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100 Acres of Hell 2019 Sinhala Subtitles

Synopsis After suffering a career ending injury and family tragedy Wrestling Champ Buck Severs travels to an abandoned wildlife preserve with his friends for 'Bro's Weekend'. They become the targets of a deadly manhunt and Buck must find the warrior in himself to fight the psycho inbred mutant killer that stalks through the preserve.

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Need for Speed Payback Review

Need for Speed Payback is about fast cars, Hollywood heists and now, off-road racing. Here's our review of the latest installment in the NFS series.
Should I Buy Need For Speed Payback? The racing in Need for Speed Payback is fun. The open world is a decent size without being so huge it gets annoying. The visuals are great, even if the scenery itself is a little bit forgettable.
And there are the outright bad bits: the awful upgrade system and the time-limited police chases.
Ultimately, there's nothing outstanding or innovative enough here: it feels too much like the designers took a bunch of features from other racing games, threw them all into Payback and added a few Hollywood action sequences.

2019 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Review

The 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque still bristles with energetic looks and turbo-4 power, but more refinement and more back-seat room are overdue.
The Range Rover Evoque enters its eighth and final model year in its debut body, and it’s a look that stays on trend while other luxury crossover SUVs refuse to age well.
The Evoque story begins and ends with its pointed, wedge-tastic shape, and could end there, for all we care. It’s essentially Land Rover’s fastback sedan, low to the ground, all-wheel-drive enabled but that talent set on a back burner. It’s about the look, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Infinissima Review

Nescafe's Dolce Gusto Infinissima coffee machine looks great and is about the easiest way to get a cappuccino at home, but it comes with limitations
Should I Buy The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Infinissima?
If you are a coffee fan you will love the great selection of coffee you can get from the Dolce Gusto range. The Infinissima is really easy to set up and use. It’s not as cheap once you consider the cost of the coffee pods but if you find the Infinissima, or for that matter any of the units in the Dolce Gusto range, at a discount we do recommend it.

Fitbit Aria 2 Review

The Fitbit Aria 2 scales, measuring weight, body fat percentage and BMI, look great and sync wirelessly with your Fitbit Dashboard and mobile apps.
Should I Buy The Fitbit Aria 2? The Fitbit Aria 2 scales works seamlessly with Fitbit’s dashboard and mobile apps, plus all its activity trackers, such as the Aria, Charge 2 and Ionic. You could use it without the trackers but together they make a great fitness or weight-loss team.
Aria 2 shows less stats than the more expensive Nokia Body Cardio, but everything you need to know at weigh in. It measures weight, Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index, and syncs this data wirelessly and automatically to your Fitbit account. If weight loss is one of your fitness goals the Aria 2 is a great tool to combine with your Fitbit activity tracker. 

Ty Dolla $ign/Jeremih - MihTy Music Album Reviews

On their debut collaborative album, R&B’s most self-aware lotharios synthesize their respective approaches in quixotic pursuit of sexual healing.
Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign are unquestionably the natural successors to the figure of the of “R&B thug” that defined the R&B charts for most of the aughts. This seems self-evident and unproblematic—until you remember that the progenitor of the term is R. Kelly, whose legacy is now permanently marred by his misdeeds. But that now-instinctive aesthetic wince is exactly why the two artists’ careers have been so refreshing—they’ve proven to be experts at parsing the difference between charmingly rakish and disturbingly loutish that Kelly’s songcraft (and personal life) nearly always elided. Both artists often feel as if they’re singing about their loverman personas as much as they are inhabiting them. With Jeremih, the deconstruction is mostly musical, through the dubby, reflective negative space that the Late Nights mixtape and album …

Metallica - ...And Justice for All Music Album Reviews

Written after the death of bassist Cliff Burton, Metallica’s infamously abrasive masterpiece gets its 30th-anniversary treatment at a time when its sociopolitical rumblings are painfully relevant.
…And Justice for All is the biggest metal band’s best album. I see you, Master of Puppets people, but I’ve strapped on the blindfold of Lady Justice and let the scales tip where they may: Justice wins. The songwriting of singer James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich is their most complex and vicious, retaining the power of their early thrash while jettisoning its simplistic schoolyard chants and avoiding the less-compelling hard rock tendencies to come. Use, abuse, experience, and enough beer and Jägermeister to make Keith Moon drive a luxury car into a swimming pool had tempered Hetfield’s reedy yell into something fuller and more forceful, with none of his later cigar-chomping bluster. The lyrics are a ground-level portrait of bureaucratic order pushing down on people too powerless to fight…

