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Cashmere Cat - Princess Catgirl Music Album Reviews

The Norwegian producer invents a Vocaloid-inspired feline character and retreats from the spotlit pop of his last album, returning to the introspective hush of his earlier work.
After all these years, Cashmere Cat is still shy. The musician born Magnus August Høiberg has nearly a decade of prismatic productions under his belt, which has led to appearances on the big stages at EDM festivals, collaborations with childhood heroes, and studio time with the biggest pop stars in the world. On some level, Høiberg has had to adjust to the practicalities that this success requires. He once wouldn’t even do in-person interviews, but a few years ago he finally decided to open up about his life story in a music video. One would imagine he’s no longer hiding in a bathroom, as a friend of his once described, when DJ Khaled unexpectedly turns up at the studio.

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Huawei Mate 20 Review

Featuring a stunning Dewdrop display, fast internals and a stunning camera setup, the Huawei Mate 20 the ideal choice - as long as you're not in the UK. Here's our review.
Should I buy the Huawei Mate 20?
Though it doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles of the Mate 20 Pro, the Huawei Mate 20 is an amazing smartphone in its own right. It boasts a stunning Dewdrop display, an impressive trio of cameras on the rear powered by AI to produce amazingly detailed, well-lit images and the world’s first 7nm chipset, the Kirin 980.In fact, the only real disappointment is that it isn’t officially available in the UK.

2019 Nissan Titan Review

The 2019 Nissan Titan is out of step with far more advanced rivals that don’t cost much more.The 2019 Nissan Titan is a full-size pickup truck that gets the basics right: it’s a hauler with plenty of power and a spacious cab.
What it doesn’t do is offer many compelling reasons for loyal truck buyers to jump ship after years behind the wheel of its chief rivals.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Review

Magnificently massive. Xiaomi has updated its gigantic Mi Max. Find out what’s new in our Mi Max 2 review.
In 2017 Xiaomi updated its giant 6.44in-screen Mi Max with a second version that offers even more battery capacity, more storage, more memory and an improved camera.
It has since been updated again, and the Mi Max 3 is bigger than ever with a 6.9in screen.

Fitbit Charge 3 Review

The Fitbit Charge 3 is an update to the company's most popular fitness tracker. Will a tweaked design, new features, and more strap options make it the best activity band around?
Should I buy the Fitbit Charge 3? In improving the interface, display, features and battery life for a price that's less than the Charge 2’s RRP, Fitbit has successfully redesigned its most popular product with the Charge 3.Given that it comes two years after the Charge 2 we think it’s a warranted upgrade for Charge 2 owners, particularly if you desire the longer battery life and full waterproofing. And for first-time buyers, you won’t find a better-featured activity tracker on the market at such a fair price.The Charge 3 should prove very popular come Christmas and especially for those New Year resolutions. It looks like a worthy upgrade to Fitbit's most popular-ever fitness tracker.

Intel, Volkswagen And Mobileye To Launch Self-Driving Taxi Service

The fleet of electric commercial self-driving taxis will arrive in 2019 as Volkswagen, Intel and Mobileye join forces to be first to market.
Self-driving cars have been on the cards for a few years now but there has been a lot of talk and not much sign of a real-world solution. This will change in 2019 when Intel, Volkswagen and Mobileye join forces to implement a fleet of self-driving taxis in Israel.

Various Artists - The Rick and Morty Soundtrack Music Album Reviews

The acerbic, self-deprecating magic of the show barely translates to its soundtrack. Taken on their own, most of the original music is decent comedy rap, which is to say, imminently disposable.
Let’s get this out of the way: “Rick & Morty” is about 20% too far up its own ass but it’s still very funny. And a big part of why its funny comes from its musical moments. The marquee Adult Swim cartoon, which aired its third season last year, has evolved from a Back to the Future parody about ball-licking into a gross, existential science fiction comedy that deftly integrates music into its episodes: a teenaged Rick using an acoustic guitar to express his literal decay, an alien’s schmaltzy ballad wondering why we can’t all just, like, get along, man, and an original school special rap about how the flu is bad. So “Rick & Morty” definitely has enough music to fill out the The Rick & Morty Soundtrack—but is it really worth listening to on its own?

Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 3 Music Album Reviews

At last out of prison, the Louisiana rapper returns with his hard-hitting verses and endearing croon—and lots of new stories to share.
As Luca Brasi 3 begins, Kevin Gates has even more to dish than usual. The new mixtape is the gabby Louisiana rapper’s first major project since he was released early this year from a longer-than-expected prison stint. He’d finished serving 180 days for kicking a fan in the face from the stage when authorities discovered an outstanding weapons warrant against him, costing him another nine months.

Logic - Young Sinatra IV Music Album Reviews

Over some dusty boom-bap, the undoubtedly talented Logic spends just way too much time trying to forcibly cement his place in hip-hop history.
In recent years, Logic has catapulted from an inspirational figure for misfits, into one of hip-hop’s most visible stars. He spends the final four minutes of “Thank You,” the long intro to his fourth studio album Young Sinatra IV, running through phone calls of young fans from damn near every continent thanking him for changing their lives. Logic reciprocates that same energy, showing his gratitude for all the fans who helped carry him to the finale of the Young Sinatra series—which he speaks about with the unearned reverence of Lil Wayne’s Carter series. He then brands Young Sinatra IV his serious album, determined to give the anthology the conclusion he seems to think it deserves: returning to the boom bap beats of his longtime in-house producer 6ix, getting back on his real rap shit, and forcibly trying to cement his place in hip-hop history.…

OnePlus 6T Confirmed: Release Date, Price & Specs

It's the latest OnePlus phone but as ever, it's also now the only one you can buy. Is it the best one yet? Here's all the info on the OnePlus 6T.
OnePlus has dropped the headphone jack from its latest phone, the OnePlus 6T. Despite championing the feature as recently as six months previous, the company has joined the rest of the industry in axing the jack.
This has meant the OnePlus 6T gains an in-screen fingerprint sensor that wouldn’t have been possible, while a larger battery is also squeezed into a phone that has a smaller notch than the OnePlus 6.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Review

Xiaomi has upgraded the biggest smartphone in its line-up, with the Mi Max 3 boasting a larger than ever 6.9in screen. Here's what we thought of Mi Max 3, the best budget big-screen phone around.
Should I buy the Xiaomi Mi Max 3? If you want a huge screen on a budget, without going the whole hog and purchasing a tablet, we can think of no better example than the Mi Max 3. Now with improved performance, a second camera lens at the rear and a huge 6.9 18:9 display, it's a worthy upgrade on the Mi Max 2 - and still just as affordable.

MIT's Social Experiment Controls A Human For Halloween

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will allow the internet to take control of a single person on Halloween this year as a social experiment
If you’re a veteran of the internet, you’ll be able to guess that allowing a random group of people from all over the world to control your actions is a spectacularly bad idea – but this is what MIT is planning for this Halloween as part of a social experiment.

2019 BMW 2-Series Review

The 2019 2-Series coupe or convertible is proof that the formula BMW helped create still works.You’re forgiven for thinking BMW builds only crossovers these days—those things are everywhere.
The 2019 2-Series is a reminder that BMW still has a winning formula locked away somewhere like the KFC recipe.
The small coupe or convertible has good power in any model and it serves as the platform for one of our favorite sport coupes, the M2, that we rate separately. The 2-Series gets a 6.0 on our overall scale, which is weighted toward the base 230i. The higher-power M240i might do better on our performance scale, but for the added cost, we’d almost go all-in on 2-Series with M bona fides.

New 26-30 Railcard To Go On Sale Before 2019

The 26-30 railcard was originally announced in the autumn 2017 budget and will finally arrive before the New Year.

The new “millennial” 26-30 railcard will go on sale before the end of the year. A trial in the spring saw the ticket website crash as tens of thousands of people attempted to grab one of the 20,000 available cards.

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Review: Hands-on

Samsung ditches Intel for its first always-connected Windows device powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850
Should I buy the Samsung Galaxy Book 2?
Samsung has seriously upgraded the Galaxy Book's aesthetic in this sequel, and the switch to Snapdragon should make it much more appealing to anyone who needs to be able to work on the go. The lightweight design makes it even better for travelling, even with the new metal construction.The only question mark is really performance. We haven't properly tested any Snapdragon 850 laptop yet, but the 835 series suffered under heavy load, and with only 4GB of RAM the Galaxy Book 2 is unlikely to prove a powerhouse.

