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Amazon Last Minute Christmas Sale Save Big On Tech After Black Friday

It's not too late to pick up tech gifts from Amazon. It's Last Minute Christmas Deals sale has discounts across smart home, laptops, monitors, speakers and other gadgets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets have been right at the top of the market for a while now and we're going to compare the recent release of the Surface Pro 6 to its predecessor.

The specs for the Surface Pro 6 seem to indicate a large boost in performance over the 5, considering it’s the first time a quad-core processor has been seen inside a Surface Pro. This much of a performance boost for a 10% increase in price seems like a good trade up, and when you include the much longer promised battery life the Surface Pro 6 is starting to look like a winner.

  • $899
The Surface Pro 6 has arrived and is looking rather dashing in black.

The Surface Pro 6 is back and releases on 16 October, bringing new features and a matte black finish. We’re going to compare it to the Surface Pro 5 and see which is the better buy.

Microsoft’s flagship detachable has returned to us in the form of the Surface Pro 6. We’re going to stack it up against the previous generation and compared the features, so we can see what has really changed over the past year.

The Surface Pro 6 is slightly more expensive than its predecessor at £879($899) for the cheapest version, stretching up to £2149($1899).

Preorders for the Surface Pro 6 are available now with the full launch on 16 October.

The Surface Pro 5 is Microsoft’s previous generation and so is a little older, but still no less powerful at £799 ($799) for the basic version and £2699 ($2699) for the top tier.

Aside from the Surface Pro 6 being available in a matte black finish, which is a stark contrast to the traditional platinum we’re used to, there isn’t a whole lot of difference between the Surface Pro 5 and 6 in terms of design.

Both weigh roughly 1.7 pounds and occupy the same 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33-inch measurements. Sadly the bezels haven’t reduced in size but you can’t have everything.

The ports are also identical, which means no USB-C port which Microsoft seems to be doing its level best to avoid.
Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 5
£879 / $899
£799 / $799
8th Generation Core i5, i7
7th Generation Core m3, i5, i7
8 or 16GB
4, 8 or 16GB
12.3 (2736 x 1824)
12.3 (2736 x 1824)
Up to 1TB SSD
Up to 1TB SSD
Matte Black, Platinum
The upgrade in specs from 5 to 6 has resulted in a reported 67 percent boost in performance according to Intel as this is the first Surface Pro to house a quad-core processor.

The promised ‘all day battery life’ will list up to 13 hours which is an impressive jump over the previous version assuming it’s an accurate claim.


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