Ian Sweet - Crush Crusher Music Album Reviews

After returning to solo status as a bandleader, Jilian Medford drops the spiky singing style that was her trademark, finding a softer delivery within the darkened corners of dream pop.
The premise of Crush Crusher, the second album by Ian Sweet, reads like the tagline for a Meg Ryan rom-com that will, as always, end well: “Jilian Medford is on her own… again.” After several years with a trio, the Ian Sweet founder went solo after her bandmates went misogynistic. This isn’t altogether unfamiliar territory for Medford, who began the band as a solo project while attending Berklee College of Music. Still, she sounds wary of how everything will turn out—her love life, her anxiety, her self-worth. Crush Crusher captures Ian Sweet during a growth spurt, and, in spite of some growing pains, Medford embraces the change, pushing herself as a singer, songwriter, and musician pursuing independence.

Tasha - Alone at Last Music Album Reviews

On her quietly confident debut, this soulful Chicago singer-songwriter offers portraits of intimacy and songs about the need for self-love.
Tasha makes wondrous, gentle soul that advocates for self-care. But the music of the Chicago singer-songwriter is radically different from Dove beauty campaigns or expensive Goop product guides, where ideas of empowerment are preached with no mention of the struggle it takes to get there or the fact that real self-care is more than a marketing ploy. Instead, on her incisive seven-song debut, Alone at Last, she reimagines the world as loving and safe while exploring the hurt and anguish inherent in navigating our society, especially as a queer black woman. She positions self-care as a remedy to oppression, not as a crass money-making tool.

Huawei Band 2 Pro Review

Should you invest in the affordable Huawei Band 2 Pro or opt for one of the more expensive brands? See our review of pricing, features and performance.
Should I Buy The Huawei Band 2 Pro?
After an extensive review of price, features, design and performance, the Huawei Band 2 Pro is definitely a recommended purchase for anyone looking to stay healthy.
It’s packed with loads of features such as GPS fitness tracking, heart and oxygen data, messaging and calls, a relaxation aid and sleep tracking - with data stored, outlined and explained on the Huawei app.

2019 Toyota RAV4 Review

With a dollop of refinement, the 2019 Toyota RAV4 would be a solid home run.
An overdue redesign gives the 2019 Toyota RAV4 mini-SUV looks, but peel back its angular styling cues and it remains a pavement-pounding crossover more adept at taming the Target parking lot than climbing to base camp.
With the 2019 RAV4, Toyota has a solidly competitive crossover SUV, albeit one that doesn’t outdo its competitors in some key areas such as interior space.

Forza Horizon 4 Review

Forza Horizon 4 heads to the UK for reckless racing, seasonal shifts, and an online open world. We jump in our (virtual) McLaren Senna and give it a test drive.
Should I Buy Forza Horizon 4?
Forza Horizon 4 is fantastic fun and it looks stunning. Some people will moan that it's just Forza Horizon 3 set in the UK but when you factor in the seasons, the visual improvements and the new team modes, it's plenty good enough to recommend.
If this is your first Forza Horizon, there's even more reason to buy this latest instalment and if you're from the UK, there's the obvious bonus of being able to hoon around familiar towns and cities, replete with painfully accurate signage and that wonderful sense of home.
Ultimately, Horizon 4’s virtual Britain looks miles better than the real thing ever has.

Roku Express (2017) Review

Roku has finally introduced Roku Express in the UK, a simple streaming device with a budget price tag that will appeal to beginners. Find out what we thought in our Roku Express review.
Should I Buy The Roku Express?
If you want to add streaming services to a dumb TV in the cheapest, most user-friendly way possible, Roku Express is a great and affordable option. It lacks some features of the Roku Streaming Stick+ but is a fraction of the price at just £29 (versus £79), and if you don't need 4K or HDR it's a no-brainer.