PlayStation Classic Release Date, Price, Spec & Game Availability News

The PlayStation Classic will arrive this year, bringing with it 20 classic titles in one small box. Here's all you need to know about Sony's retro console.
Sony's PlayStation Classic is official, and looks to follow in the footsteps of Nintendo with the release of the SNES Classic and NES Classic. The market for retro consoles has proved to be incredibly popular in recent years, and while Sony's PS Now service offers the ability to play a range of PS2 and PS3 games, the PlayStation Classic is the only way to play PlayStation One games.

Kobo Forma Review

The Kobo Forma is an attractive premium eReader with a big screen and great water resistance. Here's our review
Should I buy the Kobo Forma?
Strong if understated design, a lovely big screen and chunky handle yet a slim, lightweight (and water-resistant) body: the Kobo Forma eReader is a pleasure to hold and use, and goes a long way towards justifying its high price tag.

Dean Blunt - Soul on Fire Music Album Reviews

This sloppy 15-minute freebie reaffirms that, no matter how many names he takes or projects he starts, the former half of Hype Williams is always half-interesting.
Right now, any number of artists are working toward a Unified Theory of Pop, a synthesis of styles that’s able to appeal to hip-hop heads and indie rock fans alike while scoring Hollywood scenes and rendering cutting-edge club hits. Kanye may have gotten the closest, but you can hear the same quest through the likes of Dev Hynes, King Krule, and Mica Levi and the way their omnivorous musical interests converge. If he were capable of a cohesive statement, Dean Blunt might belong to that group, too.

Kode9/Burial - FABRICLIVE 100 Music Album Reviews

As one of the last sets in the long-running DJ series, FABRICLIVE 100 seems almost willfully perverse, a pointed attempt to upset notions of what Burial is really about.
A few years ago, deep in a salt mine outside Krakow, a hooded figure stooped over a DJ mixer and played a set of rumbling, echo-soaked bass music that sure sounded like the work of Burial. The theme of the festival that year was “Surprise,” and many headliners remained unannounced until the moment they took the stage. But in this case, the reveal never came.

Jlin - Autobiography Music Album Reviews

In her soundtrack to the choreographer Wayne McGregor’s DNA-inspired dance work, the post-footwork producer moves from her serpentine IDM toward a new style informed by ambient minimalism.
Jlin’s Autobiography is a contradictory beast. It is, technically, the Gary, Indiana, producer’s third album, following 2015’s Dark Energy and 2017’s Black Origami, although the label and the artist herself are framing it as a collaborative work that sits outside of this timeline. Meanwhile, the title refers not to Jlin’s life but to that of Royal Ballet choreographer Wayne McGregor, who commissioned Autobiography to soundtrack his high-concept dance piece of the same name.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Huawei P20 Pro

When Huawei launched the P20 Pro earlier in 2018, we were bowled over by its amazing cameras, screen and design. While it remains a fantastic phone, is it still a good buy or should you go for the newer Mate 20 Pro? We compare these two Android flagships.
Should I buy the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Huawei P20 Pro?
It's £100 more expensive, but Huawei's Mate 20 Pro is a better phone than the P20 Pro in almost every way. It has a more powerful processor, better cameras (including ultra-wide angle), wireless charging and a 3D face unlock camera.

2019 Kia Niro Review

The 2019 Kia Niro is an efficiency-first hatchback with a secret: it’s also a good family car.The 2019 Kia Niro is efficiency without pretense. Kind of like an office stapler, but with a better stereo, perhaps.
As Kia’s dedicated electrified model, no version of the Niro is sold without a hybrid battery. (A Niro with a much bigger battery and no gasoline engine is due soon, we hear.)
We give the 2019 Niros that are on sale now a 6.0 on our overall scale. That’s before safety is figured in, so that score may rise later.

After Prime Minister Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa - Social Photos

Google Home Hub Review

Google finally has its own smart display, giving you another way of interacting with its handy Assistant. It's affordable and could be super helpful. Find our more in our full Home Hub review.
Should I buy the Google Home Hub? The Google Home Hub is an excellent example of smart display thanks to its affordable price tag, compact and elegant design and the ability to interact with the Google Assistant with visual elements.There are a number of small quibbles we have, though, and using the Hub can be quite frustrating at times. It's usefulness will also depend on things like what other smart home devices you have around the house.

