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Gmail Begins Rolling Out Dark Mode For Users

The much awaited dark theme option for Gmail is now rolling out for Android as well as iOS users. The new appearance will change the default white background in Gmail to black. The Google blog post has said that the new feature will start rolling out immediately. The blog post has mentioned that it might also take 15 days or longer for some of the users to see the future.

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How to use OK Google

Google Assistant offers a way of interacting with Google using only your voice. It is activated using the "OK Google" command, or by long-pressing the home button.
Google Assistant is built into Pixel phones and many other recent devices, and can be installed on any device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

2019 INFINITI QX50 Review

The 2019 Infiniti QX50 is a beautiful package of technological innovations—in places visible and not visible.
The most advanced gasoline engine on the planet may get lost in the 2019 Infiniti QX50.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Review

The Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming is a mid-price gaming laptop. It doesn’t offer the most powerful graphics processors around, but does have enough grunt to work as your main PC and play almost any game at 1080p with the visuals set to ‘medium’ or ‘high’.
It covers all bases, with remarkably good battery life a highlight that alternatives just don’t get close to. There’s one potentially fatal flaw: most versions of the Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming have a poor quality screen.

B&W P5 Wireless Headphones Review

B&W knows a thing or two about making top-quality speakers. The respected British company has already made a successful foray into the world of consumer tech with its headphones and AirPlay speakers (see our B&W A5 review). It has even launched a Bluetooth wireless speaker: the T7.
But it has held back from launching any wireless headphones until it was sure its discerning – and loyal – customers would be happy not just with sound quality but also reliability. Clearly the firm thinks it has cracked this heady mix though, as the P5 Wireless is B&W’s first pair of Bluetooth headphones. See also: Best headphones you can buy right now

Future - BEASTMODE 2 Music Album Reviews

The newly vulnerable Future and the hyper-expressive Zaytoven offer up a sequel that doesn’t just reprise the original’s magic but improves on it.

Bjørn Torske - Byen Music Album Reviews

After abandoning leftfield disco for a more eclectic brand of weirdness a decade ago, the producer revisits the space disco sounds that made him one of Norway’s original house innovators.

Haron - Wandelaar Music Album Reviews

The debut release on Dutch label Queeste is everything you could wish for in an ambient soundtrack to humid midsummer nights, its melodies as graceful as a swallow’s arc.

Alienware 15 R3 Review

From $1225Gaming laptop brands don’t get much bigger than Alienware. If you want a computer from a name like this, you know you’re going to have to pay for it.

2019 Kia Sportage Review

The handsome, capable 2019 Kia Sportage does many things well; gas mileage isn’t one of them.
The 2019 Kia Sportage may lack some of the spunky visual appeal of the related Kia Soul hatchback, but it’s just as well. It sells and performs well based on its crossover-SUV credentials, not on an on-point shape.

Koogeek S1 Smart Scale Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $64.99The growth of smart technology has seen an awful lot of devices given unnecessary internet-enabled features, but smart scales are one of the few device types where it really makes sense, taking all the work out of recording and visualising your weight changes.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature Review

$899Anniversaries are worth celebrating, and for its 50th, Bowers & Wilkins has launched a special pair of headphones. In many ways, the audio maven has gone all out on these luxury over-ear headphones aimed at the connoisseur. Without further ado, here's our Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature review.

Yung Bans - Vol. 5 Music Album Reviews

On his latest project, the Atlanta rapper struggles to break the mold while searching for vulnerability with middling results.
As the rap vanguard bleeds into its rock and new-wave era, the rockstar persona has become the go-to mode. One glance at Yung Bans’ David Bowie-inspired artwork for Vol. 5 and there’s no doubt Atlanta rapper is digging for gold in the same vein. The experimentation is encouraging, but it’s hard to tell which artists use these reference points as conduits for genre-bending as opposed to some ornamental aesthetic. Bans seems to be stuck in the middle.

Meek Mill - Legends of the Summer EP Music Album Reviews

The Philadelphia rapper’s first project out of prison is a quick and powerful Meek sampler: the bustling street anthem, the croon-assisted sex jam, the tortured flashback.

Container - LP Music Album Reviews

Ren Schofield continues to straddle noise and techno on his fourth album, pushing his ramshackle rave music to its breaking point.

Asus ZenBook 13 UX331U Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $999Smaller is clearly better this year, as seemingly every computer manufacturer under the sun used CES 2018 as an excuse to unveil a new ultrabook. Dell revamped the XPS 13, Acer slimmed down the Swift 7 even more, and Asus revealed the new ZenBook 13.