Mr Twin Sister - Salt Music Album Reviews

Inside songs that capture the body-moving pulse of nightlife and the post-club comedown, the Long Island quartet follow the danceable lead of their last album.
The genre fluidity and playfulness of Mr Twin Sister evoke nostalgia for the CD era of indie. Since the Long Island quartet emerged near the end of the last decade with the charmingly lo-fi indie rock of Vampires With Dreaming Kids, they have pursued a number of alternate avenues—squishy synth-pop, stiff funk, starry disco. You could imagine plucking their eclectic, softly strange 2011 LP, In Heaven, from the aisles of Tower circa 1996, the disc alphabetically and musically lodged between Cibo Matto and Stereolab. Their self-titled 2014 album pushed their dance-oriented tendencies, flipping the way “dream pop” had often been used to describe their hard-to-classify stuff.

Tory Lanez - LoVE me NOw Music Album Reviews

Tory Lanez sets the bar very, very high and he does not hit it. At all.
Tory Lanez tries so damn hard at everything he does—just take a look at his painful jump shot. His second studio album of the year, LoVE me NOw, is Tory attempting to cement his place in R&B’s upper echelon, but even before the first song is clicked, the album is drenched with head-scratching ideas: the tracklist is printed like a ransom note written with magazine letter cut outs (“IF iT Ain’T rIGHt”) and it features an album cover in the style of “The Brady Bunch” with a muppet version of Tory. There is absolutely no reason for any of this—unless Tory is secretly a Jim Henson head—it’s the Toronto-bred singer/rapper desperately trying to be different. Instead, he creates some of the most generic hip-hop and R&B music of the year.

Julia Holter - Aviary Music Album Reviews

The Los Angeles musician’s fifth studio album is the most joyous, daring realization of her experimental tendencies yet: a sprawling, 90-minute search for meaning in a dehumanizing age.
At the heart of Julia Holter’s pristine chamber pop there exist a felt wisdom and a profound poise. Like a deep breath on a subway car, or a private meditation amid a bustling city street, her songs exude an elegant calm, but they do not often stay still. They dramatize; they swarm. Her work frequently references and even quotes such writers as the Greek playwright Euripides, the French novelist Colette, and the poet Frank O’Hara, but never at the expense of her own composed voice. Classicism and chaos rarely glide together as easefully, or as eloquently, as in a Julia Holter song. “Try to make yourself a work of art,” she sang in bold, augmented measures on her 2011 debut, Tragedy, and there was an innate humanity in that “try.” Holter’s music ushers us along.

Vince Staples - FM! Music Album Reviews

On Vince Staples’ third album, the California rapper keeps it short and not so sweet.
On Vince Staples’ debut mixtape, in a calm tone that suggested he had seen some shit, he rapped, “You want some positivity go listen to some Common.” Eight years later, he continues to live up to those words. In Vince’s Long Beach, California-centered world, it’s summer year-round, and while the season usually brings bright skies and beach weather, it’s also the time of the year when people are wilding—when the temperature increases, so does violent crime. The West Coast never gets a chance to catch its breath, a feeling brought by the change in season. In Cali, the block is always hot.

Honeywell Evohome Review

Among Honeywell's many thermostats, EvoHome stands out. This modular system is arguably smarter than Nest, Hive and others, although it's also more expensive. Here's our Honeywell EvoHome review
Should I Buy The Honeywell Evohome?
Evohome is the best smart heating system we've tested. However, it isn't perfect and it's also very expensive, or can be. But if you value convenience and comfort above saving money in the short term, it's the one to buy.

2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Class Preview

Look beyond the evolutionary looks; the 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class has one heck of a hybrid powertrain.
The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class may carry over its predecessors' trademark style, but it's what's underhood that makes it really stand out. For the first time ever, the CLS-Class is a hybrid (though a mild one) tuned both for performance and efficiency.
Available initially as the CLS450 with either standard rear- or optional all-wheel drive (which Mercedes brands as 4Matic), the sedan features a low, coupe-like roofline that helps it stand apart from the comparatively workaday E-Class. Like the E, the CLS now offers seating for five for the first time, but backseat passengers will still want to duck their heads before entering.

Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 Review

The replacement for AMD’s Radeon RX 480 is here. We review the Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 TOP Edition 8GB.
Should I Buy The Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 TOP Edition 8GB?
The Asus ROG Strix Radeon RX 580 TOP Edition 8GB is one of the most expensive Radeon RX 580 cards available, but offers excellent performance delivering similar overall frame rates to an overclocked Nvidia GTX 1060, although this will of course depend on which games you play. The board offers superb build quality and a great selection of features including programmable lighting effects and bundled overclocking software. It’s sheer size may be a problem for some smaller cases, however, and audible coil whine can occasionally spoil the experience.

Orbitsound ONE P70W Review

Orbitsound's latest speaker is designed to be used as a soundbar or stood vertically on a shelf and has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built in.
Should I buy the Orbitsound ONE P70?
The ONE P70W is a great speaker, whether you use it as a traditional TV soundbar or stick it on a shelf and use it to play music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
It's a shame that Wi-Fi adds £100 to the price compared to the ONE P70, but even at £399 it rivals the quality of speakers costing even more.

Mr. Mitch - Primary Progressive Music Album Reviews

The British grime producer follows last year’s tender ode to fatherhood with a stark EP that attempts to come to terms with his father’s MS that is as inventive as it is vulnerable.
After listening to Mr. Mitch’s last album, Devout, a sweetly stirring homage to fatherhood, I wanted him to adopt me. But the Primary Progressive EP makes me wonder if I should adopt him—or at least let him sleep on my sofa—so sharp is the emotional drop between the two records. Primary Progressive is as heart-wrenchingly sad as Devout was joyful, a record that takes the gurgling domestic contentment of the grime-adjacent producer’s last album and pulls the rug sharply from beneath it. And with good reason: Primary Progressive addresses Mitch’s father’s battle with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, a form of the illness that Mitch calls “essentially the worst kind you can get.”

Miya Folick - Premonitions Music Album Reviews

On her gripping and redemptive debut, the Los Angeles singer seems bound for crossover status, with pop anthems that challenge power structures and embrace simple pleasures.
Premonitions, the debut album by unabashed Los Angeles singer Miya Folick, begins with an exquisite apology. Over the pearly synths, gauzy vocal intonations, and grinding cellos of gripping opener “Thingamajig,” Folick takes accountability for her actions and embraces the emotional flux that comes with it—the power of taking responsibility, the powerlessness of what comes next. Amid a cultural movement where unspoken wrongs are finally being aired, only to be met by the half-hearted repentance of systemic corruption and patriarchal nonsense, her sincere plea feels like redemption. “Only you know what to do now,” Folick sings in the haunting final words, relenting control. Premonitions, this introduction declares, is about fighting for the best version of ourselves.

R.E.M. - R.E.M. at the BBC Music Album Reviews

By bouncing among eras and albums, this enormous box set of sessions and broadcasts offers an elliptical, revisionist portrait of a band whose legacy is largely undecided.
Nearly a decade after they broke up, R.E.M. still elude final judgments. Weird but refined, popular yet coy, they confounded the dreary sellout-versus-purity narrative for so long that they seem now to go unnoticed in each context. With eight CDs and one DVD, the new box set R.E.M. at the BBC reveals moments of persistence amid that flux, from near-unknowns playing provincial towns to Glastonbury headliners at the end of the millennium. The first disc alone draws on five different radio sessions spanning 17 years, from the poised group courting MTV in 1991 to the exhausted one circa 2008, gamely playing their new single “Supernatural Superserious.” Recorded far from home, these tracks document a band made restless by history, the blur caught in a distant mirror.

Saves the Day - 9 Music Album Reviews

On the former emo standby’s first album in five years, Chris Conley documents the history of the band, missing the reason they mattered as he recalls his chart-topping glory days.
Saves the Day have long operated with an inflated sense of self. “This song will become the anthem of your underground,” Chris Conley sang on 2001’s Stay What You Are. At the time, he may not have been far off. It’s hard to imagine mid-2000s alternative had the band’s lyrical forthrightness not inspired a wave of suburban adolescents to buy studded belts, pick up guitars, and whine about their relationships. Post-hardcore outfits like Midtown were the very offspring of the New Jersey scene Saves the Day helped foster, while Fall Out Boy, the genre’s savviest shapeshifters, first connected through a shared love of Saves the Day’s 1999 benchmark, Through Being Cool.