Razer Phone 2 Review

The Razer Phone 2 is a classic videogame sequel: refining without reinventing while throwing in some pretty lights for good measure
Should I buy the Razer Phone 2? The Razer Phone 2 looks an awful lot like its predecessor, but an LED logo, wireless charging, and revamped camera setup show off a company willing to both learn from its mistakes and chase after proper flagship features. All that comes at a high price - quite literally, this thing is expensive - and there might not be enough here to justify the upgrade, but it’s encouraging to see Razer sticking to its guns.

Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road Music Album Reviews

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit the restless Southern spirit of Lucinda Williams’ fifth album.
When nothing but time can still the pain, a Lucinda Williams song will see you through. In her dry Louisiana drawl, she sings plaintively of abusive childhoods and bad marriages; of drunken bar brawls and suicidal poets; of her own heart that shatters and mends and shatters again, like a puzzle, down-and-out. A magnet for the kind of unrequited love that seems to stop the Earth from turning, Williams persists. Then she’s onto the next town.

Brocker Way - Wild Wild Country (Original Score) Music Album Reviews

The score for this surprise Netflix hit about a religious community in rural Oregon revels in emotional indecision, asking you to choose the truth for yourself.
Near-unanimous gushing for the recent Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country” offered insight into our social curiosity for bitterly territorial showdowns. In the six-part series, a controversial Rajneeshpuram community flees India to make a new home on a massive ranch in rural Oregon in the 1980s, creating a clash of cultures on multiple levels. The local outcry and federal scrutiny that followed prompted lingering questions about how a supposed land of the free has historically treated those with an unexpected interpretation of that freedom. An unhurried series, “Wild Wild Country” is more interested in obsessively circling around truth than the cold violence of going for the neck of it.

Lala Lala - The Lamb Suite Music Album Reviews

On her second album, Lillie West retains the charming simplicity of her songs, but she finds new depth as a songwriter as she explores the act of standing up to herself.
Lillie West has not been writing songs or playing guitar seriously for very long. The idea of doing so only dawned on her in 2014, while tagging along during a tour with brazen dance-pop outfit Supermagical. But her first record, 2016’s Sleepyhead, delivered on the simple promise of her band’s name, with melodies and rhymes easy enough to land on first listen. West’s songs tend to come in four-bar phrases, each in two distinct halves, a resolving “Lala” for every tension-building one. That formula remains for West’s first album for Hardly Art, The Lamb, but the scheme has been refashioned to uphold something new: a budding maturity.

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V Music Album Reviews

The long-delayed album captures Wayne how we want to remember him: openhearted, word-drunk, and exhilarated by the possibilities of his own voice.
We can only imagine what Tha Carter V might have sounded like in 2014 when Lil Wayne first announced it was finished. We’ll never know how many Trinidad James features that shelved draft of the album might have included, or what kind of play on “Blurred Lines” Wayne might have made, or which words he might have rhymed with Gotye. That album probably wouldn’t have been very good, and it almost certainly wouldn’t have been as rewarding or revealing as the belated final product that a humbled Wayne presented on his 36th birthday, after the four most trying years of his career.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Is Huawei’s latest phone your best Mate? It’s certainly more expensive, but we explain why you might well want to spend the extra on the Mate 20 Pro or even upgrade from the Mate 10 Pro if you have one.
Should I buy the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Huawei Mate 10 Pro?
The Mate 20 Pro is an outstanding phone, but you have to pay a premium for all its cutting-edge features. By contrast the Mate 10 Pro is now a veritable bargain at under £400.With vastly different prices, the decision is a bit easier: those on a tighter budget are better off going with the Mate 10 Pro. But if you can afford it, you won’t regret splashing out on the new model.

2019 Cadillac CTS Review

The 2019 Cadillac CTS reminds us just how good sports sedans can be. With each passing year, luxury sedans like the 2019 Cadillac CTS seem to fade further into the rearview mirror in favor of crossovers, trucks, and SUVs.
That’s a shame, as strong-performing sedan is on par with European competitors, whether in base, Luxury, or V-Sport trim.
We rate the Cadillac CTS at 6.5 out of 10 points, with the knowledge that a replacement CT5 sedan isn't too far off in the distance.