2019 Subaru Legacy Review

The 2019 Subaru Legacy is no thrill machine, but this under-the-radar mid-size sedan is hard to beat for its comfort, safety, and value.
It’s hard to be an underdog in an unappreciated market. Just ask the 2019 Subaru Legacy, the mid-size sedan that does almost everything right yet barely registers a spot on most shoppers’ lists.

Bissell CrossWave Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $249.99If you're in the market for a new vacuum, which you must be otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, then you do well to consider the Bissell CrossWave, a multi-surface cleaner that allows you to simultaneously vacuum and wash any hard floor or carpet. Switching from one mode to the other is as easy as pushing a button.

Optoma UHD300X Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED £1,199Optoma isn’t a brand name that most people will be familiar. But with many of the established names moving out of the home projector market, it has been quick to establish a reputation for delivering high-quality products at budget sensitive prices.

Alan Braufman - Valley of Search Music Album Reviews

A 1974 recording from a largely forgotten downtown artist loft space captures some fierce players putting their talents toward a questing, incandescent strain of jazz.

T. Hardy Morris - Dude, the Obscure Music Album Reviews

The former Dead Confederate frontman surveys his tangled personal history and uncertain future on a Southern glam rock album that is the highlight of a frustrating career.

Tanukichan - Sundays Music Album Reviews

San Francisco musician Hannah Van Loon marries the dreamlike eeriness of the weekend’s final hours with the heaviness of shoegaze on a debut album co-written and produced by Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bear.

Bowers & Wilkins PX Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $399Bowers & Wilkins has established itself as a top player in the headphone market over the last few years, but the firm hasn't branched into noise cancelling… until now. Here's our Bowers & Wilkins PX review.

2019 Kia Soul Review

The 2019 Kia Soul splits its priorities three ways: sporty at the top end, safety in the middle, bargain-priced at the bottom end.
The 2019 Kia Soul cruises into the latest model year with all its charm intact, with its sole glaring fault still on the order sheet.

Sophos Home Premium Review

$50 per yearSophos Home Premium antivirus looks like very good value, but the devil's in the detail. Here, we share our Sophos Home Premium review and reveal how it compares to other antivirus suites we've reviewed.

Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 Review

From $2,899This Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501 proves you don’t have to put up with a 4.5kg gigantic beast of a machine if you want top-end gaming performance. It has a Max-Q GTX 1080 graphics card, among the most powerful available in a laptop, but is under 20mm thick.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Review

Laugh of the Titans
If you've spent time pondering such weighty questions as what heroes-in-training might do during their downtime, Cartoon Network's Teen Titans Go! has plenty of answers for you. So many, in fact, that the scrappy comedic series has spawned its own film: "Teen Titans Go! To the Movies." This bright, noisy, quick-witted animated entry joins the glut of superhero movies that have clogged multiplexes over the past few years - and promptly makes its bones by proceeding to poke fun at the genre's many now-risible tropes, often with hilarious results.

AGF - Dissidentova Music Album Reviews

The German experimental musician Antye Greie pays tribute to 16 Russian dissidents, putting cut-up vocals, electronic sound, and collective practice in the service of feminist revolution.
A great cloud of rough-hewn glossolalia is torn into glitches before drifting into an unsettled calm. “Fire my heart with song,” intones a woman’s voice, launching Dissidentova, the latest album from experimental electronic musician Antye Greie, “and hear one who like you to the fairer sex belongs.”

Kamasi Washington - The Choice Music Album Reviews

On a bonus album originally hidden inside gatefold copies of his opus Heaven and Earth, the saxophonist explores his mellower side without breaking any significantly new ground.

Rizzla - Adepta Music Album Reviews

Every second of Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Brian Friedberg’s debut album is a cacophony, with sounds that range from Bible-verse vocal samples to foghorns to the tinkling of shattered glass.

How To Use Google Assistant

The Google Assistant just keeps on getting more intelligent, and now it's available on even more devices. Here's how to use Google Assistant.
You might have previously used the now-retired Google Now feature on your Android phone or tablet, and found it to be a really handy source of information. But things have progressed with Google Assistant, which is now available on even more devices.

2019 Cadillac ATS-V Review

The 2019 Cadillac ATS-V waves goodbye this year, but not before one final two-door blast.
The  Cadillac ATS-V coupe has avoided the fate of its sedan kin, at least for now. It returns for a final 2019 model year.

Bose QC35 II Review

$329While the Bose QC35 headphones caused a lot of excitement upon release in 2016, there were a few complaints from consumers. Despite sounding and feeling incredible, the inability to adjust the noise cancellation left some high-end audio fans a little frustrated.