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar Review

It looks great, but can this Q Acoustics soundbar deliver where it counts? Find out in our Q Acoustics M3 soundbar review
Should I Buy The Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar?
The Q M3 is a great soundbar, whether you opt to use it for films and TV or as an all-in-one Bluetooth music speaker. There's a wealth of connection options, impressive sound quality, and a slick design, all at a reasonable price - and it couldn't be simpler to use.

2019 Ford Ranger Preview

The 2019 Ford Ranger is a promising pickup with a strong powertrain, good infotainment, and plenty of safety. We look forward to driving it.
The 2019 Ford Ranger marks Ford's return to the mid-size pickup segment for the first time since 2011. While the Ranger hasn't been available on these shores for the better part of a decade, the truck it is based on has been around internationally for quite some time, but this version is optimized for the North American market.

Ryley Walker - The Lillywhite Sessions Music Album Reviews

On what may seem like a readymade gag, the psych-folk favorite covers the lost Dave Matthews Band album in full. He convincingly connects his adolescent love to his adult explorations.
Ryley Walker’s music is a stormy, searching amalgam of proggy British folk, primitive guitar, free improv, and Chicago jazz-rock. He draws from a deep well of Serious Record influences, the stuff you discover once you’ve burned through the standard canon. But to get there, you’ve got to start somewhere, and for Walker, the journey began with a single “Two Step.” See, Walker wasn’t raised on Alan Bishop or the AACM; he came up a Dave Matthews fan, perhaps working out the changes to “Seek Up” in the space between bongloads. DMB’s musically omnivorous, improvisationally minded jazz-folk fusion put Walker on his own roundabout path. And on his second LP of 2018—a full-album reimagining of DMB’s largely lost turn-of-the-millennium album, The Lillywhite Sessions—he finds his way back to the source.

Amazon Cyber Monday Sale 2018 To Last Until Friday

If you've missed Cyber Monday shopping on Amazon, don't worry. Amazon's sale will continue until the end of the week.
If you've missed Amazon's Black Friday deals, or even its Cyber Monday deals on the official date, don't fret. The e-retailer giant is extending its Cyber Monday sale over the entire week until 30 November. Previously, Amazon called its sale Cyber Monday Week, but this year it will stay as the "Cyber Monday Sale" all through the week.

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S Review

Lenovo has updated its Ideapad series of laptops, and this is one of the cheapest. But it's really good. Here's our review of the Ideapad 320S, and why you don't need to break the bank to get a decent Windows 10 experience.
Should I Buy The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S?
The Lenovo IdeaPad 320S proves cheap laptops don’t have to be undesirable. A portable frame and modern look make this a laptop you could be proud to take out at the local coffee shop.
We’re also glad to see a Pentium-based system run Windows 10 so well, with performance in basic tasks similar to that of an Intel Core machine.

Microsoft Xbox One X Review

Read our Xbox One X review to find out if it should be your next console purchase.
Should I Buy The Microsoft Xbox One X?
The Xbox One X is massively powerful and comes at a steep price, but when compared to the equivalent gaming PC, it's a steal. Ultimately, the One X isn’t for everyone, but if you have a 4K TV that can take advantage of that extra graphical power, you’re in for a real treat.

Nao - Saturn Music Album Reviews

On her second album, the London singer-songwriter examines personal growth, romantic upheaval, and the trials of young adulthood through an astrological lens.
Saturn, the second album from London singer-songwriter Nao, is based on the Saturn return, that specter haunting all horoscopic astrology nerds in their late twenties, when the planet Saturn comes back to meet the same spot it was at your birth. Nao, loosely within that age bracket, is a shrewd observer of the phenomenon, which is said to leave all kinds of interpersonal grief and transformation in its wake. As the astrologer Chani Nicholas explained earlier this year, the Saturn return is a time when “we aren’t so innocent, unformed, or new anymore”—a time when, “if we are lucky, we realize that no one is going to save us. And if they tried it wouldn’t feel right.”