Border Movie Review

A Very Edgy Border
Guaranteed to make my top-ten of the year, "Border" is original, weird, beautifully executed and left me staring in near-disbelief for almost its entire 108 minutes. It's Sweden's official Oscar entry for Best Foreign Film and the only way it isn't one of the final nominees is if some voters find it too odd for their taste.
In the very first scene we see a person who appears to be a pretty unattractive woman standing by the shore looking out at a ship. She picks up a bug and places it on a piece of driftwood and watches it crawl.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Mate 20 vs Mate 20 Lite

Huawei has overtaken Apple to become the second biggest seller of smartphones in the world. With three new Mate 20 models, we explain how they differ so you're better placed to choose the right one for you.
Should I buy the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Huawei Mate 20 Lite?
With many of the larger flagship phones in 2018 costing around £1,000, Huawei’s Mate Pro 20 actually seems like good value at £899. The design is beautiful, those cameras look very promising indeed, and the fingerprint sensor embedded in the display is an impressive addition. When you add to that the premium components, expandable storage, and up to date software, it’s quite a compelling package that will give the Samsung S9+ and iPhone XS Max stiff competition.The uncertainty of the Mate 20’s availability in the UK is a shame, as it's a very solid device with easily the best notch design we’ve seen so far. Hopefully it might make an appearance in the coming months, otherwise you'll have to import one.The Mate 20…

Yeskamo 4-Channel Wireless CCTV Review

This wireless CCTV system is easy to set up and works well. It comes with four wireless cameras and a 12in colour monitor, and records onto a built-in hard drive so there are no subscription costs. Here's our Yeskamo review.
Should I buy the Yeskamo 4-channel wireless CCTV?
Thanks to the 12in screen, this kit includes everything you need to set up a four-camera CCTV system and record 24/7. The cameras are wireless, too, so only need mains power. There's no audio, but if you don't need it, this is a decent-value kit.

Mount Eerie - (after) Music Album Reviews

Captured during a festival set inside a 13th-century church in the Netherlands, this live album of songs about death allows listeners to revisit their private grief.
Death is real. That is the invocation of Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked at Me and the new (after), a live recording that captures songs from Crow and the subsequent Now Only, the exquisite LPs on which Phil Elverum documented his candid thoughts after the 2016 death of his wife, Geneviève Castrée. A crew member surreptitiously recorded Elverum’s set at the 2017 Le Guess Who? festival in the Netherlands, prompting Elverum to consider, in a new way, the mutual contemplation of solitary grief with people outside of the concert hall. A live album consisting entirely of songs about death, (after) in turn invites listeners to consider our own stories and how they might feel to a room full of strangers.

Viagra Boys - Street Worms Music Album Reviews

With theatrical élan, the Swedish rabble-rousers lampoon the masculine and the moneyed on songs that match parody with precision.
In the mid-1990s, wrestling went into storyline overdrive, welcoming a new cast of cheesy antiheroes, convoluted backstories, and gimmicks too silly for even a teenage drama club. Perhaps nobody did this better than Mick Foley, who wrestled as three distinct personae: Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind. When Cactus Jack made his WWE debut, Foley simply donned a new costume in order to provide a more imposing threat. That era of wrestling perfectly captured the difficulty of designing characters who play into machismo stereotypes while mocking them, too, a surprisingly sophisticated feat of writing and acting. Swedish six-piece Viagra Boys are the Mick Foley of the post-punk world: a tour de force of musical comedy disguised as society’s most accepted reprobates.

Mudhoney - Digital Garbage Music Album Reviews

The Seattle scuzz-punk pioneers deliver a grave diagnosis of a festering societal condition.
There are several readily available metrics that can help determine just how doomed our world truly is: increasing temperatures, rising ocean levels, species extinction rates, and so forth. But there is a less visible, arguably more accurate measure of gauging whether we’re flat out fucked: those moments when Mudhoney get political. While they’re never lacking in agitation and spite, the Seattle scuzz-punk pioneers tend to direct their ire at more, fish-in-a-barrel targets: posers, douchebags, themselves. But you know things in the world are really getting bad whenever Mudhoney remove tongue from cheek to deliver a grave diagnosis of a festering societal condition, be it the rise of evangelical extremism or neocon war pigs. And, in the never-ending shit show that is 2018, that latent impulse has been rudely re-awakened: Mudhoney’s latest album, Digital Garbage, feels less like a collection of s…

