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Frozen 2 Release Date, Cast, News & Rumours

Image: Disney 
Everything we know so far about Frozen 2, including when it's coming out, its cast and its plot rumours.

After the incredible popularity of the first Frozen movie, Disney has announced that it is working on a sequel that’s set to hit cinemas next year. Here we bring you everything we know so far about Frozen 2, including its release date, the cast and the latest news.

With the return of Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff, Frozen 2 is set to be among the biggest movies of 2019, but will it be able to break the records set by its predecessor? The first movie is the highest-grossing animated film of all time, and has won numerous awards.

When is Frozen 2 coming out?
The original Frozen movie came out in 2013, and two years later Disney announced that Frozen 2 was in development.
The announcement came during Walt Disney Company’s 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders on 12 March, with Chief Creative Officer John Lassester explaining: “At the Walt Disney Animation Studio, as with Pixar, when we do a sequel, it is because the filmmakers who created the original have created an idea that is so good it’s worthy of those characters.”

In April of 2017, Frozen 2 got a release date of 27 November 2019, so we still have a while to wait.

Frozen 2 latest rumours and news
Image: Disney 
Short films Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure followed the release of the full feature film. Frozen Fever is just seven minutes long but acts as a mini sequel to Frozen, introducing some very adorable tiny snowmen called Snowgies at Elsa’s birthday party.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is longer, at 21 minutes, and is also a sequel to Frozen, and this time the celebration is Christmas - the first one since the palace gates reopened in Arendelle. As Anna and Elsa spent very little time together as children, they realise they have no Christmas traditions, so Olaf and Sven set of in search of ideas.

Frozen Fever was a chance to develop Elsa’s personality, which co-director Chris Buck has teased will be explored much more in Frozen 2.

But while they were both sequels to Frozen, they reveal very little about Frozen 2’s storyline, but Disney is very aware that the pressure is on to make it amazing. Talking to The Sydney Morning Herald in April 2015, Buck said: “How do we live up to the phenomenon of the first one? There is a lot of pressure. And we’ll put that on ourselves too; we’ll be very demanding about how good this one has to be.”

“We have some ideas and we’re excited about where the story is going. I’m aware, with each movie I do, how it’s going to affect people, especially young people," he added. "They don’t just watch it once - they watch it over and over again. So whatever message it is, whatever the theme, I always feel it has to be positive and empowering.”

Similarly, in March 2016, the voice of Anna, Kristen Bell, said “The story is great, and they exude quality. It took them a while because they wanted to figure out what story they needed to tell and what would be important and engaging and I think they found it.”

She has also said that she was “thrilled” after reading it, and that it won’t be a typical sequel but rather a “story that needs to be told”.

It’s unlikely that the film will even be called Frozen 2, but as yet there has been no official name announcement.

As for the songs, we know that Robert Lopez and his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez are back writing new hits for the movie as they did with the first one, and it has been confirmed that Kristen Bell has recorded a song with them for Anna.

While concrete information is few and far between, there are plenty of rumours about the plot for Frozen 2 floating around the web. One is that it’ll be a love story for Olaf, but more likely is a second rumour that suggests Anna and Elsa may discover they aren’t biological sisters, with the story focusing on how that revelation affects their relationship.

Frozen 2 cast
We know that some of the cast from the original Frozen are returning for the sequel, but there’s little additional information so far. We’ll update this article with the latest announcements when they emerge.
  • Kristen Bell: Anna
  • Idina Menzel: Elsa
  • Josh Gad: Olaf
  • Jonathan Groff: Kristoff
  • Directors: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
  • Producer: Peter Del Vecho
  • Writers: Jennifer Lee and Allison Schroeder
  • Songwriters: Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez



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