Deerhoof - Deerhoof Plays Music of the Shining Music Album Reviews

Just in time for Halloween, the endlessly experimental and playful band take on two iconic pieces from The Shining and have a bit of frightful fun.
If you get invited to be the caretaker of a grand, creepy hotel in the Rockies or Cascades during the dead of winter, don’t say yes. So goes the simplest takeaway of Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick’s masterclass in surrealist horror, The Shining. But Deerhoof didn’t pay that any heed: On a new two-song 7" issued just in time for Halloween, the inveterate, ever-exploratory indie rock standbys put two iconic pieces from the score through a madhouse of noise and drama. In a quarter-century, there’s very little the art-pop-punks haven’t tried, from unexpected covers to sharing band members on splits and recruiting guests for wild collaborations. Horror-movie covers for Halloween? That’s a perfectly Deerhoof move.

Joji - BALLADS 1 Music Album Reviews

Joji’s first full-length project features a host of guests in a quality effort to help push past the confines of his bedroom walls and tedious heartache.
George Miller’s nearly seven years of trolling the internet as the equal parts viral and vile YouTube personas Filthy Frank and Pink Guy were accented by his quiet SoundCloud releases as Joji. Comprised of emotional croons and lo-fi, sample-driven production, Miller’s side project eventually caught the attention of 88rising, a largely Asian music collective home to acts like Rich Brian, NIKI, and Keith Ape. A debut EP and an 88rising world tour later, Joji has seemingly cleared the leap from bizarre internet comedian to full-fledged musician, officially retiring his YouTube channel and all. Now, with all the shiny trappings of a label and a fanbase hungry for self-deprecating zingers like “Yeah Right” rather than Pink Guy’s stir fry raps, his first full-length project BALLADS 1 makes an effort to push past the confines of his bedroom …

Apollo Brown/Joell Ortiz - Mona Lisa Music Album Reviews

Teaming up with a soulfully minded boom-bap producer, the Brooklyn rapper shapes a warmly nostalgic album around the core tenets of East Coast hip-hop.
It takes extreme dedication to the old school to keep your references on point. No self-respecting b-boy, after all, raps about data ownership, the Tide Pod Challenge, or “The Conners.” Certainly not Joell Ortiz, who’s less a golden-age hip-hop revivalist and more a hardened industry survivor. There’s a moment on “Decisions” when, in an attempt to assert his lack of interest in keeping up with fashionable young stars, Ortiz name-drops Lil Wayne. No disrespect to Weezy, who just put out his most vital album in years, but that the reference is probably about a decade out of date tells you more about Ortiz than the lyric itself. He goes on to advise listeners on where to buy their CDs, like a rap Jasper Beardly. Street-corner rhymes and grubby beats in 2018? What a time to be alive.

Withings Body Cardio Review

This smart scale from Nokia (previously Withings) offer comprehensive body composition tracking. Read our full review of the Withings Body Cardio
Should I Buy The Withings Body Cardio?
The Withings Body Cardio does pretty much everything a smart scale can. It syncs with Withings' range of activity trackers for all-round fitness monitoring, and can use a phone's basic step counter if you don't own a tracker.
The Body Cardio is our favourite smart scale for sheer number of stats and handy info like how much weight you've lost or gained since your last weigh in. It's pricier than the others but offers just about everything you might possibly need. Our only complaint is the squiggly graphs on the mobile app.
However, since Withings has removed PWV support from the Cardio, you might be just as happy with the cheaper Body+, which now has an almost identical feature set from as little as £69/$99.

2019 Kia Stinger Review

The 2019 Kia Stinger sets its sights on sleek style and well-tuned ride and handling, and scores a few direct hits against long-standing best-sellers.
With the 2019 Stinger, Kia swings for the fences. BMW, Audi, Benz? It takes on all of them on their home turf with grand-touring bona fides: supple ride quality, a powerful twin-turbo engine, and a lissome fastback body.
We enjoy its balance, and even if it’s not the most accomplished track car, it’s a raging bargain compared to its rivals. We give the 2019 Stinger a 7.0 out of 10.