Mid90s Movie Review


"Mid90s" is the latest movie to take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, playing like a time capsule of a decade gone by, rather than a fully realized film. Written and directed by Jonah Hill in his directorial debut, "Mid90s" is a snapshot of one boy, who becomes transfixed by some neighborhood skateboarders, eager to assimilate himself into their culture.
Stevie (Sunny Suljic) lives with his single mother (Katherine Waterston) and volatile brother Ian (Lucas Hedges). The movie opens with Ian beating Stevie rather violently, suggesting more than sibling roughhousing occurs in their home on a regular basis. Stevie and Ian aren't close, understandably, but Stevie still looks at his brother with some sort of admiration (mostly for his shoe and CD collections).

Nokia 7.1 Review

With Android One, great build quality and a sensible price the Nokia 7.1 is a winner in a crowded market. Here's our full review
Should I buy the Nokia 7.1?
The Nokia 7.1 is a familiar mid-range phone for the end of 2018: a notch, big bottom chin and dual cameras. But these cameras are pretty good, and the display is lovely.Its build quality is above average though, and with Android One on board and decent performance it’s an excellent mid-range phone with the advantage of three years of guaranteed security updates.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Review

The practical 2019 VW Golf is a smart choice whether as a frugal hatchback or a zippy GTI.The 2019 Volkswagen Golf is what we would all drive if we were all rational people. We’re not, so we buy three-row SUVs to take to Kroger and convertibles for family cars.
We’re imperfect. So is the VW Golf, but not as much as we are.
On our scale, the 2019 Golf rates 6.6 out of 10. That figure is for the lineup as a whole, but there’s enough breadth and depth here that each version—frugal Golf hatchback, hot-rod Golf GTI, hotter-rod Golf R, spacious Golf SportWagen, rugged(ish) Golf Alltrack, and e-Golf electric car—has its own personality.

Anker Launches Pocket-Sized 27W USB-C PD Charger

Anker held its Anker On Board event on 25 October in Manhattan, where it launched four new products across its charging, smart home and audio brands, including a pocket-sized 27W USB-C PD charger.
Since launching in 2011, Shenzhen-based Anker has built a reputation for effective charging products. The PowerPort Atom PD is the latest addition to its range of power accessories.

Google Pixel Slate vs Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Google has released a new Chrome OS tablet, but is it good enough to take on Microsoft's Surface Pro 6? We compare the two.
Should I buy the Google Pixel Slate?
If you definitely want a lightweight, versatile 2-in-1 device for writing reports, creating presentations, consuming media, and general computer duties, then the Pixel Slate is perfectly capable of this. But once you start to factor in the additional cost of moving up from the base-unit, then adding the keyboard and stylus, the picture becomes murky. At around £900 or more, it doesn’t seem a sensible way to spend that much money. The Surface Pro 6 has a similar conundrum, in that once you factor in the keyboard and Pen, you’re up in the territory where price tags come with commas. At least with the Surface Pro 6 you’re getting a device that can run almost any software at all and be used as a half-decent gaming PC.In all honesty, we’d encourage potential buyers to take a look at the Pixelbook and Surface Laptop 2 before makin…

Western Digital's 15TB Hard Drive Is The biggest Ever Made

Western Digital has created a 15TB hard drive for those of us that just have to download all the things.
For all those moments a regular sized hard drive doesn't cut it, you're going to want to turn to Western Digital. The new 15TB Ultrastar DC HC620 HDD is the largest magnetic hard drive to ever be made.

Best Microsoft Surface: Every Surface Compared

Microsoft’s Surface line of computers is excellent but can be confusing if you’re looking to buy one. Here, we take you through the features of each to decide which is best for you to buy
Microsoft has upped its hardware game in the past few years. Today, there are five excellent Surface computers vying for your attention and for you to part with your hard-earned cash.

