as a free update for owners of compatible Macs.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Review

2018 Toyota RAV4 Review The 2018 Toyota RAV4 has a lot going for it, including a hybrid model, but you’d be wise to cross-shop its rivals as well.
The 2018 Toyota RAV4 is one of the world's most popular cars thanks to its popularity. It's at home around town, on dusty trails, or in driveways—many, many, many driveways.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Price & Specification Rumours

iPhone SE 2 Release Date, Price & Specification Rumours This is our first proper look at the upcoming iPhone SE 2, a render leaked by phone case- and screen protector maker Olixar, which is becoming quite a well-known source for leaks.
We've been waiting for a proper update to the iPhone SE for what feels like forever, and with Apple's iPhones increasingly getting larger and more expensive it's an upgrade consumers have been crying out for. It's now the only 4in iPhone you can buy direct from Apple, and prices start at just £349/US$349.

Surgeon - Luminosity Device Music Album Reviews

Surgeon - Luminosity Device Music Album Reviews
Inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Birmingham techno producer puts a fresh spin on his pummeling club tracks; the album is equally suited for dancefloor abandon and spiritual searching.

Sarah Louise - Deeper Woods Feel Music Album Reviews

Sarah Louise - Deeper Woods Feel Music Album Reviews
On her third solo album, North Carolina guitarist Sarah Louise Henson steps beyond her vivid acoustic work and into a realm of glowing studio experimentation and layered vocals.

Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel Music Album Reviews

Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel Music Album Reviews Courtney Barnett’s second album is smaller, more introverted than her debut. It’s tentative but with a purpose, songs about what it means to not have—or need—the right words for everything.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story Movie Review Trying "Solo"
There's no familiar crawl of text following the sparkling Lucasfilm logo and it's missing the heraldic crash that swings into the now-iconic orchestral theme, but you can be sure that the new film "Solo" rests squarely in the "Star Wars" universe - and not just because the rest of the film's title - "A Star Wars Story" - tells you that. Nope; for better (spectacular action sequences, fantastically imagined creatures, goofy optimism, and a performance that beautifully channels work from the original canon) or for worse (some retreading of already too-familiar franchise ground, a tendency to get talky about plot points, and at least one would-be perilous scene that's ripped right out of the script for "Return of the Jedi"), this is clearly a "Star Wars" film.

2018 BMW X6 Review

2018 BMW X6 Review The 2018 BMW X6 delivers eye-catching style and good driving dynamics, but is it still an SUV?
The 2018 BMW X6 four-door SUV is evolution, baby. It's a tall-riding crossover with a sleek roofline and the wild-child compared to the X5 from which it is based.

Nvidia Shield TV Software Update Release Date, Features And Tips

Nvidia Shield TV Software Update Release Date, Features And Tips Since the launch of the first-generation Nvidia Shield TV back in 2016, the media streamer has gone from strength to strength. This is thanks to frequent software updates from Nvidia, adding new features and tweaking the UI to provide the ideal user experience and a great all-around media streamer. The latest update is Shield Experience 7.0, and it’s set to be a doozy.

2018 BMW 3-Series Review

2018 BMW 3-Series Review
The 2018 BMW 3-Series makes its strongest case in performance for luxury compact buyers’ attentions.
These days BMW leaves no stone unturned, yet the 2018 BMW 3-Series is still its rock. The automaker seemingly makes a model for every imaginable mood, and the 3er’s starting to feel tired to us.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Specs And Features

Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Specs And Features The Snapdragon series of processors have been the go-to choice for Android smartphones for several years, and Qualcomm is set to continue this trend with the 710. The processor will be manufactured using Samsung’s second generation 10nm process technology and will be designed with AI functionality in mind, featuring a multi-core AI Engine and neural network processing capabilities.

Ryley Walker - Deafman Glance Music Album Reviews

Ryley Walker - Deafman Glance Music Album Reviews
After several albums of traditional, jazzy folk-rock, the Chicago-based singer-songwriter finds a more instinctive voice.

