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Samsung To Introduce Foldable Smartphone In 2019

South Korean giant Samsung has come a long way fighting it out in the smartphone market. The company is ready to introduce its foldable smartphone and is currently working on it. The upcoming foldable smartphone will reportedly have a 7 inch display and can be bent in half so that it transforms in to the shape of a wallet.

Moreover, the outside of the smartphone will still have some display, which means that it will have two displays and the company will have to squeeze in a larger battery. The battery issue can be a little worrisome as earlier the Galaxy Note 7 has faced battery issues which included even explosions. The upcoming foldable phone by Samsung might cost $1,500 and would be the first to be marketed towards an odd group which are the gamers.

However, the foldable phone concept is not new for Samsung as they have been reporting about it since a year. In October 2017, the company had published the images of the patent that it filled and had showed the bendable design. Samsung has a number of times said that it is working on the device. Kim Tae-woong, the principal engineer, at Samsung’s Display, in April 2017 said that it was focusing on the bezel free displays first and will then move their focus towards bendable displays.

Samsung has so far introduced various phones with minimal bezels but are not completely bezel free. So it is possible that the team could refocus on something new. The south Korean giant had earlier said that it is likely to release a bend able phone in 2019. And since then other companies have introduced their respective bendable phones including ZTE. The Axon M by ZTE was released in the US through AT&T and it features two non flexible displays. The purpose was to allow the users to watch full screen movies or easily multitask.

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