Maxwell - Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite Music Album Reviews

Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. Today, we revisit a true R&B classic from 1996, the spacious and grooving debut from Maxwell.
In the late summer of 1996, Harlem was a loopy place to live—a mix of everyday strivers, storefront church-folk, street preachers, and bugged-out crackheads, buttressed by sneaker shops, streetwear emporiums (like Dr. Jays), soul-food joints, and no-nonsense African hair-braiding centers. Strolling down Lenox Avenue on a Sunday afternoon, I’d tuned my Walkman radio to DJ Hal Jackson’s legendary Sunday Morning Classics broadcast on WBLS: a slow-burn funk groove with an extended intro, hula-hooping bass, creamy electric keys, and mellifluous vocalizing stopped me dead in my tracks. “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder),” the second single from Maxwell’s debut Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, sounded more like the feel-good black cookout R&B associated with ’70s acts lik…

Pinegrove - Skylight Music Album Reviews

Completed in 2017 and shelved for almost a year, Pinegrove’s third record is smaller, softer, and closer to the chest.
A year ago, it looked like Pinegrove’s next move would almost certainly cement their status as indie rock heroes. Formed in Montclair, New Jersey in 2010 by friends Evan Stephens Hall and drummer Zack Levine, Pinegrove spent the next six years honing their folky math rock in increasingly packed basements. With their 2016 record, Cardinal, they magnificently captured the everythingness of being alive. It was a small record that did big things, reaching wide swaths of listeners by embracing the sentimentality of emo, the catchiness of power-pop, and the twang of country, creating a universe that felt welcoming and sincere. When size of the crowd at Pinegrove’s early evening set at last year’s Pitchfork Music Festival dramatically eclipsed that of their emo forefathers, American Football, who occupied the same stage later that day, it was clear that a torch had been passe…

Joe Strummer - Joe Strummer 001 Music Album Reviews

This 32-track collection combines remastered rarities and unreleased oddities. More than a collectors’ compendium, though, it offers a welcome collage of a restless, empathic spirit.
Timing never was Joe Strummer’s strong suit. Not more than a year after the Clash cracked the stateside Top 10 in 1982, with “Rock the Casbah” peaking at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, Strummer fired his partner, Mick Jones. Instead of pulling the plug on the “The Only Band That Matters,” he kicked around for a few years, sticking with the Clash long enough to alienate even his hardcore fans with 1985’s incoherent Cut the Crap. Strummer released a solo album in 1989, when neither UK nor U.S. audiences were much interested in his earthy passion. When punk did have a commercial resurgence in the mid-1990s, his attempt to reunite the Clash fell apart. He couldn’t round up another proper gang until he formed the Mescaleros near decade’s end. Just as they began to hit their stride, Strummer died of a heart att…

Dobot Rigiet Review

The Dobot Rigiet is a three-axis gimbal that promises to make your phone and GoPro footage ultra stable. And it works. Here's our review.
Should I buy the Dobot Rigiet?
The Rigiet isn't the perfect gimbal, but if you can live with its flaws and you're not planning to attach it to a tripod then it does a great job and is pretty lightweight and compact (even in its case) compared to other gimbals.It's also a good choice if you want to shoot with both your phone and your action camera, but only if you can find it cheaper than DJI's Osmo Mobile 2. If not, the Mobile 2 remains the better gimbal.

2019 INFINITI Q50 Review

Handsome and athletic, the 2019 Infiniti Q50 is a sharp luxury sedan alternative to higher priced Germans. Fierce competition has left a bevy of good compact luxury car choices for shoppers like the 2019 Infiniti Q50.
While crossovers like the Infiniti QX50 get more attention, the Q50 remains a compelling value among sedans.
We give the Q50 a 6.2 on our overall scale thanks to its good looks and relatively strong value.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Demands Improved Pivacy Laws

Tim Cook has spoken out at a privacy conference in Brussels denouncing the current sate of data handling in the US.
Tim Cook has spoken out against data collection policies widely used in the US, speaking specifically about Google's ad-targeting system and Facebook's user profile building algorithms. Cook has emphasised that these practices threaten both privacy and democracy as a whole.

BlackBerry Key2 LE Review

The BlackBerry Key2 LE is a cheaper version of the Key2. It comes in three vibrant colours and costs a lot less. Tempted? Our full review finds out if the compromises are worth the cost saving.
Should I buy the BlackBerry Key2 LE?
The Key2 LE is, obviously perhaps, not as good as the regular Key2. It’s noticeably slower and feels less premium thanks to the lightweight polycarbonate used. The loss of the capacitive keyboard is also a big deal. We really like not having to touch the screen on the Key2 and scroll with the keys, and on the Key2 LE you can’t do it.But then again if you never had it, you might not care. This is the most affordable way to get the BlackBerry Android experience but you’ll lose out on performance and get a smaller keyboard.




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