Moomin - Yesterday’s Tomorrows Music Album Reviews

Moomin - Yesterday’s Tomorrows Music Album Reviews On his third album, Berlin producer Sebastian Genz switches up his dreamy house sound with forays into drum ‘n’ bass and boom-bap hip-hop but can’t shake his nostalgia addiction.
There are musical styles that stretch wide and loose, like a sagging tarpaulin, and there are those that fit as tight as a surgeon’s glove. The former aesthetics—minimal techno, say, or dream pop—allow for all kinds of variations. In the latter (dub techno, straight-edge hardcore), the tropes become so specific that to alter them even slightly would be to fundamentally undo the identity of the style in question.

Jennifer Castle - Angels of Death Music Album Reviews

Jennifer Castle - Angels of Death Music Album Reviews The Toronto singer’s album is a country and gospel-infused meditation on death and mourning that flickers between the broadly universal and the devastatingly personal.
Death is resilient, clingy as ivy. When the funeral ends and everyone goes home, it remains, like an unwanted house guest. Death’s branches have long framed the Toronto musician Jennifer Castle’s work. This time, she says, “I wanted to try to put it in my center vision.” But death’s rude presence belies the album’s charming and often breezy qualities. Themes of loss, confusion, and frustration meet burning country and gospel-inspired anthems and sparse, piano-driven ballads. Throughout, she effortlessly conveys the conflicting emotions that accompany loss. Angels of Death exhumes death’s many forms with tenderness, narrating the often inarticulate core of grief—from pain and emptiness to the memories and hovering apparitions.

2018 BMW X5 Review

2018 BMW X5 Review The 2018 BMW X5 remains a thoughtful crossover SUV for families, although enthusiasts may be left wanting unless the right options are selected.
The 2018 BMW X5 is a luxury mid-size crossover that started the craze. It's handsomely equipped and reasonably capable with that all-important roundel planted in its snout.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected Review

Neato Botvac D7 Connected Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $799 Robot vacuum cleaners are getting better. Once a gimmick, they are now big business and are actually getting good enough to replace your normal vacuum cleaner.

iOS 12 Release Date & Feature Rumours

iOS 12 Release Date & Feature Rumours Things haven't exactly gone smoothly for Apple with iOS 11. It has issued several updates since September in order to fix bugs with TouchID, FaceID, unresponsive touchscreens and also to address performance issues.
Then, in January 2018 the Spectre and Meltdown flaws were revealed to the public and Apple issued another iOS update which patched the vulnerabilities in its mobile chips.

2018 BMW 5-Series Review

2018 BMW 5-Series Review The 2018 BMW 5-Series expands the sedan's already-excellent lineup to include an efficient plug-in hybrid and an uber-quick V-8.
The 2018 BMW 5-Series is more than a mid-size luxury sedan.
Aside from the hardware that powers the car, helps drive the car, and is the car, the new 5-Series is more about what you don’t see.

Best Music Streaming Services 2018

Best Music Streaming Services 2018 PRICE WHEN REVIEWED Free (with ads), £9.99 per month (without ads)While digital music downloads are on the decline, music streaming services are soaring in popularity, not least because Apple and Amazon now both have them. Streaming services let you pay a small fee each month, or even get the music for free if you can put up with advertising (Spotify & Deezer), and get access to huge music libraries to listen to whenever and wherever you fancy.

The Best Moto Phones Of 2018

The Best Moto Phones Of 2018 Moto has made a great comeback in recent years to produce some of the best phones on the market. Its strength is its diversity – you can buy a £100 or £800 Moto phone depending on your needs and tastes.

Jim O’Rourke - Steamroom 40 Music Album Reviews

Jim O’Rourke - Steamroom 40 Music Album Reviews The 40th installment of the prolific producer and composer’s Steamroom series is a highlight, one long, meditative piece of synth overtones, slowly rising arpeggios, and pure drift.
Most of Jim O’Rourke’s music is not made for you or me. Some of it is: the Wilco and Sonic Youth records he’s played on or produced were certainly meant to have an audience. His collaborative output—scores of releases, many improvised, alongside players like Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino, Fennesz—is part of a greater conversation encompassing both players and listeners. And his “rock” albums for Drag City, a loose series stretching from 1997’s Bad Timing through 2015’s Simple Songs: No matter what the Chicago native, long a resident of Japan, may say, those are surely meant for ears beyond his own. They’re too meticulous—and too joyous—not to be. But then there are the Steamroom releases, and those truly are a private, paging-through-his-journals affair. Not becau…