Sony PS4 vs Sony PS4 Pro

PlayStation fans now have two buying options: the PS4 Slim or the PS4 Pro. We investigate the differences between the two models, and which you should buy.
Should I Buy The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Or Sony PS4 Slim?
Though the PS4 and PS4 Pro look similar, the two consoles offer different gaming experiences. While the standard PS4 isn't to be sniffed at, the PS4 Pro provides dynamic 4K playback that provides an all-round improvement to your gaming experience with more detailed textures, improved frame rates and more. The decision rests mainly on whether you care about the extra graphical fidelity, and whether you've got a 4K TV to really take advantage of the PS4 Pro's power. 

Android Oreo Review

Google is finally in a position to luxuriate and refine its already excellent stock Android experience. Oreo on Pixel is the best ever version of Android.
Should I Buy Android Oreo?
Android Oreo is, obviously, the best version of the OS to date. On the Pixel, it's a clean minimalist dream to zip about on. The thoughtful changes to notifications stand out above the plethora of behind the scenes tweaks that you'll benefit from but never notice.
Oreo's biggest test will be over the coming months as it lands on devices by HTC, Samsung, LG and beyond. It'll be interesting to see how these companies end up implementing Google's sensible changes but as ever, stock Android is where it's at for the purists.
Roll on Android P.

Anna St. Louis - If Only There Was a River Music Album Reviews

The California singer-songwriter’s first album is exquisitely rendered, a solemn display of restraint and loneliness.
Before her debut album, Anna St. Louis flipped through the phases of folk-rock with methodical determination, trying to plot a path through the wilderness. She arrived, half a decade ago, in Los Angeles as a Midwest émigré and Philadelphia art-school graduate in search of a new setting and, turns out, a new medium. After learning the guitar, she issued two aptly titled collections—2015’s DEMOS and last year’s First Songs. The earliest set was plaintive and blunt, multi-tracked confessions of heartsickness broadcast above strummed chords—real starter-kit stuff. Two years later, though, the endearing First Songs suggested fingers feeling the walls of some unseen room in the dark. As St. Louis tried to stake out her own corner of the crowded folk-rock field, she tested arid country blues and parlor soul laments, spectral folk moans and smoldering electronic esoterica. You …

John Carpenter/Cody Carpenter/Daniel Davies - Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Music Album Reviews

Just as he did for his 1978 film, John Carpenter provides the score for Halloween’s 2018 reboot. But this time, the synths have been cleaned up and dread is occasionally outweighed by winking nostalgia.
John Carpenter’s Halloween theme is so terrifying, so instantly iconic, that it makes you forget certain things about the original movie. Like the fact that Michael Myers spends at least a third of the film driving around town slowly in a tan Buick, for example. This is to say nothing of balding shrink Dr. Loomis—lurking in a trench coat and catcalling children from behind the bushes on Halloween night, he disturbed me upon rewatching nearly as much Myers. But those finger-stabbed piano notes burn all of the campiness off of the entire Halloween enterprise. They are ingenious in the way that the movie’s premise—random man in mask murders babysitters for no reason—was ingenious. The movie was a big clean table with only a few well-placed objects on it, and it showed the world what you co…

Colin Self - Siblings Music Album Reviews

The New York/Berlin composer and choreographer’s second album explores creative collaboration as a means of creating family, particularly within the context of queer liberation.
There’s a noise-techno stomper right at the heart of Colin Self’s new album, Siblings. Fragments of mangled vocals play hide and seek with a pounding beat: “Whaaaa,” one yell-yawns on repeat, while others are condensed into tics that form its sticky percussion. The track is called “Stay With the Trouble (For Donna)” and it’s the lit match to the beacon that the album builds in reply to feminist scholar Donna Haraway’s 2016 book Staying With the Trouble. In it, Haraway makes the case that the most fruitful response to challenging times lies in “making oddkin; that is, we require each other in unexpected collaborations and combinations, in hot compost piles. We become-with each other or not at all.”