Acer Swift 7 (2018) Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED From $1,699 We first saw the new Swift 7 back in January at CES 2018. Now the world’s thinnest laptop has arrived in our lab, beating its own record with a few upgrades thrown in for good measure. Here's our Acer Swift 7 2018 review.

So Stressed - Pale Lemon Music Album Reviews

As recently as last year, So Stressed were a ferocious post-hardcore trio. Now, inspired by the contentment love brings, they make blithe, breezy, and unapologetically melodic pop music.

Westside Gunn - Supreme Blientele Music Album Reviews

The ascendent Buffalo rapper combines ’90s boom-bap and a love of wrestling for his latest, which features Anderson .Paak, Busta Rhymes, and more

Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Closer Apart Music Album Reviews

The mostly solid debut album from the South African producer Okzharp and vocalist Manthe Ribane foregoes their earlier sound for something slower and more ponderous.

Black Panther Movie Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED From $10Black Panther represents a couple of firsts. For one, it’s the first of three (!) Marvel Studios movies set to be released in 2018. But more than that, it’s the first superhero of any sort to boast an almost exclusively black cast, tell a story set predominantly in Africa, and tackle colonialism, slavery, and systematic racism along the way.

2019 Toyota Yaris Preview

The 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan now comes in three flavors, and that's a boon in our eyes.
The 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan takes pint-size four-doors in a new direction. A nip and tuck for the 2019 model year gives the subcompact sedan revised exterior styling, while the lineup now includes three trim levels capped by a range-topping XLE with leatherette upholstery and a few swanky features not typically seen in small cars.

Bush 49 inch 4K Smart TV with HDR Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED £359.994K TVs are quickly replacing Full HD models in manufacturers' ranges, and that's true even of budget models. And while traditional broadcasters have yet to start beaming 4K signals over the air, there's a wealth of 4K content available from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and other sources.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 15in Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED From $2,499It has taken a few years for Microsoft’s Surface line to establish itself in the computer hardware market, late as it was to get into the game. The first Surface device launched in 2012, two years after the iPad and many more after the MacBook.

Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love Music Album Reviews

The most extreme thing about Deafheaven’s remarkable fourth album is how subdued it sounds. It suggests devastation without placing you at the center of it.

Body/Head - The Switch Music Album Reviews

On their most purposeful record to date, Kim Gordon and Bill Nace conjure a complete sonic ecosystem where they control the weather.

DJ Seinfeld - DJ-Kicks Music Album Reviews

DJ Seinfeld’s entry to the long-running mix series is a competent mix of electro, breakbeats, and deep house for the fledgling selector.

Ant-Man and the Wasp Movie Review

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED VariesThe Marvel Cinematic Universe is showing no signs of slowing down. This year has already seen both Black Panther and the mammoth Avengers: Infinity War, and now here comes Ant-Man and the Wasp - a palate cleanser before next year’s ‘90s prequel Captain Marvel and the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4.

2019 Subaru Outback Review

The 2019 Subaru Outback makes a sensible crossover SUV alternative.
The 2019 Subaru Outback splits the difference between passenger car and crossover SUV and it does so exceptionally well. With the Outback, Subaru has created a vehicle that meets the needs of most drivers while neglecting few. Thought the 2019 Outback is begging to sprout some gray hairs, it still rates highly in our eyes—and additional standard safety gear added for the 2019 model year makes it an even more appealing pick.

Nuraphone Review

$399Kickstarter projects can often end up being vapourware, never seeing the light of day, but that's not the case with Nura. These innovative new headphones are now on sale and make some big claims about unique features. Here's our Nuraphone review.

Amazon Echo vs Echo 2 Comparison

PRICE WHEN REVIEWED $99.99The Amazon Echo range has expanded to a whopping five devices - six including the Echo Look that's only available in the US. That makes choosing one all the more difficult. You can get the Echo Dot for £49 / US$49 up to the Echo Show with a screen for £199 / US$199. It's hard to choose though so here we compare the two regular speakers to see which you should buy.

Chastity - Death Lust Music Album Reviews

The proudly suburban Ontario band’s first album uses styles as different as indie pop, shoegaze, and post-hardcore to dramatize frontman Brandon Williams’ journey from despair to rage to resilience.

Rosali - Trouble Anyway Music Album Reviews

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Rosali Middleman constructs verdant, contemplative rock songs whose soft exteriors conceal a steely core of cool observations about heartache and vulnerability.

Mika Vainio/Franck Vigroux - Ignis EP Music Album Reviews

On the second album to result from a two-year collaboration between late electronic pioneer Mika Vainio and French composer Franck Vigroux, the most striking moments are also the most elemental.




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