Lil Baby - Harder Than Ever Music Album Reviews

Lil Baby - Harder Than Ever Music Album Reviews Lil Baby’s official debut is technically impressive: polished, efficient, but also kind of nondescript.
One of Lil Baby’s things is that he wears normal clothes, I guess. “Real dope boy I ain’t nothing like the weirdos/Never seen me putting on no weird clothes,” the Atlanta rapper states upfront on his debut Harder Than Ever, though by most accounts he owes his career to some of those same weirdos. Baby came up watching Young Thug and Migos in the studio, and it was Thug’s eager cosign along with the backing of Migos’ label Quality Control that put him on the national radar last year, mere months after he picked up a microphone—an incredible stroke of fortune for someone who’d spent the previous two years “sitting in prison getting no mail,” as he puts it here.

Nav - Reckless Music Album Reviews

Nav - Reckless Music Album Reviews The Toronto rapper’s debut is a long shot at cementing his legacy that is plagued by indecision and self-doubt.
In 2016, Nav was a SoundCloud star—a producer/songwriter/performer triple threat who made moody, self-doubting anthems with lines perfectly suited for Instagram captions. He had a petty and unforgiving personality that you would expect from a then 26-year-old rapper who felt he was yet to get his due. But success came fast and soon that pettiness began to look a lot more like insecurity. He was scared of criticism and obsessed with securing the cool rapper image. It’s what makes his debut album Reckless anything but. Instead, it’s a project where the Toronto-bred rapper’s ability to make trend-capturing hits is constantly clouded by a fear of being rejected by the rap community.

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9

OnePlus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S9 PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $529 (6GB/64GB); $579 (8GB/64GB); $629 (8GB/128GB)OnePlus is now selling its latest handset, the OnePlus 6, which continues the company’s trend of high-quality components and reasonable prices. So, does the new addition have what it takes to tempt Android users away from the current king of the hill? We compare the OnePlus 6 with the all conquering Samsung Galaxy S9.

OnePlus 6 vs Google Pixel 2

OnePlus 6 vs Google Pixel 2 PRICE WHEN REVIEWED Google Pixel 2: $649OnePlus 6: $529 (6GB/64GB); $579 (8GB/64GB); $629 (8GB/128GB)The smartphone season of 2018 continues in earnest with the release of the OnePlus 6, which is providing some extremely impressive specs for a comparatively low entry price. This phone looks like it could be the undisputed king of the mid-range options.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $249.99 If you’re serious about running, a decent GPS tracking watch is almost as important as your running shoes. Garmin makes a lot of running watches, and the Forerunner 235 is one of the best available.

Acer Chromebook 15 review: hands-on

Acer Chromebook 15 Review: Hands-on PRICE WHEN REVIEWED From US$349 Although there's been plenty of talk of new Chromebooks recently, few have reached shelves - in the UK at least - which has meant your choice has been somewhat limited to older models.

Deerhunter - Double Dream of Spring Music Album Reviews

Deerhunter - Double Dream of Spring Music Album Reviews This limited, tour-only cassette feels spontaneous yet brimming with ideas. It sounds somewhere between ghostly demos and a lo-fi avant-garde ambient composition.
If you didn’t realize Deerhunter have a new release out, that’s kind of the point. A proper follow-up to 2015’s vibrant Fading Frontier is still in the works, but Double Dream of Spring is available on cassette, and that’s it. No vinyl. No streaming services. Not, by the looks of it, even a digital leak. The mostly instrumental, 40-minute tape was supposed to be on sale throughout the band’s current tour, but it sold out on the first night. The only way to hear the music was to wait in line and buy one of 300 copies at the inaugural Brooklyn show. The result, as anachronistic in content as in its format, arrives right on time.

BTS - Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ Music Album Reviews

BTS - Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ Music Album Reviews The latest album from the masters of the K-pop formula is a slick, loosely thematic album about love and loss, with a stronger emphasis on rapping than ever before.
K-pop has long been poised for a breakthrough in the U.S., and the stars have aligned for the Korean boy band BTS. It doesn’t hurt that it is easier now than ever to be a K-pop fan on this side of the world, with the genre being tailor-made for our current algorithm-fed content chain. BTS has seized the opportunity, building a ravenous fanbase, not just at home and stateside but in South America and Europe as well. Bangtan Boys (their full name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, translates to “bulletproof boy scouts” in English), are designed for this moment, highly curated, aesthetically optimized for Western consumption.