Mick Jenkins - Pieces of a Man Music Album Reviews

Borrowing a title and sometimes a tone from Gil Scott-Heron, the Chicago rapper explores religion, consensual sex, and himself.
In the pluralistic realm of Chicago rap, one thing seems certain: Mick Jenkins will never suffer a lack of ambition. His new album, Pieces of a Man, lifts its name from the 1971 Gil Scott-Heron classic and attempts the daunting task of channeling the bohemian beatnik’s indomitable spirit. Jenkins even gives us a pretty good impression, morphing his voice to match Scott-Heron’s distinct tenor for two skits that double as live spoken-word sessions. Stepping into the role of a legend is, for sure, an audacious move, but the appeal of the South Side star has typically been for those with a taste for the maneuvering metaphors and trenchant critiques that afforded Scott-Heron his status.

Sony PS4 vs Nintendo Switch

Which should I buy?Which is best, the PS4 or Nintendo Switch? We compare the two popular consoles and help with this tough buying decision
Should I Buy The Sony PS4 Slim Or Nintendo Switch?
It’s a tough choice as the PS4 and Switch are very different, and the decision will depend on your personal preferences: mobile vs home, graphics vs portability, and most importantly, the kinds of games you play. The PS4 has a larger selection of AAA games to play, making it more tempting for dedicated gamers, but the Nintendo Switch offers a truly portable gaming experience that appeals to some more than others. 

Laila at the Bridge Movie Review

Bridge of Sighs
The documentary festival, Doc NYC, featured a slew of quality films this year. One of the ones that really caught my eye was "Laila at the Bridge", an Afghani entry that gave us a peek into drug addiction and government corruption in Afghanistan. Co-directed by Elizabeth Mirzael and Guistan Mirzaei, it follows Laila Haidari, a woman in her thirties determined to help drug addicts.

2019 BMW i3 Review

The 2019 BMW i3 is an all-electric hatchback that declares proudly that convention needn’t apply to eco-friendly drivers.
Rear engine, carbon fiber, and an exotic shape might get hearts soaring, but the 2019 BMW i3 takes a different tack.
This year, the small electric BMW gets a bigger battery over last year’s version by nearly one-third, but its 42.2-kwh battery and 153-mile range still fall short of competitors.

Creed II Movie Review

A Sequel on the Ropes
Have the "Creed" movies learned nothing from the "Rocky" series? Sequels aren't always the answer. Sure, people will become invested and keep returning to see these characters but, at times, the "Rocky" sequels seem to be brought up more than the original 1976 movie. For a movie about the importance of legacy, "Creed II" should take notice.

Widows Movie Review

Stylish Action and Ensemble Shine in 'Widows'

As I emerged festival-fatigued from the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of "Widows" after a four-movie day, I knew something great had been presented on the screen. The images moved in front of me, but the late showing and my weary eyes couldn't allow me to fairly compute what director Steve McQueen had to offer. Upon its theatrical release and the ability to see a bit more clearly, a second viewing of "Widows" does confirm it's something special.

Sony PS4 Pro vs Microsoft Xbox One S

We take an in-depth look at the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S and discuss not only design and build, but what each offers and how this may impact your buying decision.
Should I Buy The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Or Microsoft Xbox One S?
If you're looking for a console that can provide the best possible gaming experience on a console at the moment, the PS4 with its enhanced graphics, frame-rate and 4K resolution is a good choice - although it doesn't feature a 4K Blu-Ray player like the Xbox One S. 

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Review

Setting a New Standard for Budget Phones.Xiaomi's latest budget Android smartphone is an excellent buy. Find out more in our full review of the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.
Should I Buy The Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite?
Budget Android phones don't come better than this. The Mi A2 Lite has a premium design with 19:9 notch display, dual rear cameras and decent performance. Storage is generous, and we like the fact you can bolster the 64GB internal space with microSD cards up to 256GB in capacity without sacrificing dual-SIM support. A great budget buy.

Makaya McCraven - Universal Beings Music Album Reviews

The jazz drummer and producer’s hypnotic double album is culled from a year’s worth of gig tapes that he’s layered and spliced together into something wholly new and radically communal.
In the final moments of Universal Beings—at the end of a radiant hour and a half of polymorphic pulse and atmospheric shimmer—Makaya McCraven breaks a blissful silence with a practical question. “You guys got all that?” he asks, presumably addressing the mobile recording crew set up in a garage behind a house in Los Angeles.




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