KYLE - Light of Mine Music Album Reviews

KYLE - Light of Mine Music Album Reviews The carefree California rapper’s debut is an exceedingly joyous and self-aware slice of pop rap.
Seventeen months have passed since KYLE launched his exuberant single “iSpy” into orbit. A bouncy portrayal of online flirting, it rocketed to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, earning the Ventura rapper his first and, so far, only smash hit. It cemented his place in the happy-rap ranks—a world inhabited by Aminé, Chance the Rapper, and DRAM where songs are made of cartoon nostalgia and cheerfulness is a commodity. But with his debut album Light of Mine, KYLE peels back another corner of his rose-colored veil to expose the obstacles to his joy.

HTC U12 Plus Review: Hands-on

HTC U12 Plus Review: Hands-on PRICE WHEN REVIEWED £699 HTC is having a funny old time of it since Google nicked a load of its employees. Having made the Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Pixel 2 (but not the LG made 2 XL), you’d be forgiven for thinking there wouldn’t be another HTC flagship.

Instax Square SQ6 Review

Instax Square SQ6 Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $129.95Instax boasts that the SQ6 is its ‘first square format analogue instant camera’, which might confused anyone who remembers the Instax SQ10 - but since that was technically a digital-analogue hybrid, we’ll let Instax sneak through on a technicality.

BenQ TK800 Projector Review

BenQ TK800 Projector Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $1,499.99 Projectors have lagged behind somewhat from an output resolution perspective. Where LCD TV technology has left everything lower than 1080p far behind, projectors have struggled to keep pace with the 4K revolution.

Total AV Antivirus Pro 2018 Review

Total AV Antivirus Pro 2018 Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $39.95Total AV Pro 2018 is an antivirus suite that offers most of the features you'd expect, plus some welcome extras. There are some features missing, though. Read our Total AV Pro 2018 review to find out what we think of Total AV Pro 2018 and how it compares with rivals.

Wax Idols - Happy Ending Music Album Reviews

Wax Idols - Happy Ending Music Album Reviews
Wax Idols complete their transformation from sardonic post-punks to theatrical goth-rock storytellers on an album that dares to take pleasure in confronting death.

Buck Meek - Buck Meek Music Album Reviews

Buck Meek - Buck Meek Music Album Reviews The debut solo album from the Big Thief guitarist has a quiet and mischevious spirit, with a focus put on his nimble playing and Texas twang.

Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love Music Album Reviews

Bruce Springsteen - Tunnel of Love Music Album Reviews The seven albums after Bruce Springsteen’s commercial peak tell a story of lost faith and self-doubt. It’s a darker, messier portrait that still includes one of his essential records.

Avengers 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailers, & News

Avengers 4 Release Date, Cast, Trailers, & News Avengers: Infinity War shook up the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a pretty major way, and fans are waiting with bated breath to find out just how Avengers 4 is going to carry the story forward.

Acer Predator Helios 500 Review: Hands-on

Acer Predator Helios 500 Review: Hands-on
PRICE WHEN REVIEWED From $1999Acer has launched some mad gaming laptops over the past couple of years, but for 2018 it appears to have kept its head and produced some more sensible machines that gamers can a) afford and b) can actually buy.

Bluboo S8 Plus Review

Bluboo S8 Plus Review PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $179.99 The S8 Plus is a name that should sound rather familiar, because it's also used by Samsung for its 2017 flagship Galaxy S8 Plus. And in many ways you could argue the Bluboo looks a bit like it, with its 18:9 display and glass front and rear. That's about where the similarities stop, because this S8 Plus is significantly cheaper - but is it still a good deal?

OnePlus 6 Review

OnePlus 6 Review
PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $529 (6GB/64GB); $579 (8GB/64GB); $629 (8GB/128GB)Just four years into the industry, and OnePlus is already on its eighth phone if you include the X. The OnePlus 6 arrives a point where notches are all the rage and the flagship market is competitive as ever. It might not have everything a phone can have, but the OnePlus 6 is an amazing deal as you'll see in our in-depth OnePlus 